How to Charge WooCommerce Shipping Per Product?


WooCommerce is known as the best-designed plugin for WordPress by far. Providing all the essential features for a sales website, this tool powers users to design and turn their websites on WordPress into sales and e-commerce websites quickly and efficiently.

Shipping charges play an important role in selling online and Woocommerce supports these features very well. This article will present to users in detail how to charge WooCommerce shipping per product.

Default WooCommerce shipping options

There are three main types of WooCommerce shipping per product method that is set up as default:

Flat Rate Shipping

Flat rate shipping option is one possible way to reduce WooCommerce shipping cost per product. With flat rate shipping, the weight of a package does not have a huge effect on shipping rates. Therefore, this shipping method will help you save money if your items are heavy. On the other hand, if your package is lightweight, this option can be more expensive.


Thanks to the way shipping costs are typically calculated, flat rate shipping becomes an attractive shipping option. Delivery distance or area, dimensional weight are factors that have a huge effect on delivery charges but everything becomes simpler with flat rate shipping. Small businesses and self-fulfill orders should refer to this shipping method. 

It is noted that users should consider a technique to decide how to price their delivery when setting up their WooCommerce Shipping Per Product. Calculating WooCommerce shipping costs per product commonly is based on quantity, weight, country, product, category, and so on.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is an available option in WooCommerce and users can offer it when:

  • Customers use discount codes/coupons.
  • Minimum order total with a fixed rate. For example, the shipping cost will be free when the order is over $100.
  • Minimum order total and use with a coupon.
  • Minimum order total OR use with a coupon.

Local Pickup

This option can offer more choices for customers. By picking up their products themselves in the stores, they do not have to pay for having them delivered.


Besides the 3 default WooCommerce shipping options above, users can add other shipping options by themselves based on their demands. For further detailed, you can take a look at the ultimate guide on WooCommerce shipping to learn how to add these shipping methods to your WooCommerce store.

In case you want to set different shipping methods for different products, you should follow our step-by-step process below.

3 Steps to Charge WooCommerce Shipping Per Product?

Setting the WooCommerce shipping cost per product will bring convenience for both customers and users. It will help customers know immediately how much the delivery fee is and apply the fee immediately to the order. If you’re looking for a way to charge WooCommerce shipping per product, implement the three following steps:

Step 1: Add shipping classes

This feature of WooCommerce helps users to create a group of shipping types and use it separately for some special products. For example, delivering some products is quite expensive (for example, by plane). For these cases, instead of using default WooCommerce shipping options, users can set up other shipping classes depending on their demands.

First, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Shipping Classes to create a shipping class. Then, press the Add Shipping Class button to start creating and naming the class and save it.

Step 2: Add shipping zone and shipping method

WooCommerce supports setting shipping methods based on shipping area and if users want to set up a shipping fee, they have to set up the Shipping Zone first.

  • To set up a shipping zone, go to WooCommerce > Shipping and select Shipping Zones.
  • Then, click the Add shipping zone button 
  • Enter the areas that need to be added and then save changes.
  • To add a shipping method, tap the shipping area. A dialogue box will be shown with a list of 3 default shipping methods to choose from.

Flat Rate: set a fixed delivery fee

Free shipping: allow free shipping

Local Pickup: Customers pick up their goods at the store.


Users can add multiple shipping methods to a shipping zone. Besides three default shipping methods, users also add a delivery method for that area by clicking in the Add shipping method button again.


Step 3: Set shipping class per product

After having the shipping classes in step 1, users can set shipping class per item with two options: adding shipping classes per single item or in bulk.

Option 1: Adding shipping class per single item.

  • First, on the product list, choose the product that you want to add shipping method.

  • Then go to the Product data > Shipping tab. Next, choose a shipping class then Save the changes.

Option 2: Editing shipping classes in bulk.

In the first step, click on the product that you want to assign. Next, click on an Edit option. Then, apply the operation.


After that, this box will appear. Users can choose the shipping class that they want. Then, save the changes.

For the final thoughts,

Hope that this article helped you to set up how to charge WooCommerce shipping per product including how to create a shipping zone; add shipping method for each region; settings for each of those shipping methods. You also learn how to create shipping classes for specific product groups.

Charging WooCommerce shipping per item is quite complicated so the more you practice, the better you understand to set up your eCommerce websites with the most appropriate delivery costs.

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