Introducing Woostify 2.0 – Faster and more WooCommerce features

After a long time of developing, testing, and tweaking, I am so excited to introduce you to the latest release of Woostify. Woostify 2.0 is here, and coming with it are dozens of big updates and improvements.

Woostify 2.0 focuses on enhancing theme performance and gives birth to several remarkable features, aimed at making WooCommerce sites run as smoothly as possible. Particularly, with this update, the Woostify WordPress theme made changes to the theme font, add a dynamic CSS Print method, and load Google font locally. At the same time, some outstanding features are added, including global color and typography, mini cart optimization, new checkout layout, catalog mode, quantity mode, product tab design, accordion layout, and carousel support.

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Performance Improvements

SVG fonts

Woostify 2.0 gives users an option to use SVG fonts instead of Themify icon fonts, which were often used for the Woostify WordPress theme before that. Using SVG fonts will help gain two benefits:

Firstly, it will make the site load faster. In particular, it saves time on loading CSS and font files, thus reducing the number of requests.

Save 371 seconds and 32.5KB without using old theme font.

Secondly, SVG offers a much greater degree of flexibility when providing users with a variety of SVG icon sets. Then, there will be different choices for you. Now, you can change the font icon easily by using a custom PHP hook.

Dynamic CSS Print method

By default, the custom CSS from theme Customizer or pro addons comes as the inline CSS. Then, with this update, you can generate your custom CSS to an external file. This is useful for reducing page load time and improving site performance.

To generate a CSS file, you visit Appearance > Customize > Performance. Then, click on Regenerate CSS File. Finally, hit on Publish to complete the task.

Google fonts locally

Google Fonts is home to around 1000 fonts, almost all of which can be added to any website to use for free. Like any other WooCommerce theme, the Woostify WordPress theme supports a wide range of fonts from Google.

When you use some tools like GTmetrix or Pingdom to test your website performance, Google font errors sometimes may exist. This issue may occur when it takes a little time to send a request to Google servers to load Google fonts. Just a few milliseconds but it will affect the Core Web Vitals score. To solve this problem, Woostify 2.0 offers a new feature that supports loading Google fonts locally. In other words, it will help host Google fonts locally on your own server, contributing to optimizing page load time.

New Woostify theme features

Global Color and Global Typography

For users to optimize the process of designing the website, Woostify 2.0 introduces the Global color feature.

As usual, a website will have multiple pages and different elements. Then, you will get exhausted to set the colors one by one. Knowing this issue, the Woostify WordPress theme released Global Color can help save time by adding the same color for different pages. With just one click to adjust your global color, all the parts using that color will change too. In addition to the time-saving factor, it makes you feel secure about the unification of colors across the whole website.

What happens if you build a page with Elementor? Don’t worry, Woostify integrates the Global theme color with the Global Elementor color, so you can choose to use the theme color easily inside the Elementor page builder.

Mini cart optimization

Our team also spends time optimizing WooCommerce mini cart so that it can improve the ajax loading speed by 2x.

With the mini cart update, you will have more customization options. In particular, Woostify 2.0 allows you to change the color of the mini cart. Besides, you can add any new custom sections. So you can add messages, images, or any content to the mini cart as you want. We also redesign the empty mini cart.

Shipping Threshold

What’s more, this version gives you an option to set your free shipping threshold. It means when customers have reached a threshold, they will get free shipping. In this way, this feature is so helpful for encouraging your customers to add more items to their cart to meet the required threshold.

New checkout layout

Another surprising point in this latest version is the production of a new checkout layout. Our team obviously knows the importance of the WooCommerce checkout page for improving conversion rates. Then, we make a great effort to create a checkout layout that is much better optimized and more eye-catching than the previous one.

Product tab design

Another big update in version 2.0 is that single product pages will be designed following the accordion style. This style makes the product page tidy and creates a clear separation between different sections. Besides, the new accordion layout will be set as default on mobile.

More than that, when you come to product tab customization, you can rearrange the position of the tabs, add new custom tabs, and delete any tabs you want.

Catalog mode

Some users will want to display your products in catalog mode without using codes or a plugin. It is mainly because you don’t want to sell their products online. Therefore, they won’t need to display a shopping cart on their sites. Instead, they will turn their WooCommerce sites into catalogs to get more potential customers.

Now the catalog mode is now available in Woostify WordPress theme v.2.0 to meet users’ needs. Once enabling catalog mode in Customizer, you also will hide all the Add to cart buttons.

Quantity mode

This is a great feature that allows showing the quantity field on your WooCommerce shop page. After you enable this mode, your customers can make changes to the number of items they want to add to the cart. Specifically, click on the “+” icon to add more, and click on the “-” icon to reduce the quantity of the product.

WooCommerce single product pages often include cross-sell and up-sell items. There will be multiple ways to show them. A product carousel that lets your customers see related products on a nice slider is one of the best methods to do that.

With carousel support, Woostify 2.0 expects to bring your customers new experiences while going around your WooCommerce stores, which will engage customers to take more action on your site.

For a final word,

Woostify 2.0 is all about providing you with powerful tools for enhancing WooCommerce websites. Our team gives these updates in hope that they will help improve customers’ experiences on your sites and increase your sales in the coming time.

We can’t wait for you to enjoy these new improvements to Woostify 2.0. We expect that they will make you satisfied. There’s more, don’t forget to stay tuned for more updates.

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Niels Udink
Niels Udink
2 years ago

Love the new features 😀

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