Top 11 Best Selling Print On Demand Products

best selling print on demand products

You need goods to sell when you run an online business. Selling your customers customized, one-of-a-kind products is now a breeze with print-on-demand.

The best part about print-on-demand products is that you can work with a third-party printer to fulfill the order, which will free you of the burden of handling the product after the sale.

If you’ve already found a product source and want to pursue this business path.

So, the most important aspect to note is what print-on-demand things are exactly hot right now.

Don’t need to go further than this post! If you’re just getting started, here are 11 best selling print on demand products.

What Are Print-on-Demand Products?

Print on demand (or POD) can be defined as a way to sell unique, made-to-order goods with your own designs. This is a type of dropshipping, an eCommerce order fulfillment strategy. A customer purchases a product with your design on it, you generate the artwork, and a third-party printing service produces and fulfills the order.

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best selling print on demand products
Best selling print on demand products

One major benefit of working with one of the many print-on-demand businesses, including design sprint services, is that you don’t spend money on a product until you make a sale.

The majority of print-on-demand products are common things that can be customized to meet specific customer needs. Once the printing facility has received the requirements, all that is left for you to do is design and publish a print-on-demand product design to your online store.

11 Best Selling Print On Demand Products Today


Thanks to being universal in use, T-shirts are undoubtedly one of the best selling print on demand products.

T-shirts - trending print on demand products
T-shirts – trending print on demand products

In fact, there is never a bad time to launch online T-shirt print-on-demand companies. T-shirts can be worn all year round, making them a very versatile type of clothing.

Therefore, you should ensure your ideas stand out from the crowd to attract customers.

Additionally, if you’re selling T-shirts or any other kind of clothes, be sure to provide a sizing guide. You can include a direct link to your sizing chart in the product description or refer to it from the product page.

Yoga Products

Yoga products - best print on demand products
Yoga products – best print on demand products

While yoga has been increasingly popular over the years, all-over print Yoga products such as Yoga pants and Yoga mats have also become trending print-on-demand products.

One of the best selling print on demand products to add to your store is unquestionably this one. Yoga products are excellent for showing designs or enriching home décor, and they give people a great opportunity to express their styles through their clothing.


Hoodies - most popular print on demand products
Hoodies – most popular print on demand products

Trendy print-on-demand product ideas like hoodies are always a boom whenever the winter comes since they are cozy and can be seen in the closets of millions of people.

Obviously, it’s an item that people wear more frequently when the weather is colder, but don’t forget about the gym goers, the couch potatoes, or anyone else who enjoys the coziness of a hoodie.

Phone cases

Custom phone cases from a POD service make it simple to launch a phone case business. When compared to jewelry or clothing, they are easier to make, can be customized, and have higher profit margins.

Phone cases - POD products
Phone cases – POD products

Moreover, people always demand phone cases, no matter whether they’re purchasing a new phone or simply upgrading. Every year, there is a consistent need for phone cases, with demand peaks throughout the holiday season.


Mugs - best print on demand products to sell
Mugs – best print on demand products to sell

Everybody owns a mug. They are a home staple with year-round value, making them one of the best selling print on demand products thanks to their wide use and flexibility.

Most often, print-on-demand mugs are given as gifts on significant days like birthdays and anniversaries.

The demand as well as competition for customized mugs is surging! You just need to put your design carefully to create unique print-on-demand products, that’s all!

Tote Bags

Tote bags - unique print on demand products
Tote bags – unique print on demand products

One of the most popular print-on-demand goods is tote bags. Totes have recently gained appeal as a trendy solution for disposable plastic bags, making them a go-to item for many people.

Tote bags are print-on-demand products that are incredibly stylish, incredibly sustainable, and environmentally beneficial. They are an excellent replacement for plastic bags, which have recently been restricted in several nations as a result of the anti-plastic movement.


One of the most widely used and best selling print on demand products is the sticker. From kids and students to artists and professors, the target audience of stickers is diverse.

Stickers - best print on demand product ideas
Stickers – best print on demand product ideas

You could even utilize marketing to support other organizations or festivals that are dear to your heart by coming up with eye-catching artwork or topical stickers.


Posters - top selling print on demand products
Posters – top selling print on demand products

Posters are one of the top trending print-on-demand products worldwide.

If you want to sell your work online, you don’t have to sell pricey oil paintings or abstract canvases. You can create posters from your drawings that the general public can purchase, not just a small segment of buyers.

When it is a topic that netizens are interested in, high-quality print-on-demand posters sell incredibly well and can also bring in a large profit.

People that enjoy music, movies, and art, and are actively involved in the minimalist art movements are quite open to posters.


Towels - personalized print on demand products
Towels – personalized print on demand products

Another high-quality product you can white label and sell online is customized towels. Bath towels, beach towels hand towels, and other towels could all be made attractively. 

Since the start of the epidemic, there has been an increase in interest in towels, although demand has remained steady over the past five years.

Engraved Jewelry

Jewelry comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and is frequently compact and light, which makes it perfect for shipping. Plus, it makes the ideal canvas for customized engravings and artwork. Not to mention, there is sufficient demand for jewelry all year long.

Engraved jewelry - custom printed products
Engraved jewelry – custom printed products

There are numerous options available when it comes to jewelry design. You can create bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry. Any item that has charms is ideal since you can engrave images and text on them. They are also wonderful presents.

Wall Art

Wall art - best selling print on demand products 2022
Wall art – best selling print on demand products 2022

High-quality wall art and other items for home décor have always drawn buyers.

Wall art offers a tonne of flexibility, making it the ideal print-on-demand product concept.

Everyone aspires to have their homes, workplaces, and classrooms specialized to their needs and tastes. Make your company and your customers’ homes stand out by providing them with something special and distinctive.

Above is the list of the best selling print on demand products that give you perfect options. But, the note below is also worth your attention.

You should be careful to steer clear of specific POD products that are moving down because demand for print-on-demand products fluctuates over time.

For example, face mask sales are inevitably declining as the world recovers from the virus, and stationery sales have fallen significantly as people switch to utilizing technology.

In other industries, like phone cases, the market is overcrowded, making it difficult to establish your brand in the crowded online world. Nevertheless, if you do get your mind made up about these goods, be sure to effectively market them on your site and on social media.

Don’t forget to do more research on Google to see specifically which custom-printed products are trending down or advised not to invest at the moment.

5 Best Tips for Marketing These Best Selling Print On Demand Products

With only those 11 best selling print on demand products, we bet you will get no clue where to start marketing them. Then, keep reading to get what you should know about marketing print-on-demand products.

Know your target audience

You should identify your target audience before you take any action.

how to find your target audience
How to find your target audience

Segments, often known as buckets in marketing, will make up your target audience. Although they are slightly different in type, each group enjoys your products.

For example, a 20-year-old would, for the most part, not be engaged in the same tastes as a 40-year-old. Perhaps the younger customers would choose some of your more racy shirts, but the senior customer might prefer a present like a custom-printed pen or mug.

You can develop specialized marketing strategies when you are aware of your target market. They are more receptive to your offer when your marketing campaign feels tailored to an audience member’s tastes, preferences, and pain points.

You can then promote your items as the remedy by becoming aware of the problems that your audience is experiencing.

To begin with, it’s acceptable if your target market has more all-encompassing hobbies, such as printed t-shirts or pens. You’ll want to focus on a specific specialty as you develop as a marketer and focus on your intended market.

Optimize your store

In the same way that you would optimize print-on-demand websites, you can now optimize your print-on-demand stores.

A website that has been optimized will load quickly, look beautiful on mobile devices, and stick to SEO best practices for a high Google rating.

You can explore keywords and evaluate the competition using a tool like Google Keyword Planner.

Use the relevant keywords you have identified in your copy. Prevent keyword stuffing as well, when you include a keyword as frequently as the available space permits in the hopes of improving its ranking.

By the way, there is no guarantee that your keywords will be relevant. You should upgrade your print-on-demand store and refresh your keyword research every few months.

Create a social media visibility

The following phase in the promotion is to create a presence through social media. No, you shouldn’t use your own social media accounts for this; instead, create real profiles for your print-on-demand company on Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube.

social media marketing for print on demand businesses
Social media marketing for print-on-demand businesses

How then do you treat them? Numerous stuff!

If you feel willing to share your designs at this early stage, you can share works in progress. You can post images to make your audience excited when a new design is going to launch on your print-on-demand store.

Social media provides a valuable chance to interact with your audience and answer any questions or comments they may have. This will help to develop and strengthen these connections and encourage customer retention.

Use Reviews as Testimonials

Expect reviews because it is our nature to share our thoughts about anything these days. There will be some good and some not-so-good. That is inevitable and happens every day

But don’t just start removing unfavorable remarks. People will take notice, and they won’t want to do business with you again because of it.

Concentrate more on the good comments because they will help you advance. Once you have a number of evaluations, you might choose two or three of the best to use as testimonials on your print-on-demand store page.

Try to contact the reviewer if you can to acquire their consent before proceeding. If you want to keep some privacy, you can always call the customer by their first name and last initial.

Pay for advertising

The main method for businesses and brands to reach consumers is through advertising. Today, you may reach hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously using Google ads or any other online advertising services, while television and radio advertising isn’t as effective options as they previously were.

Which print-on-demand product you should choose to sell?

Starting with the best selling print on demand products above is a terrific way to grow your business or get into the eCommerce market.

Before digging into toe into print-on-demand world, remember to check our ultimate guide on WooCommerce print on demand to gain a better understanding. In addition, it is necessary to know how to connect Printful to WooCommerce which is an essential step when setting up a print-on-demand business.

Focus on selling products that increase traffic and sales, make your profit margins high enough to cover your advertising costs, and make long-term marketing and business strategy investments.

Learning exactly which designs and things your niche will like will take a while. Be patient, and try other things! Most importantly, enjoy yourself!

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