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Woostify version 1.8.5

1 Apr 2021
  • Add Subtotal for the menu cart
  • Add Hide zero value for the menu cart
  • Support WPC composite plugin in the menu cart
  • Fix the conflict when using Elementor Pro mini cart
  • Update Sale tag for bundled products
  • Support theme sidebar for an Elementor page
  • Fix out of stock label on variation products

Woostify version 1.8.4

23 Feb 2021
  • Fix product gallery image: get the original image size for the variation
  • Fix product gallery widget issue that is related to Woobuilder

Woostify version 1.8.3

19 Feb 2021
  • Remove out of stock label in affiliate product
  • Fix conflict with Storecustomizer plugin
  • Fix zoom issue in product gallery
  • Add option to disable the preloading of product gallery
  • Support lazy loading for wp rocket plugin
  • Fix conflict with Sidecart plugin
  • Fix price tax in multi step checkout

Woostify version 1.8.2

2 Feb 2021
  • Fix mini cart conflict with Elementor
  • Fix blog single layout
  • Fix WooCommerce Additional Image plugin

Woostify version 1.8.1

30 Jan 2021
  • Update Tiny slider library to 2.9.3
  • Add filter for stock message woostify_stock_message
  • Support blog option for custom post type
  • Fix icon position for woocommerce message
  • Add filter for account icon – logout URL woostify_logout_redirect
  • Support B2B market plugin for mini cart
  • Fix conflict between Woostify mini cart and Elementor Pro mini cart

Woostify version 1.8.0

17 Dec 2020
  • Multistep checkout: fix Vat and shipping in the first step
  • Fix Woostify message can’t be deleted
  • Fix Product gallery image on variable product (mobile)
  • Minor CSS fixes

Woostify version 1.7.9

7 Dec 2020
  • Fix Multi step total price on mobile

Woostify version 1.7.8

5 Dec 2020
  • Update Pot file
  • Optimize responsive on Cart page
  • Update style for WooCommerce info message
  • Fix wrong total price in Multi-step checkout
  • Fix issue when product has no gallery
  • Fix stock quantity condition that has conflict with Ajax add to cart
  • Support Kadence block plugin
  • Optimize product gallery image when it includes different height pictures
  • Support password icon in password field

Woostify version 1.7.7

16 Nov 2020
  • Fix Z-index issue of the menu
  • Fix coupon issue in Multistep checkout
  • Add some hooks to menu account function
  • Support Guttenberg for blog part
  • Fix width issue on My account page