Wholesale Products to Resell: An Ultimate Guide


Purchasing inexpensive wholesale goods to resell is not exactly simple.

How can you choose a wholesale product to invest in when there are billions of them available? Additionally, there are a lot of online markets, but which one is the best for wholesale goods?

There are many things to consider when buying wholesale, as if that weren’t confusing enough. Should you make a local or international purchase? How many should you purchase? How can you stop wasting the money that you worked so hard for?

Find out by reading on.

This article will teach you how to identify the best wholesale products to resell, where to find wholesale goods, and some best buying practices.

Let’s start now.

What are Wholesale Products For Resell?

Wholesaling products for resell is a business model that has grown in popularity over the past few years. It’s attractive because it doesn’t require any product development or branding efforts.

This business model can be used in various ways.

The first is arbitrage trading against retail prices. That’s when a store owner buys a product from another retailer and sells it to a consumer at a higher price.

Another way is to buy products in bulk from a distributor at a reduced wholesale price. This creates the potential for larger profit margins.

 In both scenarios, the trader who resells the item is probably going to buy in large quantities. That means in both situations there are risks to investing in a lot of inventory, but getting a discount by buying directly from a distributor certainly offers some advantages. Operating with less overhead reduces the risks involved. Utilizing advanced analytics in retail can further enhance the wholesaling strategy, providing insightful data on consumer behavior, market trends, and inventory management. This data-driven approach enables wholesalers to make informed decisions, optimize pricing strategies, and respond effectively to the dynamic retail landscape.

What benefits can you expect from purchasing products in bulk to resell?

Business-friendly pricing

Buying products wholesale directly from distributors and manufacturers eliminate the need for a retail middleman who will sell you products at premium prices.

Distributors and manufacturers also frequently provide additional discounts based on the volume of your bulk order and are more amenable to price negotiations.


Direct Contact with Manufacturers and Wholesale Distributors

In addition to price advantages, dealing directly with wholesale distributors offers you:

  • A more reliable supply of goods
  • gaining access to extra services that a manufacturer might provide, like product customization
  • a guarantee that the goods you are purchasing are genuine

What are the best wholesale products to resell?

Here are some of the top wholesale products to resell to give you a clear idea of what products to look for:


One of the most sought-after wholesale goods to sell is clothing, which includes everything from business attire to sporting accessories. It’s always accessible, making it a simple way to generate recurring income.

Since the cost of purchasing clothing is low, you’ll frequently have a positive profit margin. But if you want to make a lot of money, you’ll need to buy a lot. To benefit from a broad range of clothing options at competitive prices, consider exploring reputable clothing wholesale suppliers.

Health and beauty

Due to the size of the industry, health and beauty products are very popular. Shower gel and soap are necessities that are always in high demand.

However, purchasing inexpensive cosmetics might not be in line with what today’s eco-aware consumer wants.


Jewelry can be a profitable item to resell and can command high markups. Jewelry can be purchased for a bargain and then sold for a high price. However, as fixed prices are uncommon, this depends on your ability to negotiate a good deal.


Pet suppliers

Pet supplies are always in high demand, and many customers value affordable prices for products they must frequently replenish. They are frequently offered at low wholesale costs as well.

It is crucial to take into account the probability that the profit margins will be modest.


Electronics are very valuable and well-liked. In other words, if you do your research, you can find goods with little competition but a high chance of making a profit margin.

Though there is a risk involved, keep in mind that electronics will cost you more to buy.

Kids and baby products

Kids’ and baby products will always be in demand and can assist you in generating recurring income, much like pet supplies. Timing is crucial because toy demand can be very seasonal.


How to buy wholesale products to resell?

Step 1 : Choose whether to work with a local or international wholesaler.

One of the first important choices you’ll have to make is whether to source your goods locally or abroad. It comes down to what will work best for your business since both strategies have advantages and disadvantages.

Due to higher manufacturing costs, purchasing from a local US wholesaler may result in a higher price, but the high quality of the product is frequently reflected in this higher cost.

Additionally, it’s a quick way to buy and sell goods for a temporary profit boost. When you shop locally, however, your options may be more constrained.

When you purchase from a global wholesaler, you frequently pay less and have access to a large selection of goods. Due to shipping times, purchasing from a supplier located abroad may take longer.

Step 2: Select two or three wholesalers.

Dealing with several wholesale suppliers is a good idea. It’s unlikely that one vendor will have all the items you need.

Additionally, your revenue stream won’t be interrupted if there is a product shortage with one of your suppliers.

Step 3: Request samples of wholesale products.

With wholesale products, it’s a good idea to ask for samples to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. A product’s quality and potential for resale can be determined much more accurately by holding it in your hands than by reading about it online or viewing an image of it.

Additionally, you’ll be able to evaluate the customer service and ease of communication, which could be a deciding factor.

You can order a free sample of the product upfront on some wholesale platforms, which can assist you in making a decision.

Step 4: Negotiate the details and price.

After selecting a product, you move on to the negotiation stage. You will talk about volume and payment terms, among other things, during this process.

Ensure that you purchase enough to meet anticipated consumer demand. Don’t forget to set up payment terms that work for both parties to prevent problems later on.

Step 5: Pay for your wholesale purchases.

The purchase of the goods is the final step.

Some vendors are open to price negotiations. It may be worthwhile to see if they will lower their initial asking price if you believe there is a better deal to be made.

How to Find Wholesale Suppliers?

You have full discretion when it comes to selecting wholesale distributors as a reseller or dropshipper.

Even better, selecting a suitable wholesaler can be done in a variety of ways. Everything depends on your company’s requirements and the products you are sourcing.

Here are a few trusted methods for locating a wholesale supplier for your company.

  • Start with Your Local Chamber of Commerce: Your neighborhood chamber of commerce is a good place to begin. You can also keep up with the information that will help you choose the best suppliers by attending industry events, trade shows, etc., as well as by subscribing to the trade publication for your sector.
  • Reach out to other entrepreneurs: If you are connected to other business owners, you can ask your network for advice on which wholesalers to use and which ones to avoid. Wholesale distributors can also be discovered through social media marketing, business forums, and industry groups.
  • Utilize online marketplaces: Alibaba, eBay, Etsy, and other marketplaces are excellent choices that cater to various markets. They each have access to tens of thousands of suppliers, retailers, and wholesalers. In particular, Alibaba is the best option if you’re looking for manufacturers in other countries. Additionally, these platforms have messaging capabilities that make it simple to communicate with suppliers from all over the world.

How To Find Wholesale Products To Resell On Amazon?

It’s time to locate the wholesale goods that you can sell on Amazon now that you have your wholesale suppliers.

Your level of success in your retail business may be significantly influenced by the products you choose.

You’d be surprised at how many wholesalers still don’t have websites, so it’s not always simple to do this part because most of them don’t seem to have extra money to spend on marketing.

Therefore, it might be challenging to gather all the information you need to find the best products to sell unless you meet people in person or locate them through your networking efforts.

It’s a good thing if that sounds like too much work. That is precisely what discourages other sellers from starting the procedure. But don’t worry, I have some advice that will greatly simplify your life.

I have access to a lot of information on how to buy wholesale for resale because I’ve already had the experience.

I’ve provided some advice for you below

Follow the trend.

Simply following market trends is one way to find fantastic products that sell like hotcakes. Products that are popular today become items for sale tomorrow, providing you with numerous opportunities to plan ahead and earn a healthy profit.

Find a market need.

If your niche has a particular need, you could base your portfolio on that. for instance, dishwasher-safe baby gear or organic cleaning supplies.

Check out what other people in your niche are selling and doing well. Make a list of these best-selling items that you might want to sell in your own shop.

Putting personal interests first

Many Amazon sellers concentrate on selling goods for things like sports, charitable causes, hobbies, and other interests. These products have the advantage that there will always be a market for them.

Whichever of these three options you choose, it’s critical to find high-quality items that are affordable before making any significant financial commitments. Additionally, you must make sure there is enough demand for the product in order for it to be sold quickly and profitably.

The following is a list of some of the most lucrative wholesale goods to pick from

  • Sustainable Products (food containers, culinary supplies, feminine products, etc.)
  • Specialty Food Items (unique coffees, rare teas, etc.)
  • Unique Clothing (outdoor gear, fandom-related wear, unusual socks, etc.)
  • Pet Supplies (toys, food, clothing, specialty gear, etc.)
  • Smartphone Add-Ons (phone rings, magnetic car holders, phone banks, etc.)


Your business will succeed if you choose the best wholesale products to resell. Simple game-changers are the ones with more equitable prices. Working directly with manufacturers may also make it simpler to explore potential growth avenues like creating your own product brand.

We would be happy to assist you, however, if you would prefer to delegate or simply require a product sourcing partner to lead you through these processes. We will use our knowledge and broad networks to locate all the products you require.

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