Top 10+ Best WooCommerce Product Search Plugins

WooCommerce Product Search Plugin

In the fast-paced world of online commerce, an efficient product search functionality can make all the difference. In the realm of WooCommerce, the cornerstone of countless eCommerce websites, the power of exceptional product search plugins cannot be overlooked.

Unveiling a handpicked selection, this article presents the ultimate list of top 10+ WooCommerce product search plugins. From revolutionizing search filters to accelerating search results, these plugins cater to diverse needs, amplifying user engagement and conversion rates. Join us on a journey through the best WooCommerce product search plugins, as we explore how they redefine the way customers discover products in the dynamic world of online shopping.

10+ Best WooCommerce Product Search Plugins

#1. Woostify’s AJAX Search Addon

Price: $49/ year

Woostify's AJAX Search

Woostify’s Ajax WooCommerce Product Search is an innovative live search engine designed to supercharge your site’s functionality. Through an intuitive Ajax-powered search form, customers are empowered with a user-friendly tool that refines product exploration.

This premium addon offers filtering capabilities that enable users to narrow down results using product titles and SKUs. Enriching the experience further, keyword autocomplete facilitates seamless interactions by predicting user inputs.

A significant advancement lies within Woostify Pro version 1.5.0, where an inverted index-based search engine takes center stage. This revolutionary technology dramatically enhances search performance, boasting loading speeds up to 10 times faster than previous versions.

Key features of this plugin encompass a range of functionalities geared towards refining the search experience. Customers can effortlessly explore your offerings by searching via product title or SKU, ensuring precise outcomes. The ability to customize search results tailors the journey to individual preferences. Moreover, the inclusion of variable product support accommodates a diverse array of products, ensuring that all facets of your inventory are accessible.

Enriching search results, live search outcomes showcase product images and prices, granting customers a visual preview and pricing information in real time. With the Ajax WooCommerce Product Search of Woostify, your site embraces speed, customization, and visual engagement, creating a seamless search experience that leaves customers impressed and content.

#2. ExpertRec: AI-Powered Plugin to Boost E-Commerce Conversion Rates

Price: Enterprise plan starts at $99/month. SaaS plans are available from $25/month.

ExpertRec is an advanced AI search plugin that enhances the shopping experience on e-commerce websites. Its intelligent search capabilities provide highly relevant results with features like autocomplete, typo tolerance, and synonym recognition. ExpertRec also offers personalized product recommendations, helping customers find what they need quickly and efficiently. This improved user experience leads to higher conversion rates and increased customer satisfaction.

With ExpertRec, you can easily customize the search interface to match your store’s design, ensuring a seamless integration. The plugin’s powerful analytics tools provide insights into user behavior, allowing you to continuously optimize your product offerings and search performance. Additionally, ExpertRec supports multiple languages, making it ideal for WooCommerce stores catering to an international audience. Overall, ExpertRec transforms the search experience on your WooCommerce site, driving sales and enhancing customer loyalty.

Price: Free

Advanced Woo Search stands out as a robust search plugin meticulously crafted for WooCommerce websites, delivering swift AJAX search boxes and the ability to showcase comprehensive search result pages seamlessly.

This plugin introduces a lightweight yet potent solution for integrating an advanced search mechanism into your WooCommerce platform. By empowering customers, it enables them to scour products by diverse criteria including product titles, tags, IDs, and SKUs. The setup process is effortlessly accomplished, allowing you to effortlessly display an advanced search box using a shortcode or widget, strategically positioned across your online emporium.

A noteworthy highlight of Advanced Woo Search lies in its compatibility with the WooCommerce Product Filters plugin. By harmonizing an advanced search box with elaborate filtering capabilities, it bestows your store with an integrated solution that redefines product exploration and elevates the overall shopping experience.

Price: €69,99/ year

Revolutionize your WooCommerce store’s search capabilities with the comprehensive YITH WooCommerce AJAX Search plugin, a holistic solution engineered to elevate the search engine performance on your platform.

This plugin empowers you to seamlessly integrate an advanced search functionality into your WooCommerce environment, enabling your customers to swiftly unearth desired products. Beyond mere keyword searches, this feature extends to specific categories and tags, enhancing the precision of search results. A distinctive facet of the plugin lies in its ability to embed prices and badges within search outcomes—a dynamic tool for spotlighting promotions and discounted items across your WooCommerce establishment.

For an even more potent synergy, the YITH WooCommerce AJAX Search plugin can seamlessly integrate with the WooCommerce Product Filters. By harnessing this combined prowess, your customers are granted a dual approach to product discovery—opting for either the advanced search feature or the expeditious product filters, all tailored to suit their preferences on your online retail haven.

#5. WooCommerce Product Search Extension

Price: $49/ year

Dive into enhanced search dynamics with the WooCommerce Product Search extension—an innovation that not only transforms your site’s search functionality but revolutionizes the way your customers discover products.

This extension boasts an “instant results” feature, an intuitive mechanism that presents pertinent product names during the very act of typing, expediting the search process remarkably. The outcome? Your customers unearth their desired products at unprecedented speed, an experience that surpasses conventional search methods.

Flexibility reigns supreme with this extension, as you wield the power to position the search option across your site according to your design and user flow. A comprehensive package, the WooCommerce Product Search extension redefines the search process by scrutinizing the contextual relevance of each keystroke, ensuring that the displayed results align precisely with your customer’s intent.

#6. Doofinder

Price: Start at $35/ month

Doofinder is considered one of the most dynamic eCommerce search providers that seamlessly integrate with a diverse array of platforms, including the popular WooCommerce. Designed to transcend search limitations, this solution processes your visitors’ search queries on its dedicated servers, ensuring optimal performance even amidst high customer engagement.

One of Doofinder’s standout features is its real-time search capability—an innovative approach that promptly presents search outcomes to your customers as they begin typing their queries. Employing cutting-edge natural language processing technology, Doofinder adeptly filters out typos and takes into account a spectrum of information including product names, descriptions, and attributes. This intricate analysis guarantees that the results displayed are contextually relevant, delivering an unparalleled search experience.

Facilitating refined exploration, Doofinder supports faceted searches and introduces instant filtering. This empowers your customers to precisely narrow down their search results, enabling them to pinpoint the exact product they’re seeking amidst your expansive inventory. With Doofinder, your WooCommerce store reaches new heights of search efficiency and customer satisfaction.

#7. SearchWP

Price: $99/ year

SearchWP is an empowered plugin designed to elevate search functionalities to new heights. Packed with an array of comprehensive features, this plugin seamlessly integrates into WooCommerce sites, revolutionizing the way users interact with search options.

SearchWP brings an expansive set of functionalities to the table, including cutting-edge keyword stemming, enabling refined searches that account for variations in word forms. The plugin allows you to craft and configure multiple search engines, tailoring the search experience to different sections of your site. Through customizable search algorithms, you can fine-tune search results, ensuring precision and relevance for your users.

In the realm of online stores, SearchWP offers a unique edge by granting control over content inclusion and exclusion from search engines. This functionality empowers you to curate search results, enhancing the overall user experience. Elevating WooCommerce’s Product Search widget, the plugin infuses it with advanced capabilities that redefine the way customers explore your product catalog.

One of SearchWP’s distinctive features is its robust analytics and insights. By monitoring search statistics, you gain invaluable insights into user behavior and preferences, enabling strategic optimization of your online store.

What’s more, the integration with native search and WooCommerce Product Table is seamless, eliminating the need for any coding efforts. By simply setting up the plugin and incorporating standard WooCommerce or WooCommerce Product Table search boxes, you equip them with a powerful suite of capabilities—courtesy of SearchWP.

Price: $49/ year | Free plan available

Smart WooCommerce Search plugin—an innovative product search solution that brings the realm of instant live searches to your online store. Developed by the renowned WordPress developer YummyWP, this plugin seamlessly integrates into your WooCommerce environment, revolutionizing the way customers discover products.

The plugin boasts an automated indexing process encompassing essential product elements like descriptions, tags, categories, and SKUs. This comprehensive indexing empowers the search feature to provide swift and precise results, ensuring customers quickly find what they’re looking for.

Enhancing the search experience, the premium version of the plugin introduces a game-changing feature: the ability for customers to add items directly to their cart from search results. This streamlines the shopping journey, converting search results into actionable steps effortlessly. Furthermore, the premium version supports labels, enabling you to effectively highlight featured products, sale items, or those out of stock—delivering transparent and relevant information to your customers.

Dedicated to optimizing search relevancy, the plugin’s premium version extends its indexing prowess to encompass a broader array of data. This includes product attributes, variations, and custom fields, culminating in search results that align precisely with customer preferences. With Smart WooCommerce Search, your online store isn’t just about products; it’s about delivering an elevated shopping experience that drives engagement and conversions.

Price: $49/ year | Free plan available

FiboSearch is known as a dynamic WooCommerce product search plugin meticulously crafted to seamlessly introduce a responsive and lightning-fast search box to your online store.

Empowering your customers, FiboSearch enables effortless product discovery by facilitating searches based on various parameters including product titles, extensive descriptions, and the unique product SKU. With search results brought to life through vivid product images, accompanied by prices and detailed descriptions, customers can efficiently assess and select their desired items directly from the search interface.

Furthermore, FiboSearch’s versatility shines through its compatibility with the WooCommerce Product Filters plugin. This strategic partnership enables customers to enjoy an integrated experience—combining both efficient filtering and targeted search functionality. The result? A seamless blend of search and filtering, culminating in a shopping journey characterized by convenience and precision. In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, FiboSearch emerges as a powerful tool to enhance user engagement, streamline product exploration, and ultimately drive conversions.

Price: $8.25/month (billed yearly) | 3 months for free

Jetpack Search stands as an exceptional WooCommerce search plugin, offering an extensive array of advanced tools meticulously tailored for WordPress and WooCommerce environments. Its primary objective? To streamline and enhance the process of guiding customers towards the perfect product fit. The plugin’s instant search functionality is nothing short of transformative, delivering results promptly as users begin typing—effectively removing the wait-time barrier that often accompanies search interactions.

Brought to life by Automattic’s seasoned experts—the same minds that have given rise to WooCommerce and—Jetpack Search seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce. This seamless integration extends to the automatic indexing of an expansive spectrum of product data. From attributes to variants, descriptions, tags, and categories, the plugin ensures a thorough and precise search experience.

The allure of Jetpack Search is further magnified by its full-fledged support for faceted searches. This dynamic feature empowers customers to uncover their desired products without the need for elaborate refining or altering search phrasing. The plugin’s versatility shines through its multitude of customizable features. From rendering search results in eye-catching grid layouts accompanied by product images to offering instant autocorrection, Jetpack Search crafts an immersive search environment that harmoniously aligns with your site’s design language.

Central to its efficiency is Jetpack Search’s utilization of Automattic’s robust cloud servers. This potent infrastructure underpins its ability to deliver lightning-fast search speeds, regardless of your store’s size. All this speed and power are achieved without imposing undue strain on your servers or hampering your site’s performance. By automatically indexing new products in real-time, Jetpack Search ensures that your evolving inventory is immediately discoverable—a testament to its commitment to precision and timeliness.

#11. Predictive Search for WooCommerce

Price: $149/ year

WooCommerce Predictive Search is a formidable choice that empowers seamless exploration for your customers. This plugin opens up a world of possibilities, enabling customers to search for products based on a diverse range of criteria including names, SKUs, categories, and tags, among others. The flexibility doesn’t end there; you can combine these criteria to refine searches further, enhancing the accuracy of results.

Setting up this plugin is a breeze, catering to all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, configuring WooCommerce Predictive Search is hassle-free. Integration within your theme or page builder is versatile, accessible through widgets, shortcodes, Gutenberg blocks, or even PHP functions.

Delve deeper into customization with predictive search, aligning your entire site with the varying requirements of your store. The option to exclude specific products, pages, or posts from search results adds a layer of tailored precision. Seamlessly integrating with a range of SEO plugins, the plugin offers a comprehensive toolkit to optimize your site’s search performance.

Unleash your creativity with WooCommerce Predictive Search’s wide array of customization options. Tailor the experience to perfection, ensuring your customers enjoy a seamless journey through your product offerings. From beginners to advanced users, this plugin is designed to accommodate all skill levels, making it an ideal tool for anyone seeking to elevate their online shopping experience.

#12. Advance Product Search Plugin

Price: $49/ year | Free Plan Available

Advance Product Search plugin, a dynamic AJAX-powered search tool designed to enhance your website’s search functionality. This robust plugin efficiently retrieves results for products, posts, and pages with lightning speed.

It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, allowing comprehensive searches across various product attributes such as title, description, categories, ID, and SKU.

Equipped with user-friendly settings, this plugin offers versatility through shortcodes and widgets, enabling you to place the search bar precisely where you want it. Customize its appearance effortlessly by selecting colors and styles that harmonize with your website’s design.

Key features include advanced search options for WooCommerce products, posts, and pages, such as category, description, image, and price filters. The plugin’s AJAX-powered search ensures a seamless user experience, while the ability to exclude specific content from search results adds further

Color management options for each search element ensure consistency with your website’s design, while multilingual support enhances accessibility for a broader audience. Flexibility is paramount, with the ability to display search forms anywhere on your site, complemented by an autocomplete search feature for enhanced user convenience.

Final Words

To conclude, our journey through the realm of WooCommerce product search plugins has revealed a wealth of options poised to transform your online store’s search experience. With each plugin offering unique features, from instant search capabilities to refined filtering and seamless integrations, you have the tools at your disposal to customize and enhance how your customers navigate your product catalog. Whether you prioritize speed, precision, or visual engagement, these top 10+ plugins empower you to curate an unparalleled shopping journey.

If you prefer a product search theme built-in addon, you should go for Woostify’s AJAX Search addon. You can enjoy a smooth and easy product search and navigation without installing a third-party plugin like other options in the list. Just download Woostify pro and use it.

Install Woostify Now

Elevate your online store’s search functionality today, and witness the positive impact it has on customer satisfaction, conversions, and the overall success of your eCommerce venture.

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