STORE Domains: All You Need To Know


One of your key business goals as a retailer is to increase traffic to your website. Using an appealing and appropriate domain name is one of the most efficient strategies to attract clients and bring them to your eCommerce site. Site owners should use it for their online stores. STORE domains that might help your site stand out from the crowd.

Continue reading this article to learn more about .STORE domains and how they might help your business succeed.

What Is a .STORE Domain?


Similar to the normal domain names, a .STORE domain name is the Internet address of your online store. The .STORE domain was introduced in 2016. It is now the preferred choice for over 475,000 thriving enterprises.

It is considered the digital real estate of your shop. And, just as your physical storefront provides first impressions that influence who shops with you, your domain name can either attract or repel traffic.

Why online stores should use .STORE Domain?

Many online stores use .STORE domain names, and many of them are highly successful. What makes the .STORE domain beneficial for every firm that operates an online store. Here are eight reasons why you should use .STORE domains for your online store.

On-Topic Backlinks

Link-building strategies assist website owners in obtaining links from other websites back to their own. It will continue to be a crucial aspect of any SEO strategy in the 2020s. This is because building high-quality backlinks act as social proof for Google. When a high-ranking site connects to you, Google understands that you are likewise a reliable, authoritative site.

The anchor text of the link itself is an important part of backlinks. For example, by linking to a blog about the topic with the anchor text “link-building tactics,” we’re sending a strong signal to Google that this page is valuable to others who may search for this phrase. This will help the page’s ranking over time.

The stronger the backlink, the closer the anchor text is in language to the page’s target keyword.

Better Rankings

Relevant backlinks aren’t the only factor that will boost your Google search ranking over time. When using an appropriate domain extension, your organic traffic may increase. This occurs for two reasons:

You’ll get more targeted traffic. People searching for a “Halloween store” will find your site as soon as they type your URL into Google. Because you are what they are seeking, they are more likely to click on your link.

Your domain is conceptually equivalent to counterpart. Although Google has previously stated that domain extensions do not count as keywords, the search engine certainly does not disregard them. Take a look at what happens when we search for “cabinet door store” and “cabinet door store com.”


Better Keyword Opportunities

Google highlights keywords that are relevant to your inquiry. “Cabinet doors” is one of them in our situation:

The word “store” is seeded into the metadata in this example. Nevertheless, as we added “com” to the search, we continued to place first since Google believed our search purpose entailed purchasing cabinet doors (not the .STORE domain necessarily).

This benefit is not present with domain name.

Improved User Perception

The example of Emirates further emphasizes the benefit of a .STORE domain in terms of user impression. In this situation, stands for:

  • Clearer: Part of the reason that came in first place was due to its more specialized URL. Customers clicked, and Google noticed.
  • Expansive: Whereas the.COM extension is well-established and traditional, the .STORE extension conveys newness and the impression that the brand is up-to-date.

Improved Memorability

Because of the availability of .STORE domain names, you have a better opportunity of creating a genuinely distinctive domain name that will increase your branding.

In general, domain names that are easy to read, type, and say are preferable. A .STORE domain, on the other hand, allows you to go a step further. As an example: vs. vs. vs.

Voice Search Optimized

Voice search is becoming increasingly important in search engines, and domain name extensions can help you adapt.

Consider the following two domain names:

While the former is a visually appealing method of spelling “curious,” it has no chance of ranking in a voice search because Google does not recognize that first word as “curious.”

To go to the first domain using voice, you’d have to spell it out. That isn’t a good user experience.

More Savings

Because .STORE domain names are widely available, they are typically less expensive than .COM or .NET counterparts.

This occurs when people (or corporations) known as “domain prospectors” purchase valuable domain names and resell them for a profit.

For example, if you purchase the domain rather than and, you will save more than $10.


No geographical restrictions.

Some businesses use country-specific domain extensions to avoid the areas. For example, you may have come across a website with the extension, which is Canada.

Every country has one, and it can be an attractive alternative for many businesses. However, it does not function when doing business on a worldwide scale.

The primary issue with country-specific domain extensions is perception. Your company may not be limited to Canada, but the domain extension implies that it is. That is easy enough to turn off a potential buyer.

Store Domain Name Ideas: How to Choose the Best Domain for Your Online Store?

Although using a store domain is beneficial for branding and SEO, you still have to do it properly. Here are 5 aspects to think about when coming up with domain names for online stores.

Conduct a competitive analysis.

The biggest benefit of a.STORE domain is the ability to compete for keywords with a competitor who has a .COM domain. As a result, conduct a competitive analysis first. Include items such as:

  • What are your competitors’ domain names?
  • For which keywords are they ranking?
  • What keywords are they not ranking for that you could use to increase your organic traffic?

Consider what your customers will look for.

Google places a high value on search intent, so consider what your customers are most likely to look for. You’ll be right in their path if you can predict what they’ll put into Google and turn it into a domain name. For instance, Do:

  • Remember that .STORE domains can also be used as keywords.
  • Check out what’s presently ranking for possible keywords.
  • Find a happy medium between general and specialized language.

Keep it brief, meaningful, and relevant.

With so many available store domain names, coming up with a suitable name is simple. To get the most traffic, keep it concise, meaningful, and relevant. We suggest:

  • Using descriptive language. Make it apparent what your store is about just from the name.
  • Avoiding dashes or numerals. These are difficult to type, say, and remember.
  • Avoiding using copyrighted phrases. Using copyrighted or trademarked terms may land you in hot water.

Make it brandable

Make your domain name brandable and memorable because it is digital real estate. That is, when someone comes across your domain name, they immediately get a feeling of what you’re about.

It’s the distinction between, say, and

A recognizable store domain name should:

  • Use “empty vessel” words rather than a long list of general keywords.
  • Be easy to say.
  • Be a part of the brand.

Look for store domain names that are similar to yours.

Last but not least, remember to exercise caution. While it is doubtful that you would come across a taken store domain name, you may unintentionally register a name that is similar to an existing business.

To prevent this, look out for:

  • Domains that make use of synonyms and are two examples.
  • Alternative spellings of words or names that are well known. and are two examples.
  • Domains that include the same words in different combinations. and are two examples.

4 Ways to Brand Your Online Store With Store Domains to Get Traffic

Store domains and site redirection, which are designed exclusively for the retail and eCommerce industries, are one of the most crucial instruments for bringing in innovation and originality in marketing.

Take a look at four different ways you can use your store URL to attract more visitors to your online storefront:

Get more website visitors for your internal pages and product launch pages.

It can be difficult to promote that inner page when your goal is to increase traffic to a particular portion of your website due to its lengthy and convoluted link. Using.STORE domain redirection is a creative and practical solution to this problem.

For instance, the user is redirected to by This is an excellent illustration of how to pick pertinent domain names to point visitors to your website’s revenue-generating pages.

Here, and are other illustrations. Bret Contreras, a personal trainer, is the owner of both websites. The.STORE website is for sales and business, but the.COM domain is for content.

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of offline marketing.

The best approach for you to integrate offline marketing with your internet presence is with a.STORE domain. For instance, the memorable, clear domain name leads to the following Etsy page:

Therefore, add a brief, memorable .STORE domain name in your communication whether you are printing marketing materials for a specific product in your online store or placing an advertisement in the neighborhood newspaper. That simple-to-remember link will take your consumers to the product page.

Using branded URL shorteners to increase recall.

Did you realize that every link you share online can be branded with the name of your business? Instead of sharing URLs like on social media, you may artistically mark them with a.STORE domain name.

Here’s an illustration:

Original website address: link:

Shortened to

Such personalized links are unforgettable. They also reinforce your brand in every link you share on your social channels, increasing brand remember and, ultimately, visitors.

Increase organic traffic by building backlinks on keyword-rich domains.

The ‘anchor text’ is critical when looking for backlinks to your website to improve your organic search rank. For example, if your website is and you consistently receive backlinks from respectable websites with the anchor text ‘life and style store’ and ‘lifestyle store’, it will send a good signal to search engines about the validity of your website. The more backlinks you obtain in this manner, the better your organic search ranking and organic traffic will be.

By obtaining a .STORE domain, you can incorporate all or any of these tactics into your own marketing campaign.

Bottom line,

That’s all about STORE domains. I hope that this helped you understand everything about STORE domains, as well as the ways you can brand your business with STORE domains.

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