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8 votes

Point and rewards

The idea is to have a system to give customer points and level based on orders, amount purchased ,etc . Then they can change point but direct discounts applied to the cart.

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3 votes

Doofinder/motive search style results design

Hi would be great to have the search result style like solutions like Doofinder or Motive, where you can even filter on the search result screen and would be also great to have stats about what the users search, max searches, search without results, etc, etc…

2 votes

WOOCS compatibility

Make your theme(price filter) compatible with WOOCS multi currency switcher(by realmag777)

7 votes

Improve the features of header builder in live customizer

The advantage of building the header in live customizer is that you can have 2 completely different headers for desktop and for mobile. This is not possible when building the header using Elementor. At most, you can only hide certain columns in the responsive setting. This is fine if the layout of your header elements…

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10 votes

Conditional Variations

Add the option to show variations based on conditions. for example show variation X only if Variation Y is chosen

6 votes

Multipurpose carousel widget

As the name suggests, a multipurpose carousel widget for Elementor which can be configured to display things such as images, posts, testimonials, Woocommerce-related (ie; product categories)