Top 5+ Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins for Your Online Store


Any eCommerce store that sells physical products must deal with inventory management. When you only have a few things, you know where you’re getting them and who’s buying them. However, as your store increases in size, everything becomes more complicated. The demand for your items grows, and you may find yourself with more than one provider. It necessitates you performing time-consuming and laborious chores such as controlling store inventories.

That is why I strongly recommend WooCommerce inventory management plugins to help you stay organized and simplify store management.

There are numerous excellent inventory management solutions and plugins available for use with WooCommerce. In this essay, I will discuss numerous inventory management plugins.

Difficulties of the managing inventory process in WooCommerce

While managing inventory in WooCommerce, you may face a lot of difficulties.


Manually managing store inventory may go horribly wrong, with a single blunder quickly turning into a calamity. You may have to start over with the tally, which will take a significant amount of time and effort.


This is especially true if you have a large store with thousands of products. Manual inventory management would include manually adjusting inventory numbers on all product pages.

Stressful tasks

Running an eCommerce business and maintaining consistent sales is difficult enough; don’t add to the burden by keeping track of the hundreds of products offered on your site. It will not only reduce your productivity, but it will also divert your attention away from earning more sales. You should learn how to set up an online store and how to install plugins.

Orders, clients, coupons, all need to be updated.

You have orders, coupons, and other items that need to be updated in bulk, in addition to products. You can’t afford to do it one by one like you can with other items.

Other disadvantages

Other issues include the lack of a feature for managing multiple warehouse inventories; bulk stock management; inventory batch tracking and control; modifying WooCommerce inventory reports; and so on.

How Can an Inventory Management Plugin Help?

Fortunately, WooCommerce provides a lot of freedom when it comes to adding features that aren’t available out of the box. For WooCommerce inventory management, there are a number of excellent plugins and extensions available.

Here are a few areas where having a good stock and inventory plugin for your online store can make the difference between success and failure.

Various sales channels

It’s possible that you’re also running a physical store in addition to your WooCommerce store. It’s beneficial to have sales and revenue coming in from a variety of sources. But how do you properly manage the logistical challenges?

The sales figures from your WooCommerce store are clearly accessible, but those from your physical store are not always.

Supply chain management

Predicting demand for your items accurately is a difficult undertaking. Specific product sales can be poor at times, but they can also be brisk at other times.

Updating your inventory is a difficult operation that must be done in accordance with product demand. You can’t afford to stock a lot of a slow-moving product while running out of a fast-moving one.

Being well-prepared at all times brings a lot of mental serenity and business success.


When you have all the relevant details, implementing a new plan is simple. Everything from stock updates to marketing may be automated using inventory management plugins.

All parties in your supply chain management must be in sync in order for you to make the best judgments possible. You can update as many items as you like all at once. Change product pricing, stock status, descriptions, variation prices, weights, or groups right away.

Order status and shipping-related details can also be changed.

Updates in real time

When you receive real-time updates regarding your store, you can always be ready to act. To keep your WooCommerce store’s process running smoothly, timely actions are required.

In many cases, a timely update would prevent an out-of-stock issue or delivery delays.

Top 5+ Best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager

Rating: 5/5 (11 reviews)

Price: $19


Out of Stock Manager is one of the most fantastic inventory management solutions for WooCommerce store owners created by Vanquish, the creators of popular WooCommerce plugins like WooCommerce Aftership, WooCommerce shipping tracking, and WooCommerce customer manager.

You may use this plugin to establish threshold rules for your product’s stock levels and apply custom warnings to alert you when stock falls below that threshold. If your store is managed by a team, you may additionally specify several recipients for the warning.

Key features

  • The plugin allows you to set various low stock values for goods.
  • When a product reaches the low-stock criteria, an email is sent.
  • It includes a useful widget for your WordPress dashboard that allows you to easily monitor stock levels.
  • It is compatible with the WPML WordPress multilingual plugin.


It will cost you $19 to purchase the plugin. Furthermore, Vanquish, the plugin’s creator, will provide 6-month support with the purchase.

Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce

Rating: 4.8/5 (49 reviews).

Price: $15


Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce, built by maxman1850, is an easy yet powerful WooCommerce inventory management plugin. It lets you sync your stock inventory with an external inventory file. As a result, you can use the external file to automatically update your stock levels.

In addition to synchronizing inventory levels, you can also synchronize and alter product pricing via an external file, making the entire process exceedingly quick and simple.


Key Features

  • FTP Access
  • Support for Google Drive and spreadsheets
  • Stock levels are updated hourly and daily.
  • Product data should be imported.


The plugin will cost you $15. This $15 package, however, includes 6-month support from the plugin developers.

ATUM WooCommerce Inventory Management and Stock Tracking

Rating: 4.7/5 (111 reviews)

Price: Free, with optional premium add-ons with variable pricing.


ATUM is a WooCommerce advanced stock management plugin. The free edition allows you to manage all of your products from a single page.

Business owners may keep track of every item in stock by using powerful software such as ATUM for WooCommerce. Correct management leads to increased profitability, more accurate online inventory listings, and a more successful overall firm.

ATUM is more than just a plugin for inventory management. Purchase orders, locations, and suppliers can all be created by users.

The ATUM Inventory Management plugin includes a dashboard that provides all the critical information you need to efficiently manage your shop. It gives you comprehensive inventory control over your WooCommerce store, allowing you to manage it from a single dashboard.


Key Features

  • WPML fully compatible
  • Advanced search with autofill functionality
  • WooCommerce varied product support
  • Product actions in bulk
  • PDF inventory export


The ATUM Inventory Management for WooCommerce plugin offers a free version. As a result, downloading and installing the plugin will cost you nothing. To further extend the plugin’s capabilities, you can always go to Stock Management ATUM’s official website and purchase their available Add-Ons to match your needs.

Stock Manager for WooCommerce 

Rating: 4.0/5 (105 reviews)

Price: Free


When seeking for the best WooCommerce stock manager plugin, another option is WooCommerce stock manager which is created by StoreApps. It aids in the management of stock for both basic and varied products. For each product and variation, you may manage stock, stock status, back orders, regular price, sale price, and weight.

The color-coded user interface provides a clear picture of stock status, allowing you to respond quickly to any critical state. Products can be filtered using numerous parameters such as product type, category, stock status, and so on.

You can also export all the data from your store to a CSV file using the plugin. You can modify the CSV file to meet your needs and then re-import it into your business.

After installing the plugin, you will see a “WooCommerce Stock Manager” section in your WordPress admin panel. The plugin connects to your accessible stock data and shows extensive information about your current inventory.


Key Features

  • You may use this plugin to manage product fields such as SKU, product name, tax status, tax class, shipping class, Price, Sale price, Weight, and so on. Stock management, stock status, back orders, and stock.
  • Show the product thumbnail image
  • Filter products by type, category, stock status, or stock management.
  • Sort products alphabetically.
  • Look for items by name or SKU.
  • Columns can be shown or hidden to improve usability.
  • After pressing the “Show variables” option, edit the variants for variable products.
  • Save each product or variation individually, or save all the data displayed.


Stock Manager for WooCommerce is a 100% free plugin. This plugin does not have a premium or paid version.

Stock Sync for WooCommerce with Google Sheet


Stock Sync for WooCommerce with Google Sheet syncs WooCommerce products stock from Google Sheets. This stock sync plugin has a bidirectional stock sync feature for flawless sync between WooCommerce and Google Sheets. With the help of the stock manager plugin, you can edit almost everything from your linked Google Sheets spreadsheet, and it gets auto-updated on your main eCommerce site. In addition to bidirectional stock sync, it can update product info including name, SKU, stock status, etc. from the convenience of Google Sheets.

Overall, it helps your customers be engaged with your updated site with regular inventory updates. 

Key Features

  • Easy two-directional stock sync from Google Sheet
  • Edit every product info: name, details, SKU, pricing, on-sale updates, product type, stock status, etc.
  • Variable product support
  • 1-click product export from WooCommerce
  • New product addition to WooCommerce store from Google Sheets
  • One-click manual sync button


Stock Sync for WooCommerce with Google Sheet comes with both free and paid versions. The free version is available on the WordPress plugin repository. And the paid version pricing starts at $47.20 for 3 sites.


Inventory management refers to any system that keeps track of current item inventories. This covers sales, deliveries, new products added to your inventory, and many other things.

An inventory management system gives you an estimate of the worth as well as the exact amount of things you have in store. The proper inventory management approach is beneficial for tax considerations, accounting, and company insights.

Inventory management is a key undertaking that can cause many headaches for WooCommerce store owners. It becomes difficult when you have several sales and distribution methods. I hope this guide has helped you streamline your inventory with the plugins we mentioned above. If you have a better solution or plugin to share, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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