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4 votes

Ajax Product search as a widget

We should be able to put a search form anywhere, sidebards, singles page, and not just the lens on the top bar. If now we can only put standard WordPress search field or look for another plugin like fibosearch.

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6 votes

My account and wishlist sidebar like cart sidebar

This feature request is more important for customer user experience. When customer click on wishlist button , page is loading but this type of feature easy to see wishlist items

6 votes

WCAG 2.0 ready

Being one of the best woocommerce themes, it’s a must to have WCAG 2.0 accessibility for your theme.

2 votes

Basic Page Builder In Customizer

What would be great is very basic page builder functionality within the customizer for the home page (and maybe even an about and contact page). Basically where users could turn on/off basic elements like a hero section, categories slider, new products slider, features products slider, contact form, etc as well as edit basic style options…

12 votes

Hide header on scroll

Hide header on scroll on scrolling down, show header on scrolling up

13 votes

WooCommerce Product Gallery Style

Hey There, Please Add this type of Product Gallery https://woocore.oxyninja.com/product/nike-blazer-mid-77/