Offermative – Best WooCommerce Plugin for Discounts and Upsells?


Remember the story of two woodcutters? Bob spent a whole day cutting trees while Rob just spent a few minutes sharpening his ax. And then, he could cut the same amount of trees as Bob within minutes. Very smart!

You need to work smartly like Rob to get money on autopilot by running targeted offers.

But most of us spend hours and hours creating the perfect offer. Yet they turn out highly disappointing. What products to promote, which offer will work, writing offer messages, designing, coding…it’s too much of a mess.

Now, what if you could get freedom from these tasks and get high-converting offers within minutes? Offermative is what you need. 

Get your much-deserved money using Offermative

As I said, it takes a lot to run good offers. From product selection to targeting, from designing offers to copywriting to coupon creation…all these to create a single offer.

  1. Which products I need to promote and on which pages?
  2. Should I run a sitewide discount or product-specific discount?
  3. What rules / conditions will apply to the offer?
  4. What will the coupon code be?
  5. What should be the offer design – colors, font, images?
  6. What copy will convert more audience?
  7. Should the offer be shown as a popup, inline or header bar?
  8. What about offer tracking, editing and testing?

It takes around fifteen to twenty complex steps to create a single offer.

Even if you create the offer, you are still way back in conversions.

Look, irrelevant, frequent, and annoying offers can decrease checkouts. So to avoid it, you hire professionals for designing and marketing your offers but that will burn holes in your pocket. 

Or you switch to some popular WooCommerce upsell plugins. But they are also expensive and miss out on the bells and whistles.

However, with Offermative, all that changes in one switch.

Offermative is an AI-based WooCommerce plugin that automatically generates high converting offers within minutes you can go live with. Offers that are personalized to boost your conversion rate.

Offermative is like an amazing designer, effective copywriter, smart marketer, detail-oriented web developer, big data analytics expert, and strategic mentor – all rolled into one.

For the unaware, Offermative is developed by StoreApps, the official WooCommerce extensions developer.

With that said, let’s see how you can set up offers for hundreds and thousands of products with Offermative quickly and boost your sales, without spending a penny.

Setting up converting offers within minutes

Offermative requires a few inputs from your end to set up personalized offers. And then, all is taken care of. 

Installation and activation

The installation process is simple like any other WordPress plugin. Once installed and activated, you’ll be taken to the Marketing > Offermative. A login screen will open up as a slide-in panel from the right. 

Here, enter your email and password to log in. On successful login, the ‘Settings’ screen will show up. Fill in some details – like the maximum discount you want to give, products or categories to never discount, a few words about your target audience, and USP’s of your products.


Next, select the language to show your offers. The plugin has an in-built, AI-based copy generator that can create messages in languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Hebrew, etc. 

Save your inputs.

Generate offer campaigns


Now, anytime you click on the “Generate Offer Campaigns” button, the plugin will automatically generate a set of unique offer campaigns for your store.

Choose the ‘Let Offermative decide’ option to allow Offermative to create a bunch of offers. You can also select multiple offers to be created from the list. Sitewide discount, order bump, upsell, cross-sell, cart bump, and others. We recommend you choose the ‘Let Offermative decide’ option.

Each campaign is ready to go live. Offermative picks up what product/category to promote, whether to give a discount on it, the display targeting rules, their designs, copywriting, and more.

You will see a preview of each offer campaign. You can edit the copy text, targeting rules, and other details. 

Let’s see each of these in more detail.

Offer designs


What grabs your prospect’s attention is the design and the copy. The combination of these two makes a perfect campaign. Do it right and you have converted your prospect.

With Offermative, you have the option to select from numerous attractive and converting designs. 

Offermative provides widely used option message types to show the offers. You have lightbox popups, messengers or slide-ins, header/footer bars, notification boxes to show offers. 

Some prefer slide-ins, some prefer popups. It depends on you which one you want to show to your visitors.

Currently, there is no way to change colors and other styling settings. But there are plans to add it in the future based on customer feedback. However, the current colors and styling options selected are simple, yet eye-pleasing to your audience and doesn’t distract them.

Upsells, cross-sells, order bumps, bogo…

For upselling and cross-selling, WooCommerce leaves us with limited options and no scope of personalization. 


But with Offermative, you have the flexibility to run multiple upsell and cross-sell offers on different products and on different pages.

WooCommerce stores that sell hundreds and thousands of products, Offermative is a valuable addition. You can run offers on all your products and boost sales. Each product is capable of giving you sales. Just imagine how much revenue you can earn if all offers on all products convert well! 

Offer types like order bump, cart bump, BOGO, frequently bought together are also readily available with this plugin.

Recommendation – Use order bump on the checkout page and frequently bought together on the product pages for better conversions.


Therefore, running targeted offers in the sales funnel becomes easier with Offermative. 



Even if you pass the design stage, your copy can put off your prospects. Also, a misaligned CTA can hamper conversions. 

Offermative creates headlines, offers text, CTA that resonate with your target audience’s pain points and nudges them with feasible solutions. Writing copies is no longer a big deal. 

You can also tweak the copy as per your requirements. Headings, sub-headings, CTA text, description, you can edit them based on your target audience.

Powerful targeting rules


Apart from the design and copy, the crucial factor that determines your offer success is the targeting rules or personalization. Better the rules, better the conversions.

Offermative reviews your entire product catalog to select the products and pages that you can promote your offer on. 

Suppose, you intend to push a low-selling product. Offermative can run automated intelligent recommendations to fulfill this goal. 

Offermative provides you hundreds of targeting rules to show your offer. Cart total, order total, product-based, category-based, user log-in status, device-based…a lot to select from. You can modify discounts, targeted products, and pages. 

You can also use multiple rules in a single offer. Offermative also provides you the option to edit rules to show offers. 

Do the same for each campaign. If you like a campaign, tick the ‘Approve’ box. If you don’t like a campaign, don’t approve it and review the next. 

Use the arrows to navigate through various offer campaigns, select the ones you like, and make them live. Click on ‘Publish campaigns’ once you’re done.

Offer scheduling 

All approved campaigns or offers will be live All approved campaigns or offers will be live on your site based on the date and time you select.

Based on the campaign tracking results, you can choose whether to extend or stop the campaigns using the dedicated dashboard.

Dashboard to track and improve 


Manage all your offer campaigns from this dashboard. You can pause, resume or extend all your campaigns from here.

Marketing is all about experimenting and learning. Run the same offer on different products or different offers on different products to find out which offer works best for which product. You can also try an offer with and without a discount. 

Additionally, you can track impressions, conversion rate, sales from each offer. This helps to build a better strategy for your next campaign. 

Offermative pricing

Hiring professionals for designing, marketing, and coding offers will burn more than $1000 which is dangerously expensive. It shakes all your budget.

However, with Offermative, you can stay relaxed as all is taken care of. The best part, you can recover the cost in just one or two sales from the offers you run. Some may touch the 5x, 10x, 100x revenue from offers in no time.

So, if you think this way, you aren’t paying anything for Offermative considering the returns you will get. Offermative plans start from $99, with all features and unlimited offers in all the plans.

Running offers has never been easier

Yes, every WooCommerce store, big or small, any industry, any type of business can use Offermative. For those who want to move inventory faster, convert cold leads and existing customers, and get sales on a roll without efforts and costs, Offermative is for you. 

Even if you don’t want to offer discounts, you can use Offermative.

I’m sure, Offermative will create outstanding value for you. 

As a reminder, you’ll also get full support whenever you need any help. StoreApps is renowned for its support. 

Buy with confidence and start getting sales right away! You’re in good hands.

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