How to add a WooCommerce Mini Cart Drawer on Your Store? 


The WooCommerce shopping cart software includes a function called WooCommerce Mini Cart. Customers can view the items in their shopping cart without visiting the checkout page by visiting any page of the website. The WooCommerce cart drawer shows the items in the cart together with the prices and product photos. Customers will find it simpler to assess the goods in their shopping basket and make rapid changes as a result. Customers may easily and rapidly add things to their cart from any page on the website using the Mini Cart without going to the product page.

What is a Mini Cart?

The mini cart is a virtual shopping cart that hovers above the pages of an online store, allowing customers to see what they are purchasing without leaving the landing page or product pages. Thanks to the mini cart, customers can also swiftly remove items from the cart without visiting the cart page.

The customer experience will be improved as they won’t need to visit the cart page to make changes to their cart. All of this is easily accomplished in the small cart. Although it often enters from the right side, you can choose how it does so. 

Why should you include a mini cart in your WooCommerce store?

Choosing the finest software will streamline the shopping cart experience and increase the likelihood of a customer making a purchase. A customer usually comes here last before buying something. You don’t want them to leave here with their shopping carts empty. A WooCommerce mini cart will help your store in a number of ways, some of which are listed below:

  • Increasing the speed of shopping user flows: Customers benefit from a faster purchasing experience when they use a WooCommerce floating cart. Customers are not required to navigate through many sites in order to check their cart and submit orders. Due to having a bad experience with shopping mini carts, eCommerce businesses may lose up to $18 billion in annual sales
  • Enhancing the user experience. You may improve the overall user experience of your online business by allowing customers to pick products and make purchases from a single platform.
  • Websites that only sell one item at a time. A WooCommerce mini cart is ideal for websites that just sell one item. It enables you to provide a No cart – buy as you go experience in which clients purchase one product at a time. Customers may purchase numerous things in a single quick basket if they like. However, if you configure it to open immediately when a product is put into the cart, it offers a simple way to swiftly buy one item at a time.
  • Modern internet shopping carts also keep vital information that you may utilize for marketing, forecasting, and pricing schemes.

What are the benefits of using the mini cart plugin?

Any type of website should offer its customers a flawless buying experience. You’ll need a mini cart plugin for your website to simplify this process. There are other motivations as well that will encourage you to utilize this plugin. Additionally, while using this cart plugin, you will start to receive a ton of extra advantages. Let’s examine these advantages:

  • Raising sales and revenue

After utilizing this plugin, your sales and revenue will be significantly impacted. Your consumers will be able to add things to their carts and occasionally view updates to their carts, as there won’t be any interruptions when they’re making a purchase. 

  • Saving time 

Customers don’t need to leave the shop page to add or remove items from their shopping basket. They can do this and save time and effort. 

  • High chance of turning new clients into loyal ones

If your customers have a simple time making a purchase, they’ll come back to you again. This will boost the number of people who would like to frequently make purchases from your website.

  • Word-of-mouth advertising

It will aid in brand development as well. Your clients will refer your website to their friends and family after having a positive purchase experience. 

These advantages demonstrate that employing a tiny cart plugin is not at all a bad idea. Additionally, it will increase the reach and popularity of your website.

How to add a WooCommerce Mini Cart Drawer on Your Store?

Step 1. Download the “” plugin on your computer system first.

Step 2. From your WordPress dashboard, select Plugins > Add New from the Dashboard’s left-side navigation.


Step 3. Select the Upload Plugin button at this point.


Step 4. Go to the location on your computer where you installed “” and browse the downloaded plugin. Then, in accordance with Step 1 above, select Install Now.


Step 5. After that, select Active Plugin


Step 6. The left side menu now includes a new folder called “Mini Cart Drawer For WooCommerce.” Select the Mini Cart Drawer For WooCommerce folder now.


It should be noted that: If the “Mini Cart Drawer For WooCommerce” folder is not there on the left side menu, please check the Settings or Tools submenus.

Step 7. You can now set it up on your mini cart for your own WooCommerce store. 

5 Best WooCommerce Mini Cart Plugins

Floating Sticky Cart Plugin

Add a Floating Shopping Cart Simply 


The Floating Sticky Cart for WooCommerce extension, like Smart Cart for WooCommerce, is a highly adaptable addition to WooCommerce that makes it simple for you to browse your WooCommerce cart and continue purchasing. 

Any page of the website can utilize the plugin, and installation and customization are simple to complete. 

The fact that this addon is responsive and mobile-friendly is a major selling feature. It also contains a sticky sidebar with all the tools required for the user to execute a transaction without ever leaving the website. 

You may explore items, add them to your shopping cart, and cash for your purchases all on one screen using the PayPal online payment method.

It also has a shipping form that can be employed to send goods straight to clients. The coupon system, which offers your consumers a sizable discount and is guaranteed to boost your sales, is a third exciting element.

For $29, you can purchase support for this plugin for a full year.

Key characteristics:

  • There is a WooCommerce checkout and shopping cart feature.
  • Related products could potentially be cross-sold and up-sold.
  • Access to coupons is available via the website.
  • There are numerous choices for customization.
  • There is a shipping form on the website.

Booster for WooCommerce Plugin

The Single Best WooCommerce Bundle Ever


Several WooCommerce capabilities are included in the Booster for WooCommerce plugin, which can be expanded by merging them into one plugin.

Once you download the plugin on your WooCommerce site, you can utilize the mini-cart widget for your business by turning on the mini-cart component. By turning on the module’s section, you can customize the small cart widget’s information to suit the requirements of your website.

Additionally, you can use shortcodes to change the widget’s positioning. The widget options are as simple as possible and are easily adaptable to the unique requirements of your store.

You can modify this little cart without knowing how to code. By including a short code, you may easily change the mini cart’s location on your website so that it appears anywhere you want it to.

Unfortunately, compatibility problems may occasionally be found.

The Lite and Premium editions can both be downloaded without cost. Pay $9 per month for the pro version.

Key characteristics: 

  • Mini carts can be shown in a variety of settings.
  • You can personalize the data shown in your mini cart to suit your tastes.
  • Without any prior coding knowledge, it is possible to construct your own mini-cart.
  • offers a variety of options and a user-friendly interface
  • A shortcode can be used to locate your small cart.

WooCommerce Cart Pro Plugin

The User Can View All Cart Information in Sidebar


If you want to enhance the shopping experience for your consumers, you must use the WooCommerce Cart Pro – Sidebar Cart plugin.

Customers can keep track of any items they have put in their cart while shopping thanks to a widget in the sidebar, which also makes the shopping experience more convenient. They can keep track of the products they have put in their shopping basket by doing this.

The plugin reduces the need for customers to frequently visit their Cart Page because of its broad collection of customizable features and interoperability with all versions of WooCommerce.

Since the information about the cart is shown as an element of a sidebar, this plugin reduces the need for the customer to access the cart page.

Customers won’t have to frequently go back and forth between the cart and the shopping cart since they can browse the features of their cart in the sidebar of your website as they shop.

There isn’t a free version of this application like there is for Smart Cart for WooCommerce, Floating Cart for WooCommerce, Floating Sticky Cart for WooCommerce, and YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup.

Only $32 will get you this superb, well-documented plugin.

Key Features:

  • It is feasible to speak more than one language.
  • Offers assistance for the most popular WordPress themes
  • Real-time updates for the mini-cart can be made using Ajax.
  • Provides its customers with a more user-friendly experience
  • Your checkout procedure and conversion rate should advance.
  • The small carts can be modified to fit the style and color scheme of your store.

YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup Plugin

Show a Popup to Your Customers to Increase the Usability of Your Shop


Immediately after a consumer adds items to a cart, a bubble cart will display. While they purchase, the YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup plugin will provide them with a fair indicator of the items in their carts.

Additionally, you can display specific recommendations in the WooCommerce mini-cart by using the Mini Cart WordPress plugin, which gives you an easy option to change your website without interfering with how smoothly it functions.

With the help of this plugin, you can see every item you have in your shopping cart, making it quicker and more convenient for customers to buy what they need.

You can customize the size of the bubble for the products shown in your cart using the plugin, depending on how big you want them to be shown. Based on how you want them to appear, you may select from eight distinct popup animation effects.

This excellent plugin costs $59 to purchase.

Key characteristics:

  • Once the popup window has appeared, you can choose the product’s display
  • The suggested item can be added to your cart by selecting the Add to Cart option.
  • The button that displays in the popup window can have a label.
  • There are several options to choose from when deciding whether to show or hide the cart popup.
  • You have the option of displaying or hiding a product’s image in the pop-up window.
  • For Popup Entrances, there are eight distinct animations available.
  • In the settings box, you can choose the popup’s size for showing the contents of your shopping basket.

Smart Cart for WooCommerce Plugin

An Easy-to-Use Dynamic Cart for Your WooCommerce Website

In order to help your consumers make educated selections during the purchasing process, the Smart Cart for WooCommerce plugin may assist in giving them a summary of the products in their shopping cart as they shop.

With the help of this plugin, customers will have access to additional information as they buy at your store, enabling them to make more educated choices.

It shows details about an item’s subtotal, shipping fees, and the overall cost of the purchase. Finally, there is a link that leads to the site’s payment page.

Additionally, to save time, your clients will be able to view the products, in brief, the cost of shipping, and the total of their purchase before clicking the checkout. This eliminates the need for them to return the cart’s page in order to buy or amend the products they have added.

A capable person created this plugin, which is only $29.

Key characteristics:

  • You could add or delete items from your shopping cart whenever you choose, as well as always view it.
  • A popup can be placed by the position of the cart.
  • Giving the buttons a text field and employing a modifier to control their visibility are both options.
  • RTL (right-to-left) support is offered.
  • You can decide whether to show or hide the item thumbnails in your shopping cart.
  • In your shopping cart, you have two color choices.


WooCommerce mini cart is useful for you to boost your sales and improve the shopping experience on your store. You may use it to generate upsells, straight checkouts, checkout forms, multi-step checkouts, and numerous other features in addition to mini cart drawers. 

There are a lot of WooCommerce plugins out there that help you with adding mini cart to your online store. You are welcome to use any of the aforementioned plugins because they will take care of all matters pertaining to carts and checkout for you.

Which plugin do you use to create small cart drawers for your store? Please share in the comments. Additionally, you can post questions in the comments if you have any.

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