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7 votes

And/Or Options for Product Filters

Allow a user to filter by multiple choices with and, for instance a customer could show all products with size newborn and size 0-3 months

6 votes

Hide coupon form from checkout page

It would be great to have an option on the customizer to hide the coupon from from the checkout page when we have this option enable, I would like to use the coupons via URL but not showing we are using coupons. I know can be hide but css but I think is not the…

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1 vote

Change label texto on woocommerce buttons

Possibility to change Woocommerce button labels (single, variable, grouped and external), either from the single page or from the store/archives page. And in addition, the dynamic option to change the button for variable products (e.g. from [min-price]) and out-of-stock products (e.g. “Read More” to “Out of stock”). Hopefully in a free version.

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5 votes

Make Countdown Timer adjustable

Make Countdown Timer adjustable to “order within x to get shipped today”. Eg. If customer orders before 14.00 Then product will be shipped today. Counter should be aware of the shipping timeframe based on manual input

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3 votes

Related products - exclude sold out items

Right now, related products display items regardless of their stock status. It would be great if we had the ability to display only items currently in stock, or that items in stock would appear before items that are sold out.

2 votes

Apply Size Charts by Attribute

We are a retailer that carries a number of different brands, each with different size charts based on the style of clothing which we use attributes for

1 vote

Customise product page design

Hi i would like to check if your wootify allow to customise such design? https://imgur.com/a/jUxTQir If it’s not allow, would you able to provide such customise solution? Thanks

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