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White Label

White Label helps remove Woostify and its brand identity from its products so that purchasers can show the Woostify theme and add-ons as their own. The add-on provides you with the option to replace our brand name with yours throughout the website. This is aimed at claiming that these products are developed by you and only you.

In order to make the White Label function work for your site, you need to follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Enable the White Label add-on

Visit the Woostify section on the left menu. Then, click on the Add-ons tab or View All Add-ons.

After that, scroll down to find White Label and turn on the button to activate the White Label add-on. You also click on the settings icon to set up the add-on.

Step 2: Set up White Label

To set up the add-on, please cover the fields below:

  • Agency Details: replace the information on Woostify with your Agency Author, Agency Author URL, and Agency Licence Link.
  • Woostify Theme Branding: fill the boxes with your Theme Name, Theme Description, and Theme Screenshot URL.
  • Woostify Pro Branding: change Woostify Pro into your Plugin Name, and Plugin Description.
  • Woostify Site Library Branding: cover the fields with a new Plugin Name, Plugin Description, and Summary text to make Woostify Site Library your own.
  • White Label Settings: tick the box to enable the Hide Branding option. Once the option is applied, White Label will disappear from the add-on list.

As you can see, after selecting this option, the White Label add-on no longer exists in the add-on list of the product.

In case you want to show the add-on again, go to Plugins and deactivate the Pro Branding you’ve created.

Then, your Pro Branding will be changed back to Woostify Pro. Please activate Woostify Pro if you want to bring the White Label add-on back.

Step 3: See how your White Label settings work

Refresh the page so that you will find that the Woostify theme brand is removed and your brand is updated after your settings.

You also can see your theme brand, pro brand, and site library brand updated in the Plugins sections.

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