10+ Best WooCommerce Product Variations Plugins

WooCommerce Product Variations Plugin

In the ever-evolving landscape of online commerce, providing customers with a diverse array of product options is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. With WooCommerce reigning as one of the premier eCommerce platforms, the significance of versatile product variations cannot be overstated. A multitude of plugins have emerged to amplify this capability and cater to a spectrum of customization requirements.

In this article, we unveil the top 10+ WooCommerce product variations plugins, spotlighting their features and benefits in elevating your store’s versatility and customer engagement.

Join us as we explore how these plugins empower businesses, enrich customer experiences, and ultimately contribute to the success of your online store.

#1. Variation Swatches and Photos

Pricing: $8.25 per month

The Variation Swatches & Photos for WooCommerce is an intuitive solution tailored to revolutionize your WooCommerce product variations display. This plugin simplifies the process of replacing the conventional dropdown menus with visually engaging product variation swatches and images. By seamlessly integrating custom designs, it offers a heightened approach to presenting diverse attributes like colors, sizes, styles, and more.

This not only provides customers with a more visually immersive shopping experience but also facilitates clearer differentiation between various product options. Discover how this plugin elevates your eCommerce venture, offering a novel way to captivate customers and enhance their decision-making process. With its intuitive backend, this plugin ensures that store owners can easily define colors and images, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

#2. Swatchly – Product Variation Swatches For WooCommerce

Pricing: Start at $49 per year | Free version available

Swatchly is an intuitive WooCommerce variation swatches plugin designed for seamless user experience. Bid farewell to conventional dropdown menus as Swatchly offers a refreshing approach, displaying product variations through color, label, or image swatches. This innovation translates into enhanced convenience, ensuring customers effortlessly identify their desired products.

Diving into the spectrum of options, Swatchly offers label, color, and image swatches—equipping customers with crystal-clear insights into diverse product variants. Whether aligning elements, adjusting dimensions, or fine-tuning font sizes, this plugin provides a canvas for precise customization. Image size is tailored for picture swatches, accompanied by a swatch preview column for administrative clarity.

Moreover, Swatchly extends functionality by converting variation dropdowns into label/button swatches automatically. Embrace global settings for individual product and product list pages, and seamlessly override these settings per product. Available in both free and premium versions, Swatchly caters to all needs, ensuring straightforward WooCommerce product swatch customization options.

#3. WooCommerce Additional Variation Images

Pricing: Start at $8.25 per month

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images, an exceptional plugin designed to elevate your product variations with captivating visuals and videos.

Through this innovative tool, you’re empowered to seamlessly integrate images and videos that vividly represent each product variation option on your online store’s front end. Enhance customer comprehension by enabling them to easily discern and distinguish between various product variations.

The power of WooCommerce Additional Variation Images is best exemplified in its ability to enrich variable products within your WooCommerce store. By allowing you to augment the gallery with tailored images for each variation, it becomes a remarkable opportunity to spotlight the essential features of your products through a dynamic visual experience.

#4. Variation Shared Inventory for WooCommerce

Pricing: $4.09 per month

Variation Shared Inventory for WooCommerce is a game-changing plugin that streamlines stock management for store owners when dealing with products sold in diverse quantities. By enabling the sale of items in customizable groups, this plugin revolutionizes inventory control by tracking these groups within the overall inventory count.

Experience enhanced inventory management for quantity-based variations, where you gain advanced control over individual stock values. Elevate your store’s user experience as you ensure seamless availability of products. The plugin introduces an additional tab on the product detail page, streamlining inventory oversight.

This innovative solution empowers store owners to maintain a comprehensive view of total inventory, even amid sales involving multiple bulk quantity variations. The plugin seamlessly integrates bulk sales of products, facilitating an efficient and organized shopping experience for customers. Upgrade your inventory management game with Variation Shared Inventory for WooCommerce and witness the transformation in stock control and customer satisfaction.

#5. YaySwatches – Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

Developed by the YayCommerce team, YaySwatches is a powerful plugin designed to help your WooCommerce store enhance customer experience. This plugin allows you to display multiple variations of the product. That means you can replace the default of the product page with eye-catching variation swatches and the options display full variation of the product so that customers have a better buying experience.

With YaySwatches, the look of your WooCommerce store will become more eye-catching and realistic, you can customize color swatches with countless options. YaySwatches allows you to adjust the appearance of those options from shape, size, style, border color, background color, image, etc. For each store’s purpose, the swatches you choose will be different, but they all help your customers understand the products as clearly as possible. 

Moreover, this plugin allows you to display options on both the shop/categories page and product pages. Thus, customers can choose and purchase products quickly and seamlessly without having to spend much effort.

Leveraging all the capabilities of this plugin, you can choose to display sold-out visibility options, which provides a few options for you to set for out-of-stock products. More specifically, when a visitor wants to buy a certain product from your store, but it is out of stock, you can easily notify them through the effects of sold-out variations. From there, your store can impress and bring satisfaction to customers. Presenting variations clearly and beautifully is also a useful way for your store to gain more sales and build good relationships with customers, creating trust for them and retaining many loyal customers.

YaySwatches are also highly compatible with popular WooCommerce third-party plugins, making your workflow seamless.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Can customize the swatch appearances, such as shape, size, style, border color, variable value tooltip, image resolution, and positioning, etc.
  • Can adjust the effect of sold-out variations.
  • Display variations on both product and shop/category pages.
  • Highly compatible with many popular plugins.
  • Live chat support 24/7. 

Don’t wait any longer, get YaySwatches and prepare for a large number of loyal customers who will bring a lot of revenue to your store.

#6. Products By Attributes & Variations for WooCommerce

Pricing: $4.09 per month

The Products by Attributes & Variations plugin introduces ingenious ways to present variations on your listing pages, empowering your user experience in two distinctive manners. Firstly, it offers the flexibility of showcasing product variations as individual simple products. Alternatively, you can opt to display product attributes directly on your listing pages. Elevate your customer journey by enabling them to swiftly identify relevant variations from shop pages, streamlining the process of adding products to their cart without navigating to the product detail page.

Harness the capabilities of this plugin to seamlessly exhibit product variations as single items on both Shop and Category pages. This strategic approach facilitates customers in effortlessly pinpointing the variations they desire, bypassing the traditional route of exploring variable product pages. Beyond enhancing user satisfaction, this approach augments the appearance of your catalog, creating an illusion of a broader product range.

Moreover, the plugin introduces an attribute selector option on your Shop and Category pages, further enriching your customers’ interaction with your products. Explore the benefits of the Products by Attributes & Variations plugin and witness a transformation in user experience, catalog presentation, and streamlined purchasing processes.

#7. Bulk Variation Forms

Pricing: $4.09 per month

Streamline the shopping experience with WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms—a powerful plugin that revolutionizes how users interact with product variations. This tool enables customers to effortlessly add multiple variations of a product to their cart using a single form, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Traditionally, customers are limited to adding only one variation at a time. However, this plugin introduces a game-changing feature—allowing users to select and add numerous variations to their cart simultaneously. This functionality proves especially valuable for stores dealing with bulk orders, offering enhanced flexibility to customers. At the frontend, customers can seamlessly switch between the bulk order form and the singular order form, tailoring their shopping experience to their preferences.

Navigating the plugin’s easy-to-use configuration options, even newcomers can effortlessly set up products with two variation attributes for bulk input. This functionality simplifies the ordering process, catering to wholesalers, B2B sites, and any customer seeking to purchase multiple variations of a single product concurrently. A seamless, efficient ordering system is key to customer satisfaction, and WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms ensures your shoppers can easily and conveniently obtain all they need in one go.

#8. WooCommrce Variation Prices

Pricing: Start from $49 per year

The WooCommerce Variation Prices plugin revolutionizes the way you present variation prices in your store.

By default, WooCommerce displays variation prices within a limited range, which might not align with the needs of various businesses. With WooCommerce Variation Prices, you have the power to redefine this presentation, enabling you to replace the standard price range with formats that suit your preferences and requirements.

Elevate the variation price display with options like “From $50”, “$50+”, or any custom format that resonates with your branding. You can also redefine the separator between low and high variation prices, opting for alternatives like “to”, “/”, or any symbol you prefer.

To highlight your pricing strategy effectively, consider showcasing either the starting price or the highest price, such as “Up to $100” or “$50+”. This draws attention to your price points, enhancing customer engagement.

Additionally, the plugin goes beyond format customization by allowing you to list all variation prices immediately. This strategic move eliminates the need for customers to select a variation to view the price, potentially streamlining their experience and decision-making process.

Compatible with both variable and grouped products, WooCommerce Variation Prices is designed for ease of use and setup. Elevate your store’s pricing presentation and customer engagement effortlessly with this powerful plugin.

#9. Smart Bulk Variations

Pricing: $4.09 per month

Elevate the browsing experience for your variable products with the Smart Bulk Variations for WooCommerce plugin, a transformative tool that enriches your single product pages by presenting variations as distinct individual items within a variety of meticulously crafted layouts.

This plugin empowers your online store with a collection of pre-designed layouts, each meticulously crafted to optimize the presentation of your product variations. Whether you choose to exhibit variations as separate simple products in a table, a list, or a grid, this plugin provides a diverse range of options. Shoppers gain the flexibility to explore all variations through a list, grid, table, or attributes view, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the product range.

With this extension, you can activate variation layouts at the product level, tailoring the display for specific variable products. Alternatively, you can implement these layouts globally for your entire product inventory, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing shopping experience. With easy options to add single or bulk variations to their cart, customers can swiftly make their selections, resulting in increased sales and a decrease in bounce rates. Elevate your store’s visual appeal and user experience with Smart Bulk Variations for WooCommerce, and drive your eCommerce success to new heights.

#10. Variation Switcher in Cart for WooCommerce

Pricing: $2.42 per month

Variation Switcher in Cart for WooCommerce—a game-changing plugin that empowers your customers with the ability to modify their chosen product variations directly on their cart page. Traditionally, once a variation is added to the cart, customers are left without the option to alter it unless they remove it entirely and start anew. However, this plugin revolutionizes that process, allowing customers to seamlessly switch variations within their cart prior to finalizing their purchase.

By incorporating this dynamic feature, you have the opportunity to elevate customer experience and consequently boost conversions. This innovation saves time and enhances usability by streamlining the process of changing variations, eliminating unnecessary steps. The convenience of swiftly adjusting variations directly on the cart page holds the potential to significantly increase your conversion rate, ensuring a seamless transition from selection to purchase.

With Variation Switcher in Cart for WooCommerce, you empower your customers with greater control over their selections, making their shopping journey smoother and more satisfying. Witness an improved user experience, higher conversions, and an overall streamlined purchasing process by integrating this plugin into your online store.

#11. Woostify’s variation swatches addon

Pricing: Start at $49 per year

The Variation Swatches addon from Woostify takes your customers’ shopping experience to new heights by transforming the conventional product variation dropdowns into captivating visual elements like color swatches, images, sizes, brands, and labels.

With the aid of this robust WooCommerce Variation Swatches addon, you have the ability to showcase your product’s various options through vibrant images, appealing colors, convenient sizes, and distinctive labels. As a result, customers are spared the need to interact with traditional dropdown select fields to discern available variations for WooCommerce variable products. This enhancement reduces the need for extra clicks and saves precious time, enabling them to swiftly select their preferred variation hassle-free.

Empower your customers with a seamless and engaging shopping journey, all thanks to the power of the Variation Swatches addon by Woostify.

If you want to use Woostify’s variable swatches addon, you should first install and activate Woostify in your store and follow this guideline.

Download Woostify Now

Which WooCommerce Product Variations Plugin Should You Use?

In the dynamic landscape of eCommerce, the role of product variations in enhancing customer experiences cannot be understated. From showcasing diverse options to streamlining the selection process, incorporating effective product variation plugins is pivotal to success. After exploring the top 10+ WooCommerce product variations plugins, we’ve witnessed a spectrum of innovative features that cater to various customization needs.

Ultimately, the choice of plugin depends on your specific requirements. Whether you seek to revolutionize your product variation display, enhance pricing transparency, or simplify bulk orders, the right plugin can significantly impact your store’s success. Carefully evaluate your needs and choose the plugin that aligns best with your goals, creating an exceptional shopping experience for your customers and propelling your eCommerce venture to new heights.

In case you want to create variable products without a third-party plugin, you should use Woostify because this WooCommerce theme includes a product variation addon to help you with that.

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