Top 5+ WooCommerce product gallery plugins to boost sales

WooCommerce product gallery plugin

Improving the visual appearance of the product page is a thing every WooCommerce store owners want to implement. If you can do that effectively, it will greatly contribute to boosting sales.

Do you want to turn the gallery on your WooCommerce product page into a responsive stunning carousel slider? Good luck! You have come to the right place.

In this article, we will present you with a way to improve your product gallery using a plugin. With the best WooCommerce product gallery plugins we mention right now, you can make your product page more eye-catching and enticing.

First of all, let’s explore how to customize WooCommerce product galleries and find out why you need a plugin for your online store.

How to Customize WooCommerce Product Galleries?

  1. Navigate to the Products > All Products page from the WordPress dashboard. Here, you will see a list of all the products you have on your WooCommerce store. 
  2. Click on a product name to customize its product library.
  1. Now, scroll down until you see the Product Gallery meta box in the right sidebar. To create a new WooCommerce product gallery, click the Add product gallery images link.
  1. You can then choose to add one or more images to the new WooCommerce product library. To do so, select the photos you want and click the Add to Gallery button. You should add as many product images as possible because it gives your customers a better overall view of your product. 
  1. Once you are done, do not forget to update the product page. 

After adding additional images from the Product gallery meta box, they will be displayed as thumbnails on the product page.


You can click the zoom icon to open the images in a lightbox. Then you can zoom in on one of the images, make it full screen, and slide through the galleries using the arrow icons.

While the standard WooCommerce product gallery slider has some good features, it also has several drawbacks. It limits the number of images you can add and also has a limit on image adjustments. 

Another big problem with the standard WooCommerce product gallery is it slows down the products page if you add too many images. Also, you cannot add any videos.

Not only that, the zoom option in the default WooCommerce product gallery is not impressive as it does not really zoom in/out much. It also does not have any auto-play options for the slides.

In addition to the above disadvantages, the default WooCommerce product gallery also does not have a thumbnail slider. When you add more product images, they will be displayed in new lines, as shown below.

As mentioned in the beginning, an impressive product gallery for better visual appeal is critical to selling products in WooCommerce. And as you can see, the default WooCommerce product gallery is good. But it cannot meet all the demands of every store owner because it has some drawbacks, such as limits to the number of images, image adjustments, and slow load time.

This default feature is awesome, but it sometimes cannot meet all the demands of the store owners because it has some disadvantages such as limits to the number of images, image adjustments, and slow load time.

For this reason, people tend to seek a more flexible tool that can provide more features and functionalities for them to create an impressive product gallery.

So a single product gallery plugin is the best alternative in this case. If you choose the right plugin, it will perfectly showcase your images, remarkably enhancing your customer’s shopping experience and increasing sales. Top-rated gallery plugins will give you numerous options to customize the gallery and display as many variable products as possible. To meet demands that their suppliers could
have, every developer improves and promotes WordPress plugin.

Now let’s explore the striking features and functionalities of these powerful plugins!

Before introducing you to the best product gallery plugins for WooCommerce, we want to let you see the outstanding features that a gallery plugin often has.

  • Image slider/carousel: display images in a slider or carousel will help your visitors see different images of your products, thus telling customers all the things about your products. Besides, it makes the product page appeal visually.
  • Navigation support: navigation arrows, icons, and bullets will give your customers a chance to navigate through your product pages
  • Video support: a good WooCommerce gallery plugin will let you display the video for the product (often come with the autoplay mode). You can self-host them or play them from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Variable products: you should choose the plugin that supports both simple and variable products in your WooCommerce store.
  • Lightbox feature: If your plugin consists of lightbox options, it will help customers quickly see the product images while not waiting for the page to load.

Below is the list of top-ranking plugins that have most of the features above and are able to help build a good-looking gallery for WooCommerce.

1. WooCommerce Additional Variation Images


Key features

  • Easy to use and understand by beginners. 
  • Users can add extra gallery images per variation on the variable items.
  • Enables to easily switch between the various images of each product variation.
  • Completely responsive on all devices, including all phones and tablets.
  • Create a customizable gallery layout to ensure your new gallery is in line with the overall look and feel of your website.
  • Offers users to add videos with some products and items on their online store.

If you are in search of a plugin to add extra images to variable products to be able to showcase your products on your online store, then WooCommerce Additional Variation Images is a good option to try out. 

This plugin provides users with various basic functions such as allowing users to add extra images per variation on the variable products on your WooCommerce store. It also enables users to seamlessly switch between the images that are displayed for each product variation. 

Interestingly, adding additional images to your website’s gallery will not only increase the number of visitors for your website but will also increase your business revenue. Since some products are better displayed through a video, this plugin enables users to add videos through Youtube, Vimeo, or even self-host a video. 

In addition to this, the plugin comes with a thumbnail carousel slider option along with the control for thumbnail images slider position. This plugin is easy-to-use and can be used by beginners.


The basic version of this plugin will cost $4/month, whereas the Professional version will cost $10/month. 

WooCommerce product gallery plugin

Key features

  • Provide a responsive layout with two options, horizontal (free) and vertical (pro)
  • Allow navigating through the product page
  • Support slider autoplay
  • Offer lightbox features
  • Support infinite loop
  • Work well with premium themes, Elementor, and Visual Composer page builder.

Do you want to display many more images beautifully for your single product page? Then, Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce is a great choice for you. You get a chance to use many important features for free.

With the plugin, you can create a gallery that includes the images displayed in a product slider. So you can present your product with different views or add all the product variations to your product page. Then, your customers will see a series of images in sequence before deciding to purchase, which is so helpful for improving the user experience.

Apart from this main feature, the plugin provides users with many other features such as slider autoplay, responsive layout, different layout options, navigation support, lightbox control, and infinite loop. You can use some for free. But if you want to give your customers more experience, it is advisable to use the pro version.

Especially, it can be compatible with most premium themes and support popular page builders like Elementor, Divi, or Beaver Builder. It is so convenient for users!

In short, with lots of striking features, Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce is one of the most powerful tools for showcasing WooCommerce product images in a nice slider.


As said above, the plugin offers some basic free features. In case you want to enjoy the premium features, then buy the pro version at a cost of $39. Please see more here.


Key features

  • Create a gallery template or showcase products via different layouts
  • 4 gallery widgets are available
  • Select the way you want to showcase your products via gallery slider, grid, modern layout, or scrollable products view
  • Add galleries to shop pages or single product pages
  • Support lightbox, video, and zoom options
  • Variety of styling options
  • Support dynamic tags to pull images from the backend using the JetEngine plugin

Creating a beautiful and attractive product gallery is the key to letting your clients choose the needed product. Furthermore, using classic or modern layouts help to grab the client’s attention immediately.

JetProductGallery Elementor WooCommerce plugin allows building top-selling product galleries. Besides, custom layouts you are receiving lots of custom styling options to make the gallery fit your branding. You can upload images from Media Library or manually, add any content type to the website, and create an astonishing product showcase.

This WordPress product gallery plugin helps to add pagination to your product gallery to create clean navigation or add extra functionality. For instance, lightbox controls (full-screen mode, nav arrows, download or share buttons, or image counter) or video display options (autoplay or loop). 


The Standalone JetProductGallery plugin costs $15 per year, which includes 1-year updates and support. Also, you can opt for a Crocoblock subscription (starting from $130 yearly) to get all JetPlugins and dynamic templates.

WooCommerce product gallery slider

Key features

  • Offer a responsive layout, slider autoplay, infinite loop, image zoom, and navigation support
  • Let users add videos to the gallery
  • Have two gallery Layout options, including vertical and horizontal Slider
  • Enable lightbox for images and have three lightbox transitions effects
  • Show additional images for each product variation.
  • Give the option to show or hide display dots
  • Customize the video button background and background color of the icon.
  • Be mobile-friendly and compatible with premium themes

If you are hunting for a plugin that helps create an eye-catching and responsive product gallery for your WooCommerce store, then TP WooCommerce Product Gallery is definitely a perfect suggestion.

The free version of TP WooCommerce Product Gallery provides users with numerous basic features such as a responsive layout, horizontal slider, slider autoplay, image zoom, and navigation support. Besides, it offers three transition options between images in the lightbox. With this horizontal image slider, you also can customize lots of things, from the slide height to arrow types, and background colour.

As you can see, with a range of striking features, it’s so great to experience the free version, right?

But we must say that it is nothing compared to the pro version. Let’s see. The free version gives you only three transition options for lightbox control, but 30 options are what you will get from the pro version. That’s amazing!

Not only that, there will be two gallery layouts available for you, vertical and horizontal slider options. The TP WooCommerce Product Gallery Pro supports up to 4 zoom options, including hover, grab, click to activate, and click to toggle. More interestingly, video support is also included to improve customer experiences to the best. And there are still other pro features like the infinite loop, RTL support, and smooth image loading.


The plugin comes with both free and premium versions. Of course, to unlock the powerful features, you should consider using TP WooCommerce Product Gallery pro. To enjoy this version, you will have to spend an amount of at least $16.

WooCommerce product image gallery

Key features

  • Turn the gallery into a responsive carousel slider
  • Offer 150+ options to customize the product gallery and 8 one-click starter templates
  • Choose between horizontal and vertical layouts
  • Preview thumbnails in dots and bullets
  • Support autoplay, lightbox, and zoom settings
  • Choose from multiple arrow types and bullet styles
  • Support both simple and variable products

An attractive product gallery for the single product page is crucial to selling products. Especially, designing the gallery as a responsive carousel slider will be extremely helpful for attracting customers and improving conversions.

With Foxy – WooCommerce Product Image Gallery Slider Carousel, you will successfully cover this task. Apart from offering a responsive layout, the plugin lets you fully customize the product gallery by providing over 150 design and style options. You can add arrows, bullets, thumbnails, and previews to create a unique gallery. Besides, you get a chance to choose from 8 starter templates available for setting up the gallery.

The WooCommerce product gallery plugin also provides many other features that bring more excitement to your customers. For example, Preview Mode allows seeing the full-sized product images before adding the product to the cart while with Zoom options, customers can see them in detail. Similarly, numerous lightbox options and video support with the autoplay mode will help customers improve their shopping experiences when looking at your products.


To use all the great features of Foxy – WooCommerce Product Image Gallery Slider Carousel, you will pay only $21 with six months of support. It is a worthwhile investment, right?

6. Portfolio Designer

WooCommerce gallery plugin

Key Features

  • Infinite Layouts
  • Fully Customizable Admin Interface
  • Supports Single Portfolio
  • Unlimited Colors & Design Options
  • Inbuilt Fancybox
  • Enable/Disable Social Share
  • Video/Audio And Gallery Support
  • Responsive Design

Another exquisite WooCommerce responsive gallery plugin is Portfolio Designer. It allows users to build their portfolios, and galleries, and showcase them with the drag-and-drop functionality. Moreover, you can customize almost everything from typography to colors and background images.

This Portfolio Designer plugin has several magnificent layouts like the grid, masonry, carousel, and slider with unlimited design possibilities. From that, users can choose what suits their website best.

This plugin has 50+ fantastic predefined animation and hovers effects that create a unique portfolio design and engagingly showcase the work to captivate the client’s gaze spontaneously.

The Portfolio Designer plugin supports WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download plugin. It includes splendid layouts where a user can showcase digital products and add selling details with the buy now button. The plugin also supports new custom post types with image and audio-video thumbnails.

It is the complete solution for WordPress users to build a superb gallery or portfolio layout.


The portfolio designer plugin has a free version. If you find it fit for your requirement then, get it from the platform. Meanwhile, the premium plugin has all the functionalities with a lifetime license for one website and future updates for just $39.

WooCommerce product image gallery plugin

Key Features

  • Offer a responsive layout with three available options
  • Provide numerous features such as slide autoplay, lightbox, navigation, image zoom
  • Support unlimited images of all product variations
  • Give users video options
  • Work well on all devices
  • Support any standard WooCommerce WordPress theme and Elementor Theme Builder

WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a way of building a nice-looking product gallery with unlimited images for their single product pages.

The plugin comes with three layout options horizontal bottom thumbs, vertical left thumbs, and vertical right thumbs. No matter which option you choose, it will be a responsive layout that provides your customers with good navigation on the page.

With this WooCommerce product gallery plugin, you also can let your customers zoom in on all the images so that they will see every product detail. We bet that your customers will love this feature very much while exploring the products in your store. Besides, because the plugin allows displaying variable products, then you can post product images of different colors, sizes, and other attributes.

What makes the plugin stand out compared to other plugins is the option to display videos. Videos are often even more engaging than images. If you add a video to the gallery, it will make your customers more excited to explore. Then, it is more likely that they will buy that product.

What’s more, considered lightweight, easy to use, and developer-friendly, WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider deserves to be listed as one of the best gallery slider plugins to increase conversion rates and sales.


To enjoy all the awesome features of the WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider plugin, you will have to spend $26 with six-month support from the developer.

WooCommerce product gallery images

Key features

  • Come with a responsive layout
  • Provide two gallery layout options, horizontal and vertical sliders
  • Configure slider and video autoplay
  • Offer different zoom and lightbox options
  • Give several options to customize slider arrows
  • Support variable products
  • Support touch and wipe options

The last WooCommerce product gallery plugin we want to mention in this article is Advanced WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider. As a lightweight, responsive and easy-to-use plugin, it is regarded as the number one choice for those who need to build a product gallery with many exciting features and functionalities.

This plugin comes in two versions, free and premium. Both of them let you choose from the two gallery layout options, horizontal or vertical sliders. You will have several options to customize the slider arrow. The slider autoplay options are also available for use. In addition, they allow navigating through your product pages.

Nevertheless, the premium version, of course, brings users more amazing features. While the free version supports a few lightbox effects for thumbnails, the pro version provides up to 10 lightbox options. Video support is also a highlight of this version. What’s more, it supports variable products with different variations such as colour, size, and style.

In short, having great compatibility with most premium themes, Advanced WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider should be considered using. With a number of remarkable features, the WooCommerce product gallery plugin promises to make your WooCommerce product page gallery much more spectacular.


If you find that the free version can meet your demand, simply go to to download and install the plugin for free. Meanwhile, if you choose to use the premium version, it costs only $15 with unlimited support.

Which WooCommerce product gallery plugin is the best choice?

Enhancing the quality of the product gallery will considerably help improve the customer experience. All the plugins mentioned above are of high quality, so they can help you a lot. Some of them come with both free and premium versions. Something free is a good thing. But to get the most important features, we recommend using the premium ones.

That being said, all the plugins in our post mainly help build the gallery for single product pages. If you want to look for a plugin to create images for the whole website, you can refer to the top list of Image Gallery Block Plugins.

Hope that you will have the right plugin for your WooCommerce store. Thanks so much for spending time on your post. For any questions or contributions, please leave your comments in the box below.

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Anthony Ferrara
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I have been searching for a good WooCommerce product gallery plugin from the last 2 weeks and have read several blogs and reviews at this time. I have found your post very much helpful on this topic and it has helped me a lot to choose the right one for my eCommerce site.

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