Big Updates in Woostify Pro 1.7.8 & Woostify theme 2.2.3: White Label Branding and New Setting Page

With this new update of Woostify, we expect to take your website to the next level. Right now, we’ll let you see how the improvements in Woostify Pro 1.7.8 & Woostify Theme 2.1.3 will change your website.

Here are our two updates that promise to bring great satisfaction to all Woostify users:

  • White Label branding for Woostify Pro 1.7.8
  • New Setting Page in Woostify theme 2.1.3

White Label – the Most Anticipated Feature of Woostify users

Woostify Pro 1.7.8 released one of the greatest features many Woostify users are waiting for. So why are they so interested in White Label?

Sometimes, the theme and add-ons from Woostify only serve as third-party products. Woostify users will use our products as a solution for their own projects. They utilize Woostify products for a certain stage while implementing their projects; then may develop them in their own way. Therefore, they need the White Label branding feature that gives them more freedom and flexibility. It is just one case of using White Label branding. People can use this feature for different purposes.

As the name suggests, this add-on will help white labeling, meaning removing the Woostify brand from all of its products. Besides, you can place your brand name on any Woostify products using White Label branding.

Enable White Label in the Add-ons tab and start white labeling for your business.

In the Woostify White Label settings, you’ll replace Woostify information with yours, such as agency details, names, descriptions, links, and screenshots.

The add-on also provides users with an option to hide the White Label add-on. This option will be useful to avoid the case someone else (for example, your customers) sees, edits, or loses the information you set up before that in the add-on.

Please visit our doc to read more about how to use the White Label feature.

New Woostify Setting Page for Better Experience

Woostify theme 2.1.3 has updated some changes on the dashboard to give users better experiences.

First, on the left menu of the dashboard, to explore Woostify features, you Woostify instead of Woostify Options as before.

You will be taken to a page as shown in the image below. There will be four tabs, including Dashboard, Add-ons, Starter sites, and Changelog.

The first change is in the Dashboard tab, apart from Customizer Settings with customization options and the Go to Customizer link, other parts change a lot.

Below Customizer Settings is the Active Add-ons part where only enabled add-ons are shown (instead of all the Woostify add-ons as before). You will click View All Add-ons to see a full list of Woostify add-ons.

On the right side are Your License Key, Document, Community, and Support.

The next tab is Add-ons where all add-ons are displayed. Here you tap the button at the bottom right corner of the add-ons to enable them.

If you want to enable all of them, click on Activate all. Similarly, Deactivate all to turn off all the add-ons.

Here add-ons are also classified into different categories, which helps users quickly find the type of add-on they want.

Next to the Add-ons tab is the Starter Sites tab where you can activate Woostify site library.

The last change of this version is the presence of Changelog. Now you don’t need to go to to see our changelog. On your website, visit the Changelog tab to see all the updates of the Woostify theme and Woostify Pro over time.

Hope that our White Label branding feature and new updates on the Woostify setting page will be helpful for your business. The Woostify team always tries our best to offer you new improvements. Follow us to wait for more exciting updates next time.

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