Upgrade Features: What is New in Woostify Pro 1.0?


In the last blog, we did mention and explain in detail about Woostify’s features and benefits. Some of you who downloaded and are using Woostify may get familiar with this Free & Powerful theme. But those who haven’t known about Woostify can learn more and download Woostify here.

In this article, we would like to introduce to you the advanced version of Woostify. It is Woostify Pro 1.0, a Powerful & Premium WooCommerce WordPress theme.

Besides all of the features and advantages of Woostify like Mobile First design, UX Optimized, WooCommerce compatibility, Compatible with drag-and-drop builders, SEO friendly, Live customizer, Starter Sites, Woostify Pro brings about a variety of outstanding and useful functions, including:

1. Sticky Header

Sticky header is a one of the most useful features available in Woostify Pro.

It will show the header in the top portion of your page when users scroll the page up or down. Therefore, you can easily take a quick access to the menu from any part of the page without any hassle.


To enable sticky header in Woostify Pro, you can follow this tutorial to get the detail instruction.

2. Multiple Header styles

With the support of Multiple Header styles, you can choose the most suitable Header style for your website from the list of headers Woostify Pro provides.

Here are some types of header Woostify Pro offers:


If you want to customize your header style, please read “How to customize Multiple Header styles“.

3. Multiple Product layouts

This feature of Woostify Pro will let you choose and customize the most appropriate product layout for your online store.

Below is an example of product style in Woostify Pro.


To edit this feature, let’s look through How to customize Multiple Product layouts.

4. Elementor Bundle

Elementor Bundle is one of the greatest features that only Woostify brings about. It includes a variety of interesting widgets, such as Products widgetProduct Category widgetProduct Slider widgetPosts widget, and Slider widget.


These widgets are considered helpful assistants for you customize your website much more easily.

Products widget helps you design your shop?s layout for your website.

Product Category widget supports you to create and customize Product Category Layout and Content.

Product Slider widget is really helpful because using this widget, you are allowed to display more products in a space than those whose stores are not supported Product Slider widget. Therefore, it will help to enhance your conversion rate.

Posts widget supports you to build your blog posts (both content and design) for your website.

In Slider widget, you can design and build your own slider for your site.

To make customization in this function, you can take a look at “How to customize Elementor Bundle.

5. Ajax Single Add to Cart

Ajax Single Add to Cart is an outstanding feature provided for users by Woostify. It is useful because it will have a big contribution to the increase in your conversion rate. It means that you can get more profit since more products are sold on your website.


To edit this feature, please go through How to customize Ajax Single Add to Cart.

6. Buy Now button

Like Ajax Single Add to Cart, Buy Now button also considerably contributes to boosting your conversion rate. Because when customers click on Buy Now button, they are navigated to the checkout page immediately. The faster the process of purchasing items is, the higher the rate of products sold is.


To enable this function, you may need to read How to customize Buy Now button.

7. Sticky Add to Cart

This useful feature of Woostify Pro allows users to create an add-to-cart floating button that stick at the bottom of your product page when the user scrolls down on mobile or tablet devices.


With this function, customers can easily add interesting products to the shopping cart immediately without scrolling up to Buy now or Add to cart button above, which may result in a higher conversion rate for your store.

To enable it in Woostify pro, you can take a look at the guide: how to activate Sticky Add to Cart.

8. Quick View

In Quick View, clients are allowed to have a quick view of your product details such as product description, price, category, tags, and larger product images, etc, without going to the WooCommerce product page


It is easy to activate Quick View in Woostify Pro with some clicks as shown in this instruction.

9. Advanced Shop Widget

Woostify Pro also comes with Advanced Shop Widget, an interesting feature. With this function, you can add more Shop?s attributes including more products? details, products? archive, etc.


To activate this function within minutes, you may need to take a look at this tutorial.

Final Words about Woostify Pro

Above is some brief introduction about Woostify Pro. In conclusion, with its highlight features, Woostify Pro will be an useful assistant for those who are using Woostify and are stuck in running their online store effectively. Woostify pro is released for you to download now.

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