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Multiple Product Styles

Allow you to choose and customize the most appropriate product layout. 

You can choose your product Layout, Icon PositionIcon DirectionIcon ColorIcon Background Color and Quick View with just some quick clicks.

Header Styles

Let you choose the most suitable Header style for your website. Woostify Pro offers 5 types of header styles as below:

Elementor Bundle

Elementor Bundle, including a variety of interesting widgets: Product widget, product category widget, product slider widget, post widget, and slider widget.

With these widgets, you can design your shop’s layout, create and customize Product Category, display more products in a space, build your own blog posts, and also design your own slider for your e-commerce website. 

Quick View

Allow clients to have a quick view of your product details such as product description, price, category, tags, and larger product images, etc, without going to the product page. 

It is easy to activate Quick View in Woostify Pro with some clicks.


Ajax Add to Cart in Single Product Page

Help customers easily put their interested products into shopping cart, which may boost your sales.

You can enable this functions with just some clicks.

Buy Now Button

Customers are navigated to checkout page immediately if they click into Buy Now button. That can significantly boost the conversion rate of your website as well as your online store. 

You can easily enable this feature to make your online store more functional within minutes.

Sticky Add to Cart

Allow users to create an add-to-cart floating button that stick at the bottom of your product page when the user scrolls down on mobile or tablet devices.

Customers can easily add the interested products to shopping cart immediately without scrolling up to Buy now or Add to cart button above, which may result in higher conversion rate for your store.

Sticky Header

Allow users to create an floating header that always stick at the top of your site when user scrolls down. This will help your customers to navigate around the site without any hassle.

Advanced Shop Widget

Let store owners add more Shop’s attributes including more products’ details, products’ archive, etc.

You can fast and easily activate this function within minutes.

Size Guides

Allows you to assign ready-to-use default size chart templates to the product, category and create custom size chart for  your WooCommerce products.

Ajax WooCommerce Search

Ajax WooCommerce Search is  live search engine, which will boost your user experience by providing a user-friendly ajax powered search form

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