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In current years, along with online store development, there is a new eCommerce platform called multi vendor marketplace which appears and has many positive aspects for both sellers and buyers. Affluent companies such as Amazon or Flipkart are successful with that. There is a question like how to operate such a beneficial multi-vendor marketplace? The answer to it is explained below. This article today is about the background knowledge of multi vendor marketplace and presents Top 5+ best WooCommerce multi vendor plugins.

What is multi vendor marketplace?

To be simpler, a marketplace is defined as a kind of eCommerce having a connection between the most potential suppliers and purchasers to exchange goods with each other. A multi vendor marketplace is a platform where sellers can sell goods directly to customers. Obviously, buyers have a variety of choices to opt for.

Why We should consider converting your eCommerce website to a multi-vendor marketplace?

There are a lot of benefits that sellers and buyers can receive when a multi-vendor marketplace platform is applied.

Benefits toward business owners

Firstly, earning profits will be gained highly thanks to that kind of eCommerce where business owners can have a chance to collect a commission on the products sold by many vendors.

Secondly, the atmosphere between the goods exchange processing will be open, sellers and buyers will have a good relationship together. It declines the conflict between them and the stock might not be stopped

Thirdly, sellers stand a good chance of operating around the clock, it has no time limitation for both sellers and buyers. It means that sellers can sell products at all times and buyers are able to access every website all the time, too.

Advantages toward vendors

First and foremost, old and new vendors can exchange prices together to help smaller vendors to be better. It seems to be a supporting environment. One of the most special thing is when vendors use Product Vendors, top five WordPress Multi-vendor Plugins for WooCommerce, they totally can sell their products and other vendors also are able to sell goods through their store with global base commission rate. Apparently, vendors can double their profits.

Next, multi-vendors are likely to receive investment from affluent companies over the sea to broaden their commercial network and gain more benefits. As a result, vendors can join into an international online marketplace to create more networks and have more customers.

Last but not least, the effort of suppliers can be reduced considerably and their work is simplified. To be more specific, instead of selling goods under the boiling sun-day in the summer as the conventional way, sellers just need to post a ton of products, qualified goods on a website, and wait for customers to buy without any time or weather-related burden.

Positive aspects toward consumers

In such a marketplace, customers can purchase products at competitive prices. To illustrate, there are a lot of goods sold by vendors in a marketplace, so they can compare goods and prices among vendors to have the most benefits for them.

Top 5 Best WooCommerce Multi vendor Plugins


Rating: 4.9/5 (324 reviews)


Dokan is considered the best marketplace plugin for WooCommerce that help you save hours of your time creating a marketplace.

It offers a dedicated frontend dashboard and a user-friendly interface for both the vendors and customers. From this dashboard, customers and vendors can manage product inventory, orders, sales, discounts, coupons, and more.

The installation and configuration process of the plugin is extremely easy so that you can set up all the required aspects of your marketplace and customize it easily with almost no time and no programming knowledge.


Moreover, this WordPress multi vendor plugin works well with most of the popular WooCommerce themes with almost no compatibility issues. Especially, Dokan offers its users a list of WooCommerce themes that have seamless integration with Dokan such as Woostify. Furthermore, Dokan gives users various options for payment methods and compatibility with multiple languages.

To get access to advanced features such as Ajax Live Search feature, Geolocation for customer searches, Live Chat, Seller Verification, Stripe Connect, Vendor Review, etc., you need to upgrade to the pro version of Dokan starting at $149 per year. However, they are still limited. To unlock all premium functionalities, you’ll have to purchase the pro plan which costs $249 for a single-site license with more updates and support.

WCFM Marketplace by WC Lover

Rating: 4.9/5 (207 reviews)


Standing in the second position is the WCFM Marketplace by WC Lover. It offers a modular approach that puts together a variety of different add-ons to help you create your multi-vendor marketplace.

With this plugin, you can stipulate all the policies of the store and products from the frontend. With the user-friendly frontend interface, vendors can set the opening and closing hours, and store vacation periods, so that you and your vendors can take vacations.


Besides, the store review feature allows you to manage the reviews created for your store. With WCFM marketplace, you can set flexible commission rates for vendors such as percentage, fixed, by price, by product quantity, by vendor’s sales.


WCFM marketplace plugin for WooCommerce offers various options to manage the store. For example, the vendor can configure their store for ranking purposes, and generate coupons for their products easily. Moreover, they can also verify sellers and even create custom badges for sellers.

In addition to that, the plugin provides its users with a shipping management system. With such a system, the vendors are able to manage the shipping of the products for their store and track the shipping by adding a tracking code to ensure the product is delivered to the customer.

This WooCommerce multi vendor plugin comes with both free and paid plans. You can extend your marketplace with premium add-on by upgrading the original version to the advanced packages that cost from $11 to $299 depending on the license.

WC Marketplace

Rating: 4.8/5 (286 reviews)


Lying on the third position of the list is WC marketplace that enables you to add multiple vendors for a single product quite efficiently. With this WooCommerce marketplace plugin, vendors can duplicate, customize, and sell the same product in your marketplace, which may result in a more lucrative and transparent marketplace.

WC marketplace plugin also lets you manage reviews and control over those users who have purchased the product and leave reviews on it.


The WordPress plugin provides different dashboards to each vendor where they can manage their entire stores such as tracking orders, managing products, commissions, coupons, payments, reports, sales, and more. With WC Marketplace, you can communicate with your vendors by delivering a message to the universal board or even sending notifications and quick announcements to your vendors.

This is a free WooCommerce multi vendor plugin offering lots of features that enable a simple registration process for vendors. However, to unlock some advanced features such as the frontend manager, advanced shipping, seller verification, and more, you’ll have to purchase individual add-ons whose prices vary from $20-$200.

YITH WooCommerce Multi vendor

Rating: 4.5/5 (82 reviews)


The next solution to a WooCommerce marketplace is YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor that helps you create your own marketplace with maximum traffic and higher rank on search engine results.

With this plugin, the vendors can set global commission rates, assign different commission rates to each vendor shops and products, manage their products, product gallery, upsells, cross-sells, reviews, and create coupons.


Plus, this plugin enables vendors to add and edit their own products; thus, you can avoid the pending status until the Admin approval. Also, to enhance the shop’s functionality, the extension allows you to display a list of all vendors in your WooCommerce pages.

This WooCommerce multi vendor plugin is provided with free and pro versions. With the free package, you can create a basic marketplace for multi vendors and set a global commission rate for all of them. To get access to more advanced functionality like more detailed order, shipping, and refund management, you may need a paid plan which costs $99.99 for a single-site license with 1 year of updates and support.

WC Vendors Marketplace

Rating: 4.5/5 (126 reviews)


The last option we have on our list of best WooCommerce multi vendor plugins is WC Vendors Marketplace developed by WC vendor that helps you build a multi-vendor marketplace quickly with easy configuration options and no coding skills, saving your time and money.

This marketplace plugin for WooCommerce gives vendors an easy-to-use frontend dashboard and a highly customizable individual storefront. In detail, they are allowed to manage their products, track orders, set and manage discounts, coupon codes, process refunds, and so on.


Like other multi vendor marketplace plugins in the collection, WC Vendors also has a commission system that lets you charge vendors for their sales and a comprehensive shipping system that allows you to select the shipping type, national and international shipping fee, and more.


WC vendor plugin is available for free but also comes with a pro version. The free version is limited regarding features, but lets you set up a basic marketplace. The pro version including full features, free updates, and premium support, is priced at $199 / per year. Or you can also choose a more valuable plan which is a one-time payment of $599.

Conclusion on Best WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugins

That’s it. Above are some background knowledge about multi vendor marketplace platform and top 5 best multi vendor plugins for WordPress. All of them are available with no fee. So you can start a simple marketplace easily. To expand it, you may take the premium of such extensions including almost all the advanced features for running a perfect multi-vendor marketplace. So that you can build your marketplace for multiple vendors quite easily with almost no coding experiences. Hopefully, this article will be a help for you to create a WooCommerce multi vendor marketplace.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment below.

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