Introducing Woostify Pro 1.5.7 – Smart Product Filter & Elementor Template Library

In this article, I will introduce to you 2 interesting features that Woostify 1.5.7 has been upgraded with.

The first one is the Smart product filter. The second one is the Woostify Elementor template library. Both of them can help you start a WooCommerce store more easily and more efficiently.

What is Smart Product Filter add-on?

Smart Product Filter is a premium addon of Woostify. It offers various filter options for you to add to your store and allows your customers to find out exactly what they’re looking for faster by using these filters!

Here are the core features:

  1. Filters by any criteria, attributes, taxonomies, prices, or other product data.
  2. Support 2 layouts vertical and horizontal layout
  3. Automatically adopts product data and shows only remaining filter term
  4. Work in default shop page and in custom shop pages using WooCommerce shortcodes
  5. Ajax loading, no need to refresh the page
  6. Optimized for mobile

Easy to set up Smart Product Filter

It is extremely simple to enable the Smart Product Filter add-on. All you need to do is going to Woosify Options, looking for Smart Product Filter, and click on Activate.


Default settings

On the settings page of Smart Product Filter, you need to set General Information and Style section.

In General, you can:

  • Layout: There are 2 types of layout for you to set for all filters: Vertical and Horizontal
  • Shortcode: This is the global shortcode of Woostify Smart product filter that includes the shortcode of all filters in your store. It is set by default and unchangeable.
  • Exclude: Tick this box if you do not want to include the Out of stock products in the filters
  • Index Data: You must check this option to make your setting indexed.
  • Last Update: This option shows the time of your last customization
  • Total Product Index: This is the total number of products applied filters.

Under the Style section, you can:

  • Enable or Disable Collapse option
  • Enable or Disable Scroll option
  • Change the Scroll Height
  • Select Item Count Color
  • Change the Color and Font Size of Filter Title and Text,
  • Change the size, text color, and background color of Button
  • Change the background color of Checkboxes
  • Change the background color and icon color of Radio
  • Change the color, background color, and border style of Input
  • Change the Primary and Secondary color and the UI handle of Ranger Slider
  • Change the border style of Visual

Use Shortcode to display product filters

As I mentioned earlier, Woostify Smart Product Filter provides users with a global shortcode and the shortcode corresponding to each product filter. To add products filters to the shop page, you just need to copy such codes and paste them in the place you wish. We use the shortcode to make it flexible and can easily adapt to any page builder.

The global shortcode is shown in the Shortcode section of the settings page.


The single product shortcodes are shown on the smart product filter list page.


Support 2 layouts

Create Smart Product Filter in Verticle sidebar


This is the basic configuration you can do with Woostify Smart product Filter. You can create various product filters and add them to the left sidebar of your shop page. All filters are displayed clearly, so customers can sort out the products easily.

Create Smart Product Filter in Horizontal layout

Another design you can choose to apply on your shop page is the product filter in a horizontal layout.

The process to make it done is changing from vertical to horizontal in the settings page and remove the sidebar in the Customizer settings.


Well integrate with Elementor

Create Smart Product Filter in Elementor interface

Elementor is a user-friendly page builder. Woostify comes with many features that have smooth integration with Elementor. In detail, WooBuilder and Woostify Smart Product Filter allow users to create a new WooCommerce shop page in Elementor and add product filters on it.

With this feature, you can place products filters on the left sidebar, on the right sidebar, and in the horizontal layout.


Below is an example of product filters placed on the right sidebar and created in the Elementor page builder.


Optimize product filter on mobile

No matter you are using the theme shop layout or the custom shop build with Elementor, the mobile view is ready with the filter sidebar. In the shop default layout, you can see the toggle button on mobile.

However, if you’re using Elementor to custom the shop layout, Woostify offers an interesting widget Woostify-Toggle Sidebar. It will automatically take out the sidebar from the desktop interface and make the sidebar hidden on mobile. That will make your site look more beautiful on mobile and provides customers better shopping experience.


Elementor template library

The second big upgrade of Woostify is that it offers users a library of multiple prebuilt templates, called Woostify Elementor template library. This can help users build up their WordPress eCommerce store faster and easier.

Various premade templates included

This template library includes all website elements (containing Header, Footer, Shop, and Blocks), and also gives users multiple choices of a full-website design.


It works like the Elementor premade templates; however, all Woostify pre-built layouts focus on eCommerce features and increasing sales. This is considered the easiest, fastest, and creative way to design eCommerce websites. Store owners can quickly build up a WooCommerce store by picking out any of the available templates and drop them anywhere you wish on your site.

To enable this feature, you just need to update Woostify Sites Library plugin to the latest version.


Get Woostify 1.5.7 for your website today!

Both Smart Product Filter and Elementor Template Library make the process of running a WooCommerce store easier.

Update the plugins to get the new features today!

If you have any problem, try to contact our support team

We are working on more exciting new features in the big version of Woositfy theme 2.0 that you are going to love. So stay tuned for future updates that are coming soon


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