How to Create Recent Sales Notification Popup WordPress In A Few Minutes

recent sales notification popup WordPress

Are you looking for an effective way to make your online business more trustworthy? Then, what do you think about creating a recent sales notification popup WordPress?

A recent survey has shown that 70% of people trust a recommendation from someone they don’t even know. The presence of a sales popup will be a useful tool for creating FOMO (fear of missing out) feelings. Then, anyone who visits your store will sense the busy atmosphere in the store.

So now keep reading to understand more about how the sales popup works. What’s more, we’ll reveal how to create and use recent sales notification popup to boost conversions. Let’s explore now!

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What is a recent sales notification popup in WordPress?

Using popups is not strange to online stores. Store owners can use them in different forms such as product recommendations, cart abandonment, and sales promotion. In this article, we will mainly discuss the functions and roles of recent sales popups.

If product recommendations aim at getting an additional sale from those who have completed a sale, recent sales notifications are used to build customer trust. This popup shows other buyers’ activities while visitors go around your website to see your products. If used correctly, it will help boost your revenue significantly.

After reading this section, you may also imagine how the sales notification is helpful for your store.

Why create a recent sales notification popup WordPress? How does displaying recent sales on the popup affect visitors’ psychology? From there, how does it improve your conversions? Continue reading to know which benefits this feature offers your business.


Why create a recent sales notification popup in WordPress?

How does displaying recent sales on the popup affect visitors’ psychology? From there, how does it improve your conversions? Continue reading to know which benefits this feature offers your business.

Build customer trust

Creating social proof is a popular method used to gain the trust of potential customers.

Apart from showing customer reviews on the landing page or homepage, you can use recent sales notification popups. This method is quite beneficial because it helps your store build up a busy and intuitive image in customers’ minds.

88% of consumers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations. When you use sales popups, visitors will see others buying the item on your site. Each purchase here is equivalent to one vote from buyers. Therefore, recent sales notifications may affect visitors’ trust and they might be more likely to buy your product.

Create a sense of urgency

Adding a recent sales notification popup WordPress is an incredible method to boost FOMO. Once someone is interested in a product, you will need to use a tactic to push them. When you let them see many people buying that item, you gradually instill a fear of missing out into them. As a result, it’s likely that the decision to purchase will be taken faster than normal.

Help customers make a decision

Each store will set the popup in different ways. But the content of the sales notification often has this structure:

Number/Name of customer(s) + their action + item purchased

As you can see, through the notification popup, visitors will know which items are receiving attention from other users. While shopping, many visitors may wonder whether they should buy this (A) or that (B) item. When facing this situation, some of them will be hesitant to buy your product. But at that time, if a popup displays and says that someone has bought A, they are likely to stop hesitation and do the same as that customer.

Serve promotion campaigns

The recent sales notification popup is also useful for promoting your products. The item displayed in the popup can be a bestseller item, a newly released product, or the number of subscribers. Depending on the purposes of each campaign, you will decide on the type of recent sales notification. You can combine this popup with other tips to bring effectiveness to your marketing campaigns.

Increase conversions

Of course, the ultimate goal of any sales technique is to increase conversions and sales. A case study from Reevoo indicated that types of social proof can help online stores increase their sales by 18%. That’s a great result, right?

First, recent sales popups will draw visitors’ attention and affect their thoughts. After that, it’s likely that they will go to visit the product page displayed in the popup and make a purchase.

Now you will want to know how many ways to show sales notifications. To explore it, please go to the next part.


Types of recent sales notifications

Depending on specific purposes, you’ll choose different ways to set this feature. As usual, applying one of the three methods below will make the recent sales notification popup work effectively.


You can choose to show your product as a bestseller or popular item. Show that the item is purchased by so many people with the message “20 people have recently bought sterling silver bead.” Or you can set the notification to continuously show the specific names of the customers who have completed transactions. When someone finds a great number of people purchasing the product, he/she will put more trust in it and think that it is worth buying.

Limited stock

It is an interesting idea to let visitors see that there are only a few items left in your store. Those who really show interest in the product but still wonder if they should buy this item may decide faster after seeing this message. This is considered a FOMO marketing tip that can work effectively for any product and store.

Discounted items

Together with the countdown urgency, you can use recent sales notifications as a helpful tool for discount campaigns. Besides the message showing people purchasing the items, you can add a message about the deadline for the promotion campaign. This kind of message will increase a sense of urgency and push customers to quickly complete the purchase before the sale ends.

New product launch

Once a new product or service has been released, it is necessary to run some campaigns to make it approach more people. Apart from email marketing, social media, and content marketing, recent sales notification popups can be used as a powerful launch marketing tip in this case.

***Note: You can use one of the recent sales notifications mentioned above or combine all of them to achieve your business goal. Making a deep customer analysis will help you carry out sales notification campaigns more efficiently.


How to create a recent sales notification popup (using Woostify Sale Notification)

In this part, we would like to introduce you to a recent sales notifications popup tool for WordPress. It’s the Sale Notification add-on created by the Woostify team. Integrated with the Woostify theme, Sale Notification helps you draw visitors’ attention with recent order popups.

Sale Notification brings great convenience to users because of its easy setup with numerous options. The add-on syncs with the sales data of your store to automatically create real sales and display them on the popup. If you don’t want to use real customer data for the popup display, then it will support creating a list of virtual orders. With this option, you can set full information about virtual customers, such as name, address, purchased item, product image, and purchased time.

To explore more about this interesting feature and use it effectively, please go through the four steps below. For each step, we specially offer some handy tips to help you thoroughly take advantage of the add-on.

Our video guide on how to set up recent sales notification 

To make it easy for users to use the add-on, we produced a video instructing how to create a sale notification step by step. Please see it!

Step 1: Determine why you use this feature

You can refer to the Types of recent sales notifications, which will be helpful for this step. No matter which sale notification tool you choose to use, we advise you to determine how this tool supports your business in a specific campaign. Together with it, you also should write down the results you expect to achieve after applying this feature.

For example, you want to use this tool to promote your new product. Then, your objective is to make the product approach a large number of customers. So how can the sale notifications popup help your campaign?

Now, let’s see how to set up the Sale Notification.

Step 2: Enable Sale Notification

Like any other add-on of Woostify, first, you’ll need to activate the add-on.

In the WooCommerce dashboard, go to visit Woostify Options, then you’ll see the Sale Notification add-on here. Please click Activate to enable the add-on.

recent sales popup WordPress

Step 3: Set up the Sale Notification Popup

Next, go to “Settings” to set up the add-on. There are four sections to cover here, General, Messages, Products, and Time.

1. General

In the General section, you’ll set the position of the popup that will be displayed in the bottom right or bottom left corner of the page.

Also, the add-on offers the option to “Enable sale notification on mobile”. If your products approach a great number of target customers via mobile phone, this feature will be so helpful. Besides, designing a popup at the bottom right is encouraged because smartphone users often touch the phone screen with their right hands.

2. Messages

This is one of the most important parts in the Sale Notification settings. It plays the main role in attracting visitors and pushing them to purchase. You can set more than one message for the popup. So you can display different activities of customers in the popup, making visitors feel your store so busy.

To make things more convenient for users, the add-on provides you with a list of shortcodes as in the image below.

Depending on the product type and its market, you should consider setting the “min number” and “max number” properly. If these numbers are too low, it won’t be highly effective for your campaign. Meanwhile, the numbers set too high will cause suspicion.

WooCommerce sales notification message text

If you want to show specific customer information, there are two options for you:

  • Virtual: select it to create virtual orders. Once you choose this, the add-on will display a range of boxes to cover virtual information such as virtual time, virtual first name, virtual city, virtual state, and virtual country.
  • From Billing: select it to auto-sync real orders from your store data. If your store is busy enough to show off in front of visitors, you can use it instead of setting virtual orders.

fake recent sales notification popup

3. Products

Here you’ll select the products displayed in the notification popup. The add-on set the following options:

  • Newest products
  • Recently viewed products
  • Get from Billing
  • Select categories
  • Select products

recent sales notification popup WordPress - select products

Depending on your business strategies, you’ll choose the most suitable products. This choice will have a great impact on if the sale notification can work effectively. Therefore, consider them carefully.

4. Time

Move to the Time section to set the time for the popup display.

Here you’ll set the initial display, time display, and next time display. The add-on also provides users with the Loop option for those who want the display time you set here to be repeated.

recent sales notification popup time display

We’ve covered the setup of Woostify Sale Notification. Click Save to save all changes.

Step 4: See the sales popup in the frontend

Go to see the site as a visitor to check if the sale notification popup can work as you expect.

recent sales popup WordPress display

Pros and cons of Woostify Sale Notification

We’ve gone through the process of setting Woostify Sale Notification. Despite offering great features, the add-on has some drawbacks. We haven’t updated style options to customize the sale popup. Therefore, you can’t yet have the popup styled as you want. But the Woostify team will soon update this feature to bring users a better experience.

So now we summarize and take note of the pros and cons of Woostify Sale Notification. Hope that they’ll be helpful to you.


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Generate live sales for both virtual and real orders
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Available technical support (if the addon has any problem)


  • Haven’t updated the custom style options for the popup
  • Only compatible with the Woostify theme

In conclusion,

Adding recent sales notification popup WordPress is an interesting way to create social proof and boost FOMO. Providing numerous useful options, Woostify Sale Notification will help you generate live real/virtual orders for the popup display. You can utilize this add-on for different business strategies

However, Sale Notification is a pro add-on created by the Woostify team. Therefore, only Woostify users are allowed to use this add-on and you cannot purchase it separately.

Thank you for spending time reading our article. If you have any contributions, please leave your comments below. We are so happy to receive feedback from you.

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