How to Get More Email Subscriptions for WooCommerce Store With Lead Magnet?


Email subscriptions are essential in every business if they want to extend. However, people aren’t often simply going to give you their email addresses without any incentive, even if they like your brand as email belongs to a very personal aspect. So if you’re stuck in growing your email list, creating a compelling lead magnet is a great idea. In this article, we are sharing with you the best ways to grab more subscribers for your WooCommerce store with Lead Magnet.

1. What is lead magnet?

A lead magnet is an offer such as a content piece, gifts, free products/ services, or other values that you can promote to prospective customers in exchange for their email addresses or other contact information (locations, phone numbers, etc). This method can help your potential customers follow and receive your notification quickly and easily, which benefits both store owners and clients.

2. What makes lead magnet effective to get more email subscriptions?

2.1. Specificity

The most successful ,ead magnets will target at a real specific problem to specific audiences. It is believed that the more your magnet is customized to your audience, the better result it brings about. Therefore, instead of offering general audiences a generic piece of content, you should prepare focused solution to an urgent real specific problem which is consumed quickly and easily, and suitable for the target receivers.

Compare 2 lead magnets below:


The second lead magnet will definitely be preferred because it is more specific. Customers can easily receive the information directly without thinking at all and may type down their email address immediately if they like your brand.

2.2. Instant & High Value

An ideal lead magnet needs to be instant, which means that the receivers have to wait no time at all to digest the message. Because not only do they want immediate delivery, but they also want to make use of them instantly.
If your lead magnet can meet these requirements, you will be building an email list in no time. It is easy to understand why a discount coupon or a short useful peace of information will outperform the longer formats of lead magnet such as e-books requiring long time to consume, or webinars scheduled in the near future.

Moreover, your lead magnet should also have both high perceived and high actual value. If the visitors don’t find your lead magnet valuable for them, I am sure that they will ignore it and leave your site immediately. Hence, depending on your industry, you’d better prepare high valuable lead magnets appropriate with most of your niche audiences, and available for them to use right after they receive.

2.3. Unique Selling Proposition

When it comes to building email list for online stores with lead magnet, you need to include in your lead magnet the outstanding features or reasons why your audiences should go for your products instead of your competitors’. This step is not easy but if you success, you can significantly grow your email list as well as enhance loyal customers for your eCommerce store.

3. Some great ideas for a lead magnet to grow email list

Below are 5 best forms of lead magnet for online shop and the reason why such lead magnets are considered to have well performance and bring about high effectiveness to your eCommerce store.

3.1. Discount Coupon

Most people love sale-off, especially the great deal. So hooking your prospects by offering discount coupon when they come to your eCommerce site will works efficaciously in terms of getting their email address and even affecting their buying decision.

There are 2 ways for you to apply discount coupon, namely percentage-based discount and fixed amount discount. An easy trick to keep in mind when deciding to choose which type of discount for a specific product is the rule of 100. If your item is less than $100.00, use a percentage discount; if higher, go for the fixed amount discount. This is a proven psychological trigger that will result in the highest perceived value for your customers.

3.2. Discounted/ Free Shipping

An indispensable method to grow your email list is to provide potential customers with discounted or free shipping.

I am sure that most buyers like shopping online but hate shipping cost very much regardless of whether that cost is low or even trivial. Therefore, offering customers free shipping or a little cut-down on shipping cost will certainly significantly attract their attention and easily grab their email address.

3.3. Daily Deals

Another high-value lead magnet idea to convince new visitors to leave their email address in your online store is to offer daily deal which is considered the “gold hours” to shop of a day. And as I said above, most people love sale-off; therefore, creating a lead magnet to send customers daily promotions will successfully to grow your email list. These daily deals also help to promote sales because they will leave the feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out) on visitors and positively affect their purchasing decision.

3.4. Free Gifts/ Giveaways

Delivering free gifts or giveaways is a totally free way to enrich your email list. In this method, store owners have to deliver free valuable products or services without shipping requirement, such as e-books, tutorials, downloadable content, printable PDFs, etc to those who are interest in their brand and leave email address on their eCommerce site. This is particularly suitable for the digital eCommerce store.

Besides, vendors can enhance the effectiveness of these forms and stimulate participants to share by offering additional entries for each social share.

3.5. Samples

Samples or the trial-size items which are often physical products, especially those which are bought regularly, is also a powerful lead magnet to grow email list.

In this method, store owners have to send samples to the leads freely or for those who make a purchase. This strategy works particularly well because samples can easily illustrate immediate gratification to your audiences.

4. Setting up lead magnet delivery

Once choosing the best idea of a lead magnet most suitable for your online business, you need to create and implement it right away.

4.1. Use Pop-ups/ Lightboxes

However, to get the highest conversion rate, you should produce lead magnets in the form of pop-ups. Many marketers may thinks pop-ups will annoy visitors and make them uncomfortable when they are on your site. However, that is not completely true. There is exit-intent pop-up form which only appears when a visitor is about to leave your site. Therefore, you can collect visitors’ email address without interrupting them to experience on your eCommerce website.

4.2. Build up a lead magnet

Most of the popular list building tools can create an exit-intent form, and using one could help you make the most of your lead magnet. In this article, we are introducing you how to produce a lead magnet in form of exit-intent pop-up with Poptin, the best free exit-intent popup builder & lead generation platform for your WooCommerce site.

Using Poptin, you can create beautiful exit intent popup and advanced targeting triggers to convert more visitors into leads, subscribers and sales
in less than 2 minutes with ease.

To create an exit-intent poptin, you should follow 3 steps below:

1.Selecting a template

After registering, you are driven to the Template process immediately. First, clicking into Lightbox, then choosing the templates you like most.

After that, you need to fill in your campaign’s name and your eCommerce website to start customizing.

2. Designing your pop-up.

Now, you are at the second step: Design. Here, you are allowed to easily design, edit, and configure the popup form as you want without any hassle. This plugin does not require any sophisticated design or code experience.

3. Choosing the display rules.

Right after finishing design process, you can set up exit-intent popup in the Display rules section.

On the Display Rules page, you choose the Display on exit intent under Display triggers to complete building an exist-intent popup that will show up the lead magnet whenever a visitor wants to leave your site. In this section, you can also customize other settings like display on devices, page targeting and display frequency.

The last step is to Publish your exist-intent popup.

5. Optimize your lead magnet to grab email subscribers more effectively

To boost the conversion rate of your lead magnets, you should consider the notes as follows:

5.1. A/B test the lead magnet

The best way to figure which lead magnet performs best is to deliver different lead magnet forms. First, you need to try many types of offer to know which attracts your visitors most. Moreover, you have to make sure that you’re prioritizing the things that really matter. This means you need to dive into your website data and understand which pages people visit the most and which are your key lead generation pages. Plus, your headlines and content are also need testing to obtain the highest conversion rate.

5.2. Optimize the lead magnet form

Below are some key factors that you should notice to get more conversions for your lead magnet.

  • Clear writing: If people don’t know what you’re offering them, they won’t convert. Avoid marketing-speak, and don’t try to write clever puns until your offer is crystal clear.
  • Natural language: Speak simply. Write plainly. Avoid using a lot of jargon, and sound conversational. The more easily understood your lead magnet is, the better result it brings about.
  • Benefits: What you offer must be valuable and you have to tell them how your lead magnet will benefit them.
  • Emotion: Powerful content need to reflect emotion. Your lead magnet solves a burning pain for your audience. Make sure your copy reflects the pain of your audience and show your sympathy and make them feel like your lead magnet can solve their trouble.
  • A call to action: In your magnet, there must be a well- designed CTA button for your visitors to clearly understand what they can do with it and how it benefits them. An appelling CTA button should be clear and specific to demonstrate your purpose and have outstanding color enough and suitable with the design.

5.3. Create content-specific/ content-upgrade lead magnets.

It may take you much time to implement this method, but it’s been proven to offer the most impressive performance. You need to prepare different lead magnets on different pages to make your lead magnets more relevant and closer to what your visitors expect. These single page specific lead magnets are called content-upgrade. For example, when visitors come to product page, you may offer them discount coupon or free shipping; when they are in blog page, a lead magnet about tips, tutorials or content
related to the product you sell may work better.

Final thoughts on how to capture Email Subscriptions With Lead Magnet?

In conclusion, lead margets are ideal methods to appeal more leads to your online store. Creating a lead magnet is easy but the difficult step is to make it powerful and effective to turn your visitors into prospects and keep the audiences engaged with your newsletters after they give you their email address.

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