10+ Zapier WooCommerce Integrations that Automate Your Work


You have just set up your WooCommerce store and are ready to serve your customers. However, one thing starts to bother you. 

Too much of your time is spent on tedious and repetitive tasks. And you want to spend your precious time elsewhere, such as growing and marketing your business.

Of course, you can hire an assistant to do those boring tasks for you. But there is an easier option: use Zapier WooCommerce integrations.

What is Zapier?


Zapier is an automation framework developed for creating workflows between different applications. These workflows (aka Zaps) are based on the trigger/action principle:

  1. A trigger is an event that happens in an app. For example, you receive an email in your Gmail inbox.
  2. An action is a result that occurs after the trigger executes. For example, you will get a message in Slack when you receive an email in your Gmail inbox.

You can even add multiple actions to one trigger. For example, a new message in Slack will create a new task in Todoist, which makes a note in EverNote. However, you cannot have multiple triggers for one action.

Zapier has two types of triggers: instant and polling.

  • In the polling version, Zapier regularly checks for new data from the trigger app. The polling time is 15 minutes with the Free plan. While with the Group and Company plan, it is one minute.
  • In the instant version, the trigger app sends an instant message to Zapier whenever new data is available.

Is Zapier WooCommerce Integrations Free?

Zapier has a free plan that supports five Zaps and a polling time of 15 minutes. 


However, to integrate WooCommerce with Zapier, you need to use a premium plugin called WooCommerce Zapier. It costs $59 per year. 

So, to conclude, Zapier WooCommerce integrations are not free. Fortunately, this plugin works with any Zapier plans, including the free one.


The Benefits of Connecting WooCommerce to Zapier

The most significant advantage of connecting Zapier to WooCommerce is the overall automation that saves time and effort. You can save lots of them when you do not have to perform every single task in your entire workflow.

This is especially evident with some chores needed to maintain your WooCommerce store, such as manually updating your product inventory. This can become too tedious or even impossible to keep up with. 

Thankfully, you can utilize zaps to streamline this process and make it easier. Some other examples of how you can use WooCommerce with Zapier are:

  • Configure your Facebook Page to create a new post when you add a new product page to your WooCommerce store.
  • Use Gmail to email your customers to confirm their new orders.
  • Automatically add order information to Google Sheets when a new one is placed.
  • Add your new customers to an email marketing list on MailChimp.
  • Invite your customers to leave a review about your company on websites like Trustpilot.

We will introduce even more specific Zapier WooCommerce integrations you can use right away in just a moment. But first, let’s talk about how to set up Zapier and connect Zapier to WooCommerce store in the first place.

How to Connect Zapier to WooCommerce?

Before you can use any Zapier WooCommerce integrations in this article, you need to connect them first. To accomplish it, you have to fulfill these requirements.

  • Sign up for a Zapier account.
  • Buy the premium WooCommerce Zapier plugin and activate it on your online store. 

Create a Zapier Account

Your first business is to create a Zapier account. Just go to its sign-up page. After that, enter your work email address and first and last name. Then set a password. Alternatively, you can sign up with your Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account. 

After that, you can choose which apps you use most often to get customized zaps. recommendations. In this case, we enter ‘WooCommerce‘ into the ‘Connect this app…‘ field. And the web page will be presented as follows:

Install the WooCommerce Zapier plugin

To install the WooCommerce Zapier plugin, simply complete your purchase. Then download its .zip file and upload it to your website by going to the Plugins > Add New page from the WordPress dashboard and clicking the Upload Plugin button.

Next, go back to Zapier’s website to establish a connection between WooCommerce and Zapier. Just follow the instructions to connect WooCommerce to Zapier. As an alternative, you may also use this extension to export WooCommerce orders to Excel.

10+ Zapier WooCommerce Integrations that Reduce Your Workload

For the rest of this article, we will focus on introducing some useful Zapier integration templates for WooCommerce.

Choose the one you find most useful in your scenario. And if you do not find one, you can always create your own custom automation.

WooCommerce Orders to Google Sheet Rows


If you are manually tracking your WooCommerce orders in Google Sheets, you will know how time-consuming and error-prone it can be. 

Fortunately, Zapier has this WooCommerce to Google Sheet integration template to handle this task for you effortlessly. 

Every time a new order comes in, it will be automatically updated to Google Sheet.

Add New WooCommerce Orders to Rows in Excel


Do you keep a manual record of your WooCommerce orders in Excel? You probably already know this, but let me repeat: it is time-consuming and error-prone.

With this WooCommerce to Excel integration template, you can automate this process and say goodbye to tedious and repetitive work.

Send Emails via Gmail for New WooCommerce Orders


Buying anything from an online store requires a lot of communication between the sellers and the buyers.

An example is sending an order confirmation to a customer. But instead of manually submitting these confirmations, you can automate the process with this WooCommerce to Gmail integration template.

Add New WooCommerce Customers to a Mailchimp Subscriber List


As a business owner, you want to build a long-term relationship with anyone who buys something from your online store. Fortunately, Zapier has this WooCommerce to Mailchimp automation template that does exactly that.

When a person purchases something from your WooCommerce store, they will be added to Mailchimp as an email subscriber.

Once the customer is on your email list, you can take them through an automated email sequence or do some forms of after-sales.

Add Leads to Salesforce from New WooCommerce Orders


For those who do not know, Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

This type of system has many usages. For example, you can track customer contact information and manage customer interactions.

With this WooCommerce to Salesforce integration template provided by Zapier, you can automatically add new customers in your WooCommerce store to Salesforce as leads.

Send New WooCommerce Orders to a Slack Channel 


Slack is an instant messaging app for both organizations and individuals. It offloads your emails because you can replace shorter emails with Slack messages.

With this WooCommerce to Slack integration template, you can make these two different systems communicate with each other. As soon as there is a new WooCommerce order, you will receive a notification about it in Slack.

You can also create a team channel in Slack. Therefore, your whole team can get notified when a new order arrives.

Create Trello Cards from New WooCommerce Orders


Trello is a task/project management system that runs on browsers. It contains boards (projects), which can contain lists (project lists). And finally, you can have tags (individual project tasks) in a list.

With this WooCommerce to Trello integration template, you can make these two systems communicate with each other. As soon as a new order arrives in your WooCommerce store, a new card will be generated in Trello.

This type of automation helps provide exceptional customer service and quick fulfillment, especially if you track orders in Trello.

Post New WooCommerce Products to a Facebook Page


Zapier supports connecting WooCommerce to many social media platforms. And Facebook is one of them.

With this template, as soon as you add a new product to your WooCommerce store, that product will also be added to your store’s Facebook page.

Social media marketing can be labor-intensive. But this WooCommerce automation will ease some workloads.

Pin New WooCommerce Products to a Pinterest Board


Pinterest is a popular social media platform with hundreds of millions of monthly active users. Its core idea is to save and share photos on its platform.

You create a “bookmark” when saving a photo on Pinterest. These bookmarks are also known as “Pins.” You can save Pins under various boards (aka categories).

This WooCommerce to Pinterest integration template will automatically create a Pin immediately after you add a new product to your WooCommerce store.

With this automation, you can speed up your social media marketing strategy on one of the largest social media platforms.

Create New Google Contracts from New WooCommerce Orders


This simple Zapier template connects WooCommerce to Google Contacts. As soon as an order arrives in your WooCommerce store, a piece of new contact information will be added to Google Contacts.

With this automation, you can stop manually tracking your customer contact information. Just let Zapier take care of it.

Create Trustpilot Invitations from New WooCommerce Orders


Customer feedback is essential to improve your products/services. One way to see what others think of a company is to use TrustPilot. This is a customer review site about businesses around the world.

The concept behind this WooCommerce to Trustpilot integration template is simple. As soon as someone places an order in your WooCommerce store, they will receive an invitation to give your company feedback on Trustpilot.

Getting public feedback can be intimidating. But oftentimes, it is a great way to market your company, especially if the customers give you good reviews.

Send an SMS to your customers when their WooCommerce order changes status.


SMS messaging is not a newcomer to the instant messaging scene. Nonetheless, it’s a quick way to get time-sensitive information to your phone.

By integrating your WooCommerce store with Burst SMS, you can notify your customers by SMS when the order status in your WooCommerce store changes. Your customers can receive order details as long as their phone has a signal.

Make Acuity Scheduling discount codes for new WooCommerce orders.


Giving your customers a discount code for your next product consultation is a great way to improve their shopping experience and impress them. In this section, you can mix WooCommerce, Acuity Scheduling, and Gmail to create scheduling discount codes for the new orders in your store. 

This automation is another example of combining multiple applications to make your work more efficient.

When an order is placed in WooCommerce, Zap generates a promo code that your consumers may use in the Acuity Scheduling application.

Add new paying WooCommerce customers to your Bonjoro task lists.


Besides creating a beautiful WooCommerce Thank you page, you can add the paying customers who purchased a product in your WooCommerce store to to-do lists.

When you integrate WooCommerce and Bonjoro, you can deepen your client relationship by sending personalized video messages thanking them for their purchases.

When a consumer places an order through your WooCommerce store, the recipe adds an item to Bonjoro’s task list. The video welcome can then be recorded, utilizing the Bonjoro platform.

Add new WooCommerce orders to GoToWebinar as registrants


Another Zapier WooCommerce integration you can use to streamline your work is using the GoTo Webinar to add new orders as registrants. 

With this recipe, you can train the customer on how to utilize the new product, which is an excellent method to build a good relationship between the shop owners and their customers.

Every time a new WooCommerce order is placed, the customer is added to the GoToWebinar registrant’s list.

Instead of manually moving registrant information between systems, you can spend more time planning effective training.

Final Words

This article has shown you the top 10+ Zapier WooCommerce integrations. But there are many more than that, for example, Zoom, Zoho CRM, Xero, Zendesk, Syslog Viewer, and SMTP.

You are not limited to only triggering automation based on WooCommerce orders, as in these examples. In addition, there are many other applications that you can connect with.

We encourage you to explore Zapier to see what it is capable of. It is a truly powerful platform that can automate a lot of your workflows.

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