How to create Facebook Retargeting Ads with 2 audience groups for higher sales


As mentioned in The best ways to recover abandoned cart, Social media targeting is one of the most ideal solutions to cart abandonment recovery. In this article, I would like to focus you on just Facebook retargeting ads, the most popular and effective type of social media remarketing. Besides, I also want to present 2 kinds of audiences you should target to boost your conversion.

How to set up Facebook retargeting ads?

To set up Facebook retargeting ads, you need to go through 2 main steps as follows:

Step 1: Install Facebook pixel on your website and have it track your visitors.

To build a facebook retargeting campaign, the first step is to get your Facebook Pixel installed on your site and confirm it?s firing correctly using the Facebook Pixel Helper, a few weeks before your retargeting campaigns begin. Below are the detail instructions:

*Install the Facebook Pixel in your eCommerce site with the following guide:

  • Confirm Your Eligibility: You will need a Facebook Business page and access to your website?s code.
  • Create Your Facebook Pixel: Go to Facebook Ad Manager ? Pixels ? Create Pixel
  • Add the Pixel Code to Your Website?s Header: Copy your Pixel code ? paste into Code to be added on HEAD section of every page section under Header and Footer in your dashboard.

*Install the Facebook Pixel Helper & Confirm your Pixel is working well with it.


A correctly embedded pixel can be set up to automatically track specific events, such as page views, purchases and search terms, and how the users landed on your site. When a person visits your site and makes any action on it, Facebook will collect their information and connect their habits to a Facebook profile wherever possible. The data will be then imported into the Facebook Ads Manager and used to create strategic ads using custom audiences.

Step 2: Create Custom audiences within your Facebook advertising account

Once the foundations are in place, now you can set up custom audiences. Based on visitors’ behavior from your Facebook Pixel data, there are 2 groups of customers you should focus on if you want to boost your sales.

Group 1: Visitors who are hesitating to buy your product.

One study found that people are more likely to interact with something familiar than something completely new. To find such visitors who might need some help with their purchase, you must look at other signs that signal hesitation. For example, you can specifically target visitors who put products into shopping carts but leave without purchasing. Besides, you can also aim to people who haven’t bought any things on your site and spent a long time on specific pages of your website such as your product page, FAQs, Terms & Conditions.

*As for cart abandoners, you can show them ads about the products or items they were previously interested in and put into shopping cart but did not complete purchasing to have a better chance of grabbing their attention.

Facebook dynamic retargeting ads are a type of ad that automatically shows the products previously viewed, which makes these ads especially relevant and efficient.

To run Facebook dynamic retargeting ads, you first upload to your advertising account a product catalog that includes all products on your website, with details such as the price, stock availability, and color. You can follow the steps below to upload your product catalog to Facebook:

  • Navigate to your Facebook Ads account ? ? ? Product Catalogue under Assets ? Create a Catalog
  • Once you?ve created your catalog, click Ad Products & download the .CSV template
  • Fill out the template & upload it to Facebook

Then, start setting up your Facebook retargeting ads by hitting Create Ad in Power Editor and selecting Catalogue Sales as your marketing objective:


On the next page, you will be able to configure your Ad Set options. You can choose to either define an audience or use an existing pixel.


You will be then able to select which users will see your ad: Viewed of Added to Cart But not Purchased or Added to Cart But Not Purchased, but the ideal choice is to show ads to both visitors viewing products and those leaving cart abandoned.

After that, if you really want to narrow your audience, you can specify further targeting on tops of your audience, such as age, gender, location or interest by clicking on Show advanced options. Then, you can select your usual budgets, targets and other related ad set goals.

On the next screen, you will be able to configure your actual ads, which will display the individual products that users have viewed. The recommended ad format is Carousel which will scroll through a list of products the user has viewed.


Next, you will see options to add/change/remove dynamic product attributes (as specified in your feed), if you want to change the information that?s displayed on the ad. Clicking the ?+? next to each field will display the available attributes to add:


After selecting the desired attributes to show on your ad, you need to confirm at the bottom of the page to complete your campaign. Once running, Facebook will show the same products that someone previously added to their cart, but didn?t purchase.

Note: While creating dynamic retargeting ads, it is necessary to highlight the reasons why your leads should return back to your site and complete their cart by providing outstanding discounts, free shipping or any other incentive offers. Because people often like incentives, especially if they come from the brand they’re interested in.

*Regarding the visitors spend much time on your online store, you can also implement Dynamic retargeting ads or based on your support team’s help, create another custom audience and another retargeting strategy to convert more sales.

  • First, create custom audience who are top visitors by time spent on your website.

Go to Audience > Create Audience > Custom Audience > Website traffic, then take steps as the video below:


Under the section Audience, choose to include your predefined audience of people who visited specific web pages, plus your top visitors by time. Then, click Exclude and choose your recent purchasers.


After setting the rest of your targeting parameters, such as location, gender, and age, continue on and create your ads.

  • Build a retargeting ad campaign for this type of visitors

To do this, navigate to your Ads Manager > Create Campaign > Traffic as your objective, then on the next step, choose Messenger as your gold.


Now, you can have your Facebook remarketing ads run effectively and target those who are hesitating to buy from you.

Group 2: Existing customers

Another type of audience you should focus on Facebook retargeting ads on is existing customers who?ve already purchased from your brand in the past. The easiest way to target previous purchasers is by building your audience using Customer Match and email lists.

To do that, head over to the Audience tab and create another Custom Audience. This time, we?ll need to select the Customer File option:


You’ll then upload your customer file as a CSV, and match each column to tag. Facebook will match any details you enter to a profile, so you’ll need at least a name and email address for each customer. However, you should try and upload as much data as possible to support each profile. This will make your targeting more accurate, and your retargeting campaign more effective.

Once Facebook has found profiles for each customer on your list, they?ll be added to this audience segment and you will then start retargeting them.

Final words

In conclusion, Facebook retargeting ads are a fantastic way to boost the conversion rate of your online store. However, you should not keep showing the same Facebook retargeting ads again and again for weeks. Because it can bore and even annoy your visitors, leading to counter-effect.

Well structured Facebook retargeting ads campaigns to ensure you’re giving your visitors the right things they need at the right time would be a much smarter way to meet your business gold.

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