Top 10 Biggest WooCommerce Stores to Get Inspiration

biggest WooCommerce stores

Stuck in eCommerce limbo? WooCommerce is awesome, but building a stellar store needs a little nudge. Don’t worry, boss! This post will showcase 10 biggest WooCommerce stores that rock design and features. This will give you the inspiration you need to elevate your own eCommerce site. But first, let’s break down WooCommerce itself.

WooCommerce: Worth the Hype?

woocommerce biggest stores

WooCommerce is like the secret weapon of online stores. This super user-friendly platform (built on WordPress, no coding skills required!) lets you set up your online store quickly. Here’s what makes it so great:

  • Easy Setup: Get your store up and running without a headache.
  • Customization Central: Make your store your own – it’s your digital storefront, after all!
  • Global Guru: Sell worldwide with flexible currency options and shipping details.
  • Order Olympian: Manage orders like a pro from one central location.
  • Payment Powerhouse: Accept all the payment methods your customers love.

WooCommerce has tons more features to help you crush your online business goals.

Perks of Leveraging WooCommerce

The benefits of utilizing WooCommerce are:

  • A Toolbelt Full of Options

Boasting a massive library of over 5,000 enhancements, you can equip your store with a dazzling array of functionalities, from secure payment processors to seamless shipping integrations. WooCommerce reigns supreme as the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress websites, with a staggering 5 million active sites leveraging its power. This dominance can be attributed to its unparalleled customizability and the robust support ecosystem fostered by the WordPress community.

  • Adaptability

Armed with a comprehensive toolkit, you can effortlessly tailor your WooCommerce themes and bespoke layouts to perfectly align with your online store’s evolving requirements as it expands its reach.

  • Scalability

WooCommerce scales alongside your business ambitions!  This robust plugin empowers websites of all sizes and traffic volumes to thrive. As your venture flourishes, you can seamlessly integrate functionalities that align with your evolving needs. This includes managing a limitless inventory of products and processing an infinite number of transactions.

  • Payment Processing Capabilities

WooCommerce offers a built-in payment gateway system that supports popular payment methods like credit cards, digital wallets, etc. This allows you to accept payments without needing additional integrations for common options. But its true strength lies in its expansive payment software development capabilities. Since WooCommerce is built on WordPress, a platform known for its open-source nature and extensive plugin library, you can leverage the expertise of developers to integrate niche payment gateways or craft custom solutions that perfectly fit your unique business model. (Source)

Top 10 Inspiring WooCommerce Stores You Should Check Out

Check out these ecommerce stores crushin’ it with WooCommerce! They’re masters of design, functionality, and creating an awesome customer experience: 


Phlearn is a photography powerhouse offering over 600 hours of top-notch Photoshop, Lightroom, and general photography instruction for students of all levels. From beginners to seasoned pros, Phlearn ignites creativity and helps photographers develop their skills.

Phlearn leverages WooCommerce’s platform alongside a subscription model, granting users access to its extensive library. WooCommerce integration has been instrumental in achieving several of its milestones, including rocketing from 0 to over 10,000 subscribers in just three months. This makes Phlearn a shining example of a WooCommerce success story, inspiring small businesses everywhere.


Orange Amps, a British amp maker for 50 years, has cranked out the sound for legends like Led Zeppelin. They’re now rocking their online store with WooCommerce!

Known for its eye-catching design, their store is a testament to the platform’s power. They’ve chosen Currency Converter as their go-to plugin, making it easy for aspiring musicians and rockstars alike to snag their gear, no matter where they are in the world.

Daelmans Stroopwafels

Calling all Dutch cookie lovers! Stroopwafels, the famous treat enjoyed by dunking it in hot tea or coffee for an extra gooey explosion of flavor, has a charming online store powered by WooCommerce. Their website design keeps things simple and sweet, just like their stroopwafels, using a clean blue and white color scheme that reflects their branding. 

But they don’t stop there! Playful touches like the option to create your own custom tin add a delightful quirk to the shopping experience. Stroopwafels is a perfect example of how WooCommerce websites can shine without overdoing the design.


Iconic musician Björk utilizes WooCommerce to power her official website, where fans can snag both her digital masterpieces and physical merch like tees and totes. Much like her music, Björk’s website is a feast for the eyes. 

The design seamlessly blends with her brand, using a captivating color palette and striking visuals that surprise and enthrall in equal measure. To achieve this, she leverages extensions like Jetpack, Product Bundles, and Storefront.


Forget boring water bottles! Nalgene’s WooCommerce store makes hydration a breeze (and surprisingly fun!). Their user-friendly site showcases every type of bottle imaginable, from sippy cups for little ones to flasks for adventurers. Prominently displayed at the top of the homepage, finding your perfect match is a snap.

But Nalgene goes beyond just bottles. Nalgene lets you design your own water bottle, offers cool extras, and cares about the environment, quality, and ethically made products. They focus on hydration, with over 100,000 fans monthly, proving you don’t need to be fancy to be successful. Despite their extensive product range, user experience and navigation reign supreme, making them a shining example for other eCommerce stores to follow.

Lens Distortions

Lens Distortions unlocks a treasure trove of cinematic music and sound effects for creators of all levels, including big names like Netflix! Their subscription service lets you access these pro-grade audio tools and hear how they’ll elevate your final project.  

Built with WooCommerce and customized for their needs, Lens Distortions delivers high-quality sound without sacrificing website speed. Their site is a goldmine of inspiration for anyone considering a subscription model.

Godin Guitars

Canadian guitar giant Godin crafts beautiful, handcrafted instruments and accessories. Their WooCommerce website is a masterclass in letting the product shine.  

With a sleek black background and user-friendly layout, the focus is squarely on Godin’s stunning guitars. This is a must-see for any eCommerce store looking to elevate their product pages and leverage design to boost sales. 


Leggari, a leader in high-quality DIY epoxy kits, empowers thousands to upgrade their floors and countertops for less. Their success hinges on their custom WooCommerce website. WooCommerce keeps things simple and easy to navigate. It’s well-organized for both businesses and their customers. Plus, it shows how flexible WooCommerce is, making it attractive to all kinds of do-it-yourselfers. 

Leggari is another eCommerce store that WooCommerce has helped achieve its goals. The integration assisted them in speeding up their website and making the checkout process a breeze.

Hello Subscription

Hello Subscription is a subscription box rockstar, boasting over a million monthly visits! They leverage WooCommerce to curate and sell delightful boxes to their target audience. Their website takes a page out of Pinterest and Instagram’s playbook, using a visually engaging approach that resonates with their core demographic.

But Hello Subscription doesn’t stop there!  They’ve cleverly personalized WooCommerce to send special offer alerts and allow users to “favorite” products, just like social media. This creative integration has yielded impressive results.

No Pong

No Pong, an Aussie deodorant disrupter, is conquering B.O. Down Under and beyond with the help of WooCommerce! Their WooCommerce store uses a winning design strategy – a simple yet effective pink and white combo that perfectly captures their target audience. 

But No Pong isn’t just about fresh looks. WooCommerce also helps them handle big surges in orders, manage email marketing campaigns, and keep close tabs on key business metrics.

Final Thoughts

From design and customization to scalability and user experience, WooCommerce stores showcase the platform’s power. This versatile tool empowers businesses to craft online stores that are both engaging and profitable. 

Whether you’re a small startup or a seasoned seller, WooCommerce can be tailored to fit your unique goals and needs, propelling you toward eCommerce success. So join the thriving WooCommerce community and start building your dream online store today!

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