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Elementor Bundle

Elementor Bundle is one of the greatest features that only Woostify brings about. It includes a variety of interesting widgets:

  1. Products widget
  2. Product Category widget
  3. Product Slider widget
  4. Posts widget
  5. Slider widget

In this blog, we will help you to customize these functions in the fastest way. Please go through the following steps:

First, to enable Elementor Bundle feature, navigate to Woostify Options under Appearance in Dashboard, then active Elementor Bundle function by clicking into Active. Next, Remember to Save your changes.

Second, go to Edit with Elementor, you will see a new page.

In this page, there are a lot of widget that you can use to build and edit your website by dragging, dropping, adding, editing widgets and the content included in these widgets. Besides some types of widgets (Basic widget, General widget) available in any other WP theme, Woostify Pro offers a list of advanced ones, including:

1. Products widget

Products widget helps you design your shop’s layout for your website.

To edit Product widget, first, you have to add Product widget by dragging and dropping this widget to the position you want.

In Products widget, you are allowed to edit content and advanced information.

In Content part, you can change some General and Query information.

Similarly, we can do the same steps to customize other widgets.

2. Product Category widget

Product Category widget supports you to create and customize Product Category Layout and Content.

You can also edit Advanced information in Product Category widget like the way you do with Products widget.

3. Product Slider widget

Product Slider widget is really helpful because using this widget, you are allowed to display more products in a space than those whose stores are not supported Product Slider widget. Therefore, it will help to increase your conversion rate.

Like Products widget, Product Slider widget allows you to change some information of Content and Advanced section.

 4. Posts widget

Posts widget helps you build your blog posts (both content and design) for your website.

In Posts widget, you are allowed to customize Content part containing General information, Image, Post Meta, Query. 

You can also edit Advanced section like the way you do in other widgets.

5. Slider widget

Slider widget lets you design and build your own slider for your site.
Here you can easily choose and change some information namely Content, Style and Advanced to make your slider perfect.

In Content part, you can add, opt slides and choose the most appropriate slider for your online store just by some quick clicks.

In Style section, you are allowed to change Slides’ sizes and position, Title, Description, Buttons.

Last, Remember to Publish all the changes we did in each section.

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