Top 10 WooCommerce Push Notification Plugins

When it comes to the ever-changing world of eCommerce, maintaining a connection with your clients is necessary to boost sales and guarantee a consistent shopping experience. Push notifications are an efficient method that may be utilized to generate engagement with your audience. You can rapidly communicate with your consumers through the use of push notifications, which can be used to inform them about new items, promotions, discounts, or further order information. When it comes to WooCommerce, which is a well-known eCommerce platform for WordPress, using push notification plugins in your marketing approach can dramatically improve its effectiveness. To assist you in increasing both your sales and the level of connection with your customers, we have produced a list of the top ten WooCommerce push notification plugins.

1. PushEngage

You can deliver personalized messages to your WooCommerce customers with the help of PushEngage, which is a sophisticated plugin for push notifications. “PushEngage is a tool that assists you in effectively driving conversions and re-engaging consumers by providing features such as reminders for cart abandonment, tailored alerts based on user behavior, and customizable opt-in prompts. In addition, its powerful segmentation features enable you to personalize your communications by the preferences of the users, which guarantees improved engagement rates and more sales” says, Imran Khan, Director at Home Detail.

2. OneSignal

In addition to being a flexible push notification system, OneSignal is also compatible with WooCommerce integration. “The ability to send automated messages depending on user activities, segment your audience for targeted campaigns, and measure the performance of your notifications through extensive analytics are all features that are made available to you by the platform, OneSignal. Through the use of OneSignal, you can provide your customers with notifications that are pertinent and timely, thus improving their overall purchasing experience. In addition, the A/B testing component of this software enables you to optimize your communications for optimal efficacy, so guaranteeing that you are communicating the appropriate message to the appropriate audience” says, Derek Bruce, Manager at Cupid PR.

3. PushAlert

PushAlert is a robust plugin for sending push notifications that are designed to meet the requirements of entrepreneurs who run WooCommerce stores. PushAlert enables you to deliver tailored messages to your clients, which drives sales and increases revenue. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive capabilities allow you to carry out this task. The PushAlert platform enables you to maintain a connection with your audience, regardless of whether you are announcing a sale or advertising new products. The thorough reporting capabilities that it provides also make it possible for you to monitor important metrics like click-through rates and conversion rates, which gives you the ability to make decisions based on data to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Through its seamless integration with WooCommerce, PushAlert gives you the ability to send push notifications to users on their desktop computers as well as their mobile devices. According to Lauren Taylor, Manager at, “By providing you with features such as drip campaigns, real-time analytics, and customized notification templates, PushAlert gives you the ability to generate messages that are both interesting and impactful, making it possible to increase sales and maintain client loyalty. Additionally, its comprehensive scheduling capabilities enable you to send notifications at the most appropriate times, which leads to an increase in the possibility of consumer contact and conversion.”

4. PushAssist

“WooCommerce merchants are provided with the tools they require to effectively communicate with their audience through the usage of PushAssist, which is a push notification plugin that is user-friendly. There are a variety of tools that PushAssist provides to assist you in increasing conversions and income. These features include targeted promotions and reminders for abandoned carts. Through its user-friendly interface, you will have an easier time creating and managing your push notification campaigns” says, Sasha Quail, Business Development Manager of Furthermore, the multilingual support offered by PushAssist guarantees that you can communicate with customers from a variety of locations and demographics, so broadening your scope of influence and propelling your business forward.

5. PushCrew

“WooCommerce store owners who are interested in implementing push notifications frequently go with PushCrew as their platform of choice. PushCrew enables you to deliver targeted messages to your clients, which in turn drives traffic and sales to your online business even though its setup process is straightforward and offers a full collection of functions. It is simple to engage with your audience through the use of PushCrew, whether you are trying to announce flash sales or promote new products, asserts, Billy Webb, Managing Director at vapejuice. Additionally, its customizable opt-in prompts and subscription management features assure compliance with data protection rules while simultaneously increasing the level of participation expressed by subscribers.

6. WonderPush

“For WooCommerce retailers, WonderPush is a powerful push notification service developed specifically for them. WonderPush enables you to develop highly tailored campaigns that resonate with your audience by providing an interface that is simple to use and advanced targeting possibilities. Whether you are sending location-based notifications or targeting certain client segments, WonderPush can assist you in delivering messages that are relevant and drive results”  says, Timothy Allen, Director at Oberheiden P.C. Furthermore, its real-time analytics and reporting capabilities offer vital insights into the performance of the campaign, which enables you to iterate and refine your plans to have the greatest possible impact.

7. iZooto

“iZooto is a comprehensive platform for push notifications that gives users the ability to integrate with WooCommerce without any hassle. iZooto gives you the ability to interact with your clients during their whole buying experience by providing features such as warnings for cart abandonment, tailored recommendations, and automated triggers. In addition, the multi-channel features of iZooto make it possible for you to communicate with customers across a variety of devices and platforms, ensuring that your communication is both consistent and efficient.

8. PushBots

“The PushBots platform is a flexible push notification system that provides a smooth interaction with WooCommerce. PushBots gives you the ability to develop highly targeted campaigns that resonate with your audience by providing you with advanced targeting choices, templates that can be customized, and real-time data. The tools that you require to drive outcomes are provided by PushBots. These tools can be used to re-engage clients who have not been active for some time or to promote new offerings, says, Tim Parker, Director at Syntax Integration. In addition, its user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow make it less difficult to set up and maintain your push notification campaigns, which will save you both time and effort in the process.


To summarize, incorporating push notification plugins into your WooCommerce store can greatly boost the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and increase the number of sales you make. The best ten WooCommerce push notification plugins provide the capabilities and functionality needed to communicate with your audience effectively. Whether you want to re-engage with abandoned carts, promote new goods, or announce special offers, these plugins may help you achieve your goals. You can keep your customers interested and coming back for more by utilizing the power of push notifications, which allows you to provide timely and relevant messages. You may begin optimizing your eCommerce success right away by selecting the plugin that is the most suitable for your company’s requirements.

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