How to Fix Add to Cart Button Not Working in WooCommerce?


The concept of online stores is becoming more common in the contemporary era, and more individuals are now preferring to establish their WooCommerce stores online instead of creating physical stores. Running and maintaining an online store is not easy because there are numerous issues to address when running a successful WooCommerce store. 

If you are a WooCommerce store owner or developer who is experiencing the issue of the add to cart button not working WooCommerce and are looking for the best solution to it. Do not worry! This guide is completely for you, as we are going to explain why the add to cart button not working WooCommerce, then we will present a detailed guide on how to fix Add to Cart button not showing or not working in your WooCommerce site.

What is “Add to Cart” button in WooCommerce?

Customers can easily purchase products from your online store by using the “Add to Cart” button in WooCommerce. When visitors click the “Add to Cart” button, the product is added to their shopping cart, allowing them to continue shopping or checkout. 

This button assists you in streamlining your customers’ purchasing processes, making it simple for them to add items to their carts and complete their purchases. However, in order to increase sales and enhance the general user experience for your customers, you may need to personalize it.

Why is The Add to Cart Button Not Working WooCommerce Properly?

WooCommerce is a comprehensive plugin. It has a plethora of functions and features that will benefit your online business. There are also thousands of plugins available to enhance its functionality. In addition, you can add your code, personalize the shop page and checkout, and edit each aspect of your store. 

Even though this is a must for most businesses looking to differentiate themselves from the competition, the more tools you utilize and the more you personalize your store, the more problems you may encounter. These issues typically manifest as compatibility issues with all of these functions and plugins. This can include issues with your redirects, Javascript, and payment gateways, among other things. 

There are a variety of reasons why the add to cart button not working WooCommerce. We’ll show you how to fix the most common issues in this guide, so you can get your store up and running in no time at all.

  • Issues with plugin or themes compatibility
  • Plugins and/or themes that have not been updated
  • WooCommerce product data is insufficient.
  • Incorrect pricing information
  • WooCommerce status
  • Issues with the cache configuration
  • Permalinks
  • Problems with Checkout and Cart URLs
  • Issues with check-out endpoints
  • Code problems with the Add to Cart button
  • Issues associated with your theme
  • Contact hosting company

How to fix Add to Cart button not working WooCommerce?

Let’s find out how to address the Add to Cart button not working properly in WooCommerce based on each reason.

Plugins and Themes are not Updated

Update all of your WordPress plugins and themes first because most of these types of errors are brought on by plugins and themes that haven’t been updated on time. This will help you to start troubleshooting the issues that prevent the add to cart button from working. 

Or, for instance, if you update one of your plugins but not the others, this could cause problems for your WordPress site. It is because developers are constantly updating their plugins and themes to provide the best possible user experience, so the other plugins that are connected to them might start causing problems.

Besides, this may seem the most simple way to fix the Add To Cart button not working or not showing in WooCommerce. Thus, it is highly recommended that you should update themes and plugins as soon as possible before you run into any issues or try any other solutions. From your WordPress Dashboard, then navigate to Update tab


After that, you can see the list of WordPress themes or WordPress plugins that have released their latest versions. 


You can choose the plugins or themes to update to their latest version by checking the box, then hit the Update Plugins button or Update Themes button at the bottom of the page. 

Compatibility issues with plugins or themes

As was previously said, there is a greater chance of plugin and theme compatibility problems the more plugins you employ. To determine whether a plugin or theme is the cause of your problems, simply follow these steps: 

  • Ensure that every plugin has the most recent update installed. 
  • Remove the site’s cache. 
  • Use the following two methods to individually disable each plugin to identify the one that is creating issues:
  • Disconnect all the plugins at once. 
  • Utilize Health Check 
  • Switch to the Woostify WooCommerce theme 

Reactivate each plugin one at a time until you identify the issue if deactivating the plugins fixes the issue. Additionally, if the deactivation doesn’t work, you ought to switch to the Woostify theme. 


Woostify is a lightweight WooCommerce theme. It completely focuses on boosting conversion and improving sales for eCommerce sites. It’s an awesome theme and integrates smoothly with WooCommerce and all of its features.

Incomplete product information

Incomplete product information is another important, but frequently neglected, result of the add to cart button not working. Please check that your product has all of the required information, including at least the product name and price. In addition, for other important information such as availability, product ID, and product description, you should also fill it out.


Incorrect the pricing

Incorrect pricing is another typical cause of the add to cart button not appearing. This can occur if you are using an earlier version of WooCommerce or if you have inadvertently adjusted the pricing of your products. In either instance, you must ensure that your prices are exact in order for the add to cart button to appear.


Checking WooCommerce Status Issues

You may also fix the add to cart button not working WooCommerce by looking at the WooCommerce store’s status issues and modifying it. Go to WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Status to achieve this.


Check out all the settings, such as the WordPress Environment, Server Environment, Database, WooCommerce sites, themes, etc. once you are on the status page. Verify that none of them contain any problems by going through each one; they will all be highlighted in red.

The button not Working due to Cache

If the add to cart button is still not functional after guaranteeing that plugins and themes are appropriate and up to date, then you should check website caching.

Since WooCommerce pages like My Account, Checkout, Single Product page, etc. dynamically get data from the database, it is best to exclude these pages from the Caching plugin, so you will not experience any issues with them.

Use a caching plugin with the option to exclude pages from cache for this. Moreover, if you are changing your site’s code or adding new plugins, disable the caching plugin first before making any changes. This is because if the caching plugin is active while you are making changes to your site, you might not receive the results you are hoping for.

Hence, check to see whether your add to cart button isn’t being affected by a caching plugin. Check the functionality of the add to cart button after clearing the website’s cache.

Update your Permalinks

If this is the situation with you, upgrading your permalinks may help you resolve the problems with your WordPress site’s permalinks, which may also be a factor in the add to cart button not functioning.

You can update your permalinks by going to your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks and click the save changes button. Because some WordPress users choose to update permalinks in this manner, you may also choose any other permalink structure and then change it back to the one that was originally selected.


Make sure WooCommerce pages or cart URLs are properly configured.

The WooCommerce pages or Cart URL may not be configured properly, which can also result in the add to cart button not functioning. Go to WooCommerce > Settings and click on the Advanced Tab on the settings page to make sure things are configured properly. Check that the cart and checkout pages’ URLs are all properly configured here.


Verify that the checkout endpoints are in working order.

The WooCommerce Add to Cart button may not function effectively when the endpoints are improperly set, similar to the aforementioned problems.

Furthermore, WooCommerce > Setting > Advanced can be used to address this issue.


Then, look at the options listed in the Checkout endpoints section, such as Pay, Order received, Add payment method, Remove payment method, and Set default payment method. Verify that the endpoint URLs are space-free.

Code-related problems with the Button for Adding to Cart

Code issues, particularly customized code, may also cause the add to cart button to fail to function. Furthermore, if the Add To Cart button is not working, it could be due to price issues with your variable goods. In certain circumstances, WooCommerce will often disable the Add To Cart button.

To fix this issue, navigate to Appearance > Theme Editor and edit your functions.php file. Afterward, on the right sidebar, click on functions.php, add the following code line to the end of the file in the editor, and select Update File. Then double-check it.


Here is the code:

[add_filter('woocommerce_show_variation_price', function() {return TRUE;});]

Themes-related Add to Cart button issues

In addition to the reasons listed above, your Add to Cart button may be obscured due to the use of the WooCommerce theme. This is because it may have unique theme elements for your product pages.

Go to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce to see if this is applicable to you. Then, examine the product page’s available alternatives.


Furthermore, if you’ve discovered a mismatch between your WordPress theme and your page, or if the add to cart button isn’t loading correctly due to theme issues, you can fix it as follows:

To access the Theme File Editor, navigate to Appearance > Theme Editor. After that, in your right sidebar, go to Theme files and select Single Post. Put the following code at the end of the single.php file:

[if ( is_singular( 'product' ) ) {
wc_get_template_part( 'content', 'single-product' );
} else {
wc_get_template_part( 'content', 'single-product' );

After that, you should click on the Update File button to save your changes.

Contact hosting company

If you’re still having issues with the add to cart button not showing after you’ve attempted everything on this list and nothing has worked, your site may be suffering a technical problem. In this instance, we recommend you should contact your web host or “WooCommerce support” for assistance in troubleshooting the issue.

You need to inform them of what you’ve tried so far; this will help them dismiss solutions and guide them in the proper direction more quickly.

Using Add to Cart Button of Woostify on your WooCommerce store

As mentioned earlier, Woostify is a great theme for those who are selling online with WooCommerce. Woostify theme offers an interesting feature for store owners to enhance the shopping experience in their online shop. That is Sticky Add To Cart Button

This function can help online sellers improve their store conversion rate by providing a simple way to the checkout page with a floating Add To Cart button when the buyers scroll down the single product pages.


In detail, the Sticky Add to Cart button of Woostify helps retailers in simplifying the checkout process by directing customers to their shopping cart without requiring them to scroll up to the normal Add to cart button next to the product’s price information. That may result in a higher conversion rate and better sales for your store.

For further details about the Sticky Add To Cart Button of Woostify, you can take a look at this article.

Final words

In brief, if the add to cart button does not show or not operate properly, it is going to have a negative influence on your WooCommerce store, and generate a negative user experience. In this post, we have taken you through the top most popular issues that can cause your Add to Cart button missing or not showing. We also explained the detailed guide on how to correct these issues, and make the Add To Cart button works well on your WooCommerce store.

Here are four important points to consider before locating the cause of the problem to guarantee that the correct method is followed.

  • Update WordPress, WooCommerce, and all plugins to the most recent versions.
  • Clear the cache
  • Consider using Woostify WooCommerce theme and activate the Sticky Add To Cart Button addon of Woostify
  • Make sure all products’ information, including Title, image, price, and description, are completed and correct.

All in all, we hope that you find this article helpful in resolving the issues with your Add to Cart button not showing in WooCommerce. If you have any recommendations or questions, please let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.

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