Top 5+ best WooCommerce Hosting Platforms


WooCommerce the most popular platform for setting up an online store. But to build up a WooCommerce online store, except WooCommerce, we need a domain and a hosting provider. However, if you want to focus on growing your store as much as possible and make your store succeed, you choose the best WooCommerce hosting that suits your business. This article will explain why you should go for WooCommerce hosting to save your WooCommerce store data, and give you the top list of the best WooCommerce hosting providers.

Why you should opt for WooCommerce hosting for your WooCommerce store?

As WooCommerce websites usually involve a lot of data and requests, they place particular demands on the hosting. So, you should consider before choosing a suitable hosting to store your WooCommerce data.

The big benefit of WooCommerce hosting is that it can handle a lot of basic website maintenance, setup, and security for you. That means you can focus on the fun part – growing your store.

With WooCommerce hosting, you will get the following benefits:

WooCommerce Ready

WooCommerce hosting companies offer you pre-installed WooCommerce with a ready to build up your store.

High Overall performance 

Speed will be not simply important with regard to user experience yet also for search engine optimization. WooCommerce hosting systems offer faster load times for a better conversion rate.


WooCommerce hosting plans come with an SSL certificate and daily backups. That increases security for your site so you can protect your user information, keeping your data safe.

WooCommerce Support 

Along with WooCommerce hosting you get help through actual WooCommerce experts via email, live chat, or cell phone.

Hosting Features

Aside from WooCommerce specific features, you get just about all the usual web hosting features like unmetered bandwidth, huge disk space, email company accounts, and more.

Above are some aspects you should consider when you’re looking for the best WooCommerce hosting. So now, let’s get started to explore what hosting platforms are mentioned in the list of the top best WooCommerce hosting platforms.

Here are 5 best WooCommerce Hosting Providers:

Now, we will introduce you to the best WooCommerce hosting options that come with a variety of WooCommerce-specific features. Let’s see!

1. Cloudways

The first option in the list of the best WooCommerce hosting providers is Cloudways. It is one of the best-managed cloud hosting platforms that specialize in WooCommerce for freelancers, bloggers, designers, developers, e-commerce stores, and digital agencies.

It offers a fully managed environment, which means that you don’t have to worry about the technical issues related to running a web server setup, and allows users to deploy, monitor, and manage high-performance WooCommerce websites.

Below are some highlights of Cloudways:

WooCommerce-specific features

  • Multiple Cloud Infrastructures

Cloudways provides top-notch cloud infrastructure. It doesn’t have its own servers but instead allows you to host your WooCommerce store on some of the giants of the hosting space such as Vultr, DigitalOcean, Linode, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud. Furthermore, you can also increase the server resources (RAM, processor, and storage) whenever you want.

  • Multiple Data Centers

Cloudways offers more than 60 data centers across the world so that you do not have to worry about downtime or latency. In addition, you could host the WooCommerce store closest to the target audience, minimizing page load time. It will consequently improve the user experience.

  • Free WordPress Cache Plugin

Cloudways introduced a free WordPress cache plugin, called Breeze. It is a simple and lightweight cache plugin that minifies HTML, CSS, and JS files and groups CSS and JS files that help reduce server load times.

  • CloudwaysCDN

CDN is a must-have for WooCommerce stores that serve the audience globally. Therefore, Cloudways integrates (optional) CDN in its platform so that the users don’t need to wander for this service anymore.

  • Free SSL Certificates

Since the majority of the stores make effort to get a higher rank in Google SERPs but their efforts could go in vain if they don’t pay for and install SSL certificates on WooCommerce stores. It is where Cloudways comes in handy by providing free SSL certificates to its users.

  • Fast loading Speed

Since Cloudways Platform is optimized for performance, the speed of hosted WooCommerce websites is second to none! Hence, it reduces page load times and increases the position of your eCommerce WordPress site in search engine results.

Pricing and plans

Cloudways offers a huge range of hosting solutions with prices varying from $10.00 to $300 / month, so you can easily pick the one that meets your requirements.

2. AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting provides a specialized WooCommerce Hosting service, and it’s the most reliable plus beginner-friendly option. AccuWeb Hosting gives you everything you desire for your WooCommerce website, whether it’s faster speeds, security, or exceptional customer service.

They offer guaranteed resources and don’t oversell their resources. This results in incredible speed and, without a doubt, an excellent user experience. They have servers around the globe, so you can launch your website in the location nearest to your targeted audience.

WooCommerce-specific features:

  • Isolated WooCommerce Accounts

At AccuWeb Hosting, you get isolated WooCommerce accounts that offer more security to your eCommerce website. This system helps safeguard your WooCommerce site from compromised accounts on the same server.

  • Faster Loading Pages

AccuWeb Hosting provides a significantly faster speed with the advanced cache management tool, which speeds up your site loading with LiteSpeed WebServer. It’s smart caching makes your web pages load at an ultra-fast speed.

  • Advanced Security Features

eCommerce sites require more security; AccuWeb Hosting offers many security features that do not let you worry about safety; they offer Firewall protection, DDoS protection, Free SSL certificates, Free SpamExperts, and much more.

  • 24*7 Ultra-Fast, Expert Support:

One of the things that makes WooCommerce with AccuWeb so great is its 24*7 Ultra-Fast, Expert Support. No matter what time, if you have a question or problem with your WooCommerce store, you can get help from the experts. Whether you need help with a technical issue or are just looking for advice on running your store more effectively, the WooCommerce support team is always there to help.

Pricing and plans

AccuWeb Hosting offers a variety of hosting solutions. WooCommerce’s specialized plan starts at $ Depending on your requirement, you can select the plan that suits your needs. They offer an easy scalability option.

3. Kinsta

The second option is Kinsta which is a premium managed WordPress hosting provider powered by Google Cloud Platform and its premium network. Their infrastructure is well optimized for WooCommerce and is ready to handle traffic eCommerce sites. The hosting platform comes with various features that are perfect for WooCommerce sites.

WooCommerce-specific features

  • Speed obsessive infrastructure

The websites hosted by Kinsta load extremely fast since they are using the newest and exceptional technology stack such as Nginx, PHP 7, and MariaDB.

  • High-security network

Kinsta is continuously monitoring your uptime and is capable of detecting these attacks. It also provides you with a system to get your website unharmed through the storm.

It’s called multiple DNS providers, or, for the laymen, it is multiple domain name system providers, which allow you to switch to a different provider under the same name in case one of them is under attack.

There are also software-based restrictions set in place, and all the hardware has top-notch firewalls. While with other providers in case of an attack your website is down and your cash flow is interrupted, with Kinsta, you will be safe from any malicious activity.

  • Google Cloud Platform

Kinsta team also utilizes the power of Google Cloud Platform that consists of 20 data centers, which are located around the world, and are covering all the highly populated areas in the world.

Unlike other providers, these 20 centers have your site covered even in the biggest traffic jams.

It also affects the speed of your website. Since you probably already know where most of your visitors are located, you can then pick one of the data centers which are the closest to them. This will make for shorter data travel, and therefore, an incredible speed that your customers will highly appreciate. Google is very likely to notice the improvement of speed, and will reward you with a better ranking in their search results, too!

  • Free site migrations

If you have realized the mistake of choosing the wrong hosting service, Kinsta will help you out with that one, too. They provide free site migrations, which means that you can change your hosting service to Kinsta without lifting a finger.

You made a mistake once, but upgrading to Kinsta will be a rather pleasant experience. Their expert team will have you onboard in no time, without having your website suffer any downtime, and yourself no troubles. Your website is safe in the support’s excellent hands, which will handle this transfer, free of charge. Considering that migrations are usually a frustrating mess, it is good to know that they took that into account when contemplating their plans, all of which include free migration.

  • Six different types of backups

Kinsta offers users 6 different types of backups such as automatic backups every 24 hours, manual backups with one-click restore, environmental backups, full downloadable .zip backups, and add-ons for additional backups.

With Kinsta, you will be backed up at least once a day, and if for whatever reasons something goes south, it will take the push of a button to get everything back. As if nothing happened! If you have a highly dynamic site, or if you are creating changes at all times, you can increase the backup frequency to every hour.

Pricing and plans

Kinsta offers many tiers starting from $30/month, going all the way up to their Enterprise tier. However, unless you have a low-traffic WooCommerce site, they recommend starting on their Business 1 plan or higher for optimal performance.

Optional add-ons are available on all hosting plans. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, with no long-term contracts. You can sign up for their annual plan and get two months free.

4. SiteGround

Hosting management may cost more or less than your target. This SiteGround web hosting is usually the favorite choice for small and medium enterprises.

SiteGround, therefore, is serving 80.000 hosting over the globe and assists in the management of half of the millions of websites, and has a reputation among other big-name companies in hosting. 


WooCommerce-specific features

  • Integration with CloudFlare CDN 

WooCommerce SiteGround  Hosting is proud of its speed four times faster than regular web hosting due to its combination with CloudFlare CDN, they also allow international users to get access at the same time additionally ensuring 100% operating time and return of 10 times of your initial cost if there’s any dead point.

  • SSL Coding-Easy to Install and Update SSL

Technical servers can be viewed as difficult to understand by outsiders, but it’s not the case with Liquid Web as you can get over it. SiteGround stands from the regular end-user’s point of view instead of those of domain experts, making it easy to understand and process every step more simply.

  • Free SSL Security Certificate

Security is a necessity for the web as it protects you from hackers and harmful software, it also informs users of their data’s safety. SiteGround offers Coding and WildCard SSL free of charge when you sign up for an account to set up your hosting.

  • Free Storefront Theme and Essential Plugins

This SiteGround WooCommerce Hosting is mostly used for maintaining an open source platform as it offers free sources including storefront themes and plugins that users desire to activate the functionality of web pages.

  • Supervising server Pro-Active

How can Liquid Web developers keep their ambitious promise? The noticeable thing is that all core databases of Liquid Web are located and operated from 5 servers from Chicago to London and Singapore. Every server center is equipped with back-up devices, instant security, and protection from electricity shortage. 

Pricing and plans

The standard price for SiteGround comes from $14.99/mo for the StartUp plan and $24.99 / mo for GrowBig. Additionally, there are 60% discounts which are plenty for new members.

5. WPEngine

WPEngine offers various methods of data storage, which are all designed to create your web or shop site quite easily – from web hosting to web build-up. WP Engine has a team with 750 staff, and stores more than 2 million webs around the world.

The feature makes it special is that WP Engine has become the first management service that WordPress has applied to Google Cloud Platform’s infrastructure. So it is an ideal choice for storing WordPress sites.

Now let’s take a look at the reasons why WP Engine is the favorite option for WooCommerce beginners and small enterprises. 

WooCommerce-specific features

  • Updates in a staging environment

It’s not rare to encounter cases that the installation and modification of your staging environment may seem to be difficult to handle as a result of having a bunch of applications integrated.

With one click staging interface, WP Engine is designed in a form of an organized process. Therefore, it ensures all tasks are performed smoothly through the WP admin panel when you can activate commands of your staging site with a click of a button.

  • Faster loading server

WP Engine offers a faster speed of 40%, which is the primary priority of this hosting to improve performance by 15% of your WooCommerce shop site. 

NGINX integration provides a better experience on user’s devices by prioritizing human requirements than those of the system. SSD technology operates in a way to prevent RAM saturation and improve additional features.

  • Automatic backup 

The transmission and processing of any purchases in your WooCommer site are updated and capable of back up without any interruption. The backup data can be brought back into use as it is saved every day. You can get back to your recovery files by simply clicking a button and waiting a few minutes.

  • Free CDN

WooCommerce WP Engine Hosting has cooperated with StackPath (previously known as MaxCDN) to offer every customer the rights to access services. Using CDN can eliminate the waiting time and improve the web’s speed as all servers around the world operate at the same time to provide web content due to the user’s location. CDN is free to all WP Engine packages and EverCache caching service allows users to get rid of using other additional caching plugins providers.

Pricing and plans

You can host your WordPress site for only $ 25/ mon (usually $ 30/ mon) for annual payment.

6. A2hosting

A2 Hosting was established in 2003 with more than ten years of hosting providing. A2 hosting has 3 server locations in American, Europe, and Asia (Singapore). So you can count on the speed connection.

A2 Hosting focuses on speed, support, and security for its customers, which is great news for your WooCommerce online store


WooCommerce-specific features

  • WooCommerce One-click setup

A2 Hosting provides a 1-click WooCommerce setup and plans that offer a series of supporting tools working cooperatively to help your site carry out performance much better and faster.

  • High speed

High-speed web download is A2 hosting’s strength due to its high-quality configuration. You don’t want to lose your visitors just because of the low-speed loading speed of your blog.

  • User-friendly

A2 Hosting provides WooCommerce beginners with an easy-to-navigate Control panel. But that’s not the only thing, A2 Hosting also has features for premium users, so it’s not only a good choice for beginners but also for professionals.

In case you are familiar with the business, you can easily install and set up WordPress in minutes. Admittedly, the C-panel of A2 hosting is organized logically in folders and categories such as software, email, files… which could lead to an easy setting and justifying hosting for a beginner.

  • High-level security

WooCommerce users have nothing to worry about when using A2 Hosting because they are offered free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt, a third-party provider. Besides, the hosting platform takes steps to keep its servers safe by using free HackScan service, brute force defense, firewall protection, and kernel updates.

  • 24/7 customer support

A2 Hosting offers 24/7 customer support and tons of optimized features made with WordPress users in mind. You can get support via live chat, email tickets, and phone support.

Pricing and plans

A2 hosting provides users with plenty of services depending upon the need of users. There are packages from less expensive Share Hosting of $ 3.9 / mon to a premium of $ 141.09 / mon. Service packages may vary according to the quantity and number of visitors to your site. For more details, you can check the article on A2 hosting review to get the best understanding about it.

In Conclusion,

Because of the many functions and processes generated while running a WooCommerce shop, it is important to go for suitable hosting. To save yourself valuable time, money, and nerves, you should choose a host that is familiar with these special requirements, guarantees the performance and security you need, and offers great WooCommerce-focused support. 

So you can concentrate on the most important part: growing your business and boosting shopping experiences. Using the best WooCommerce hosting plans correctly can help businesses of all sizes save a lot of money because they just cash in on the growing demand for their WooCommerce store. Hopefully, with the list of the top best WooCommerce hosting platforms that we have presented above, you can find the best option fitting your WooCommerce store.

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