Meet Woostify: The powerful & free WooCommerce theme built for conversion rates

Today we are really excited to release Woostify our latest free WooCommerce theme for all WordPress users. Our goal of creating this theme is based on 2 core principles: easy customization and better conversion rates.

For the past 5 years in the market, we have built a successful premium theme business on Themeforest by selling more than 6000 licenses and keep increasing. We also developed many custom stores for our clients. Therefore, with all that experience in mind, we want to create a better UI/UX WooCommerce theme and easy customization for everyone. After 6 months of developing, designing and debating, Woostify 1.0 is ready for publishing now.

Let?s look through some of Woostify?s main features:

  • Mobile First design: Because it?s a must! One does not simply build a theme without making it mobile-friendly these days.
  • UI/UX Optimized: People won?t engage with your home page, click Add to cart button, or make a purchase unless the user experience design is user-friendly. This is incredibly important on the way to more purchases.
  • WooCommerce compatibility: Woostify is built on Storefront a default WooCommerce theme. It follows the standard to keep the theme run stable when the new WooCommerce plugin version release
  • Compatible with drag-and-drop builders: If you?re a fan of drag-and-drop content builders then I have some good news for you. Woostify will cooperate with your favorite one out the box.
  • SEO friendly: The code of Woostify was optimized to play well with all of SEO?s latest trends and requirements. Your store will have a higher rank on Google
  • Live customizer: Woostify supports WordPress? live customizer. This means that when you make changes, you?ll get to see them in real time Say goodbye refreshing the page over and over.
  • Starter Sites: Woostify comes with some demo stores with multiple designs so you can import it or get the inspiration

What’s unique about Woositfy- Free WooCommerce theme?


Firstly, we truely focus on the design, especially on the mobile responsive. If you plan on running a successful eCommerce website, or any website, you absolutely must concentrate on mobile users and consider mobile shopping. According to static in 2018, 80% of shoppers used a mobile phone inside of a physical store to either look up product reviews, compare prices or find alternative store locations. Not doing so is simply ignoring a majority of your potential customers.

UX(User experience)

The client won?t engage with your store, use your search box, click on add to cart button, or make a purchase unless the user experience design is user-friendly. UX design for e-commerce is incredibly important on the way to more purchases. With Woostify, it encourages user to make the purchase quickly from any pages with Ajax add to cart function

Starter Sites

Building a modern clothes store, a jewelry store or any kind of online stores is very easy with our built-in Starter sites. We’ve been building about 6 stunning demo sites with different styles for header, product grid, color, font, etc. You can create a new site exactly our demo with just single click

SEO Optimized & Fast Loading

To make sure that your site ranking well in the search engines so customers can find you. And clean, optimized code + smart design architecture is important for achieving the best rankings possible.

Google doesn’t love slow loading site as the user. They will not come back your site again when it takes long time to load. Therefore, We optimized the code by reducing Woostify size is just below 1MB and using minified javascript and CSS files.


What’s coming next?

Uploading to Now, you can download Woostify free WooCommerce theme from our official site directly but we want the theme to follow the standard and everyone can download and use the theme easily. Therefore, we’ve submitted the theme to the official theme directory and waiting for the approval.

Edited: Woostify theme is approved on

Pro Version: We also are working on a pro version that extends the theme feature with some advanced extensions

  • Sticky Header
  • Multiple Header styles
  • Multiple Product layouts
  • Elementor Bundle: product slider widget, add to cart button widget,…
  • Ajax Search, Ajax Add to cart in product single
  • White label
  • Much more…

Starter sites: We’ll release a new demo every month that cover almost of niches such as jewelry/accessories, demo/interior, Pets, Kids, etc. You can get the inspiration for your store or starting to build a new store with just a single click.

Final words on Woostify free WooCommerce theme

What can I say? I am excited that Woostify free WooCommerce theme gives users a free chance to build a fast, well-designed online store with the flexibility to have success in e-commerce. You can get Woostify by clicking the button below for free

If you have any questions about Woostify theme, just leave a comment below or send us a message on Contact page.

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