How to connect Printful to WooCommerce

connect Printful with WooCommerce

Printful is among the top online platforms if you want to integrate your outstanding ideas into your own products.

This is a print-on-demand dropshipping service that helps you to create and sell custom items.  It is currently among the most popular print-on-demand websites.

Moreover, Printful connects to WooCommerce without a hitch, and you will be amazed by this great integration for setting up your WooCommerce print on demand store.

Thanks to Printful, online sellers now only need to focus on developing their WooCommerce store and get more and more profit.

Having known the importance of integration between Printful and WooCommerce, in today’s article, we will offer you an ultimate guide on how to connect Printful to WooCommerce.

Benefits of Printful WooCommerce Integration

Having said that, Printful provides an online platform where you can create your products like apparel, and accessories. You may even customize your own designs on this platform.

Additionally, it’s now simple to connect Printful to WooCommerce.

As an excellent collaboration for dropshipping businesses, Printful WooCommerce integration offers a variety of features as follows:

  • Automatically import customer orders from your online store into the Printful system and sent them to fulfillment.
  • Eliminate the necessity for inventory and request payment only once an order is placed
  • Print or embroider everything and ship them under your brand name.
  • Warehousing, pack, and deliver your items with their extra services.

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How does WooCommerce Printful work?

Thanks to Printful’s integration, customers can order products from your online store and have them transported to Printful. Once your store is connected, you can generate your products using their online mockup creator. Numerous goods are offered, including accessories, household items, and outfits for adults, girls, and boys.

The number of items you can offer in your store is not limited. Everything you need to do is start selling your goods and promoting your shop. Once an order is placed,  Printful will print, wrap, and ship your items to your customers.

When integrating with WooCommerce, Printful receives the order directly from a customer who makes a purchase through your WooCommerce store. Then, the service will complete the remaining tasks once it has checked and confirmed the products’ availability.

Generating products and signing up are both free. However, you have to pay for the product and the fulfillment service when you sell something. By determining the pricing you would like to cost for your items, you can figure out how much profit you want to generate.

How to connect Printful to WooCommerce

Before getting to connect Printful with WooCommerce, you should learn how to set up a WooCommerce store. Basically, you will need to buy a good domain name and select the fastest WooCommerce theme and essential plugins for this process.

Installing the WordPress print-on-demand plugin is a must for integrating Printful with your online store. With the customization features the plugin offers, you can effortlessly add multiple products and connect Printful to WooCommerce. From the plugin dashboard, you can also control and follow your orders.

Therefore, make sure you install the Printful WooCommerce plugin before connecting WooCommerce with Printful.

Let’s discuss the simple guide on how to connect Printful to WooCommerce:

Step 1: Sign up on the Printful website

  1. Go to Printful website and select the “Let’s go” button
connect Printful to WooCommerce
  1. Now you can start to register with Printful. You can register with four methods, including Google, Facebook, Apple, or your email.
how to connect Printful to WooCommerce

Following that, a confirmation email will be sent to the account you used to register for the service. To complete the registration, click Confirm Email Address.

Step 2: Install the Printful plugin for WooCommerce

  1. To complete the second step, you must log into your WordPress dashboard. Next, choose WooCommerce > Plugins > Add New (see the image below) to find and add a new print-on-demand WooCommerce plugin.
  1. You can search for the Printful plugin using the search box. After that, enable the Printful integration for WooCommerce by clicking Install Now.
Printful WooCommerce integration
  1. Activate the plugin
Printful WooCommerce plugin

Step 3: Connect Printful to WooCommerce

  1. Go to Printful from the WordPress Dashboard and click Connect.
Printful WooCommerce integration
  1. Next, a new site will be opened. Select the Approve button.
WordPress print on demand plugin
  1. Then, log into the Printful account you created in the previous step.
Printful account
  1. To verify Printful WooCommerce integration, click on Connect store to (your email address).
connect Printful and WooCommerce

After all, WooCommerce will instantly integrate with your API. You can now use the Printful dashboard to see all of the features.

Step 4: Activate shipping on Printful and WooCommerce

On the dashboard, your Printful WooCommerce products will soon start to show up. From here, you can control anything, covering orders, reports, as well as billing. In addition, you can also see if there are any problems via the status tab. 

Printful WooCommerce shipping

Moreover, an important thing you should also note is that the WooCommerce Printful shipment options must be set up.

You must enable Printful shipping in the WooCommerce shipping settings once you’ve finished selecting your delivery options. To do so, simply connect the URL from the Printful settings page (see the image below). Next, on the WooCommerce page, check the Printful shipping box.

Printful shipping

That’s it for now! You don’t need to do anything more to integrate WooCommerce with Printful.

Some errors that might occur when you connect Printful with WooCommerce

WooCommerce sync fails in a 404 error

To resolve this problem, please navigate to WordPress Settings => Permalinks => In “Common Settings” select any linking structure but for “Plain”. For instance, select “Post name”, yet you could also select “Month and name”, “Day and name,” etc.

To confirm, press the “Save Changes” button. You can then attempt reconnecting your WooCommerce store after that.

Consumer Key is false

This indicates that you entered your Consumer Key inaccurately. In this situation, you must thus verify that the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret in your Printful shop settings and the Identity in your WooCommerce settings under WooCommerce => Settings => API => Keys/ Apps.

Nonexistent Signature

The given signature does not verify, which is essentially the cause of this issue. In order to troubleshoot, you must first verify that the Consumer Secret was input correctly; if that is the case, you must email [email protected].

Request for HTTP Error 414 – URI Too Long

The reason for this problem is that your WooCommerce API uses unusually long URLs and your server configuration does not accept them. Thus, in order to fix this issue, get in touch with your system administrator and ask them to boost the maximum URL length.

Additionally, it’s possible that one or more additional WordPress plugins you install are to blame for this problem. For instance, if the “Filter Long URL Strings” option is activated, the “iThemes Security” plugin could be to blame.

The REST API is not enabled or the URL is not a certified WooCommerce URL

In essence, this results in the return of your page owing to an invalid API. Therefore, you must check the URL to resolve this problem. The URL you type shouldn’t contain the characters /wc-api/v1/ or /shop/. It should only contain the homepage’s URL, which is where WordPress is set up.

FAQs about Printful WooCommerce integration

Can you sell directly from Printful?

You can not sell directly from Printful since they do not have online storefronts. Printful must be integrated with a selling platform like Shopify, Etsy, Woocommerce, and so on

Is selling on Printful free?

Getting started with Printful is cost-free: No minimums, monthly fees, or setup costs. You will be charged for manufacturing and delivery once you fulfill an order.

Is Printful shipping free?

Yes, you can launch a product with free delivery on your storefront by selecting the free shipping option in the pricing phase during the product push.

How many stores can you have on Printful?

More than 20 e-commerce platforms and marketplaces are compatible with Printful. As a result, you can choose from a variety of storefronts to discover the one that best matches your demands.

Does Printful pricing include shipping?

No, taxes and shipping are not included. Printful’s selling costs include both the item and printing.

How fast does Printful ship?

It ranges from 2–5 business days. 97.66% of Printful orders are shipped within 5 business days, and 50% of Printful orders are shipped within 3 business days or fewer.

In conclusion

By now, you’ve surely got to know how to connect Printful to WooCommerce. The process is a breeze, right?

Besides, the benefits that this integration will help you level up your business. WooCommerce offers a robust e-commerce platform, and Printful handles all inventory and shipping-related aspects. By the way, when it comes to WooCommerce integrations, we’d like to provide you with some interesting information on Zapier WooCommerce integrations.

We truly hope you enjoy reading this article and gain some useful knowledge from it.

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