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18 votes

Waitlist for Out of Stock Product

Wait-list for where user can opt in for back in stock alert, this is a lead magnet and sales booster – https://prnt.sc/10siva9

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16 votes

WooCommerce Product Extras

Single Product Extras like – https://prnt.sc/10siy73 Where we can show the best messages and urgency 🙂

16 votes

Gutenberg blocks

Gutenberg blocks have to replace actual elementor widget with same functionalities

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15 votes

Ajax search returns categories

The search should also return category name and not just product names, sometimes people look for a brand or a category because the product name is unknown.

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14 votes

Hide header on scroll

Hide header on scroll on scrolling down, show header on scrolling up

13 votes

WooCommerce Product Gallery Style

Hey There, Please Add this type of Product Gallery https://woocore.oxyninja.com/product/nike-blazer-mid-77/

13 votes

Back to stock alert

Option to sign up to receive an email when a product is back on stock would be great.

12 votes

Allow Filtering of Products by On Sale

Currently, there is no filter for on sale products, only featured products. Add on sale product filter as a widget for menus