Top 7 Print On Demand Coffee Mugs Companies For WooCommerce

print on demand coffee mugs companies

With little initial investment, you now can launch a very lucrative and low-risk business called print on demand.

Is selling mugs profitable? The worldwide cup and mug industry will reportedly hit an estimated value of $27.23 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 9.0 percent from 2021 to 2028, predicts Data Bridge Market Research.

Many Americans have been inspired by the rise in demand for print on demand goods to establish. Until now, it continues to be quite fragmented and open to newbies.

Undoubtedly, one way to make money online is by selling mugs profitable.

With that in mind, this post will list the 7 best WooCommerce print on demand coffee mugs companies that provide them at competitive prices with quick delivery to help you start profitably selling these products online.

What Are Print on Demand Companies?

Print on demand (or POD) is considered to be a type of dropshipping model where the retailer collaborates with the supplier to design white-label goods such as T-shirts, hoodies, bags, mugs, etc, and then sell them using your brand name once the order is placed. 

This means you don’t have to acquire and maintain inventory in large quantities or pay for any goods before it has been sold.

Print on demand companies refer to businesses that offer a full eCommerce fulfillment solution including product sourcing and warehousing, product printing, product packing, and order shipment to customers.

With print on demand, everything you have to do is make attractive designs, set up your goods, and market them online. The rest of the work will be handled by the print on demand provider.

Types of Print on Demand Companies

Generally, there are two types of print on demand businesses:

  • Prin on demand services: This type of business enables you to offer your goods both on your website and on 3rd platforms like Etsy.
  • Print on demand marketplaces: This type of business is a specialized site where you can sell your product designs among those of other sellers.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Print on Demand Coffee Mug Company

Before selecting the top print on demand coffee mugs companies from our list, there are a few things to keep in mind. The following are a few of these:

Mug Types

It’s usually a good idea to choose a company that sells a selection of mugs if you don’t already have a particular style of mugs you want to begin selling. As a result, you can easily try out other ideas and plans.

Quality of Mugs

Customer satisfaction is strongly impacted by the quality of the product, particularly for printed items.

To ensure great quality to offer your customers the best-customized mugs to get what they pay for and desire, you can purchase sample POD mugs from your favorite print on demand business.

After all, it’s important to work with a print on demand coffee mugs provider that offers samples.

Alternatively, you can also look for reviews of print on demand businesses to see how good their products are.

Cost of Mugs

We recommend checking out many brands of similar mugs to discover the best balance between price and quality available on the market.

While some print on demand firms offer products of extremely high quality, they also charge prices that may prevent you from making money when you sell them. Some provide products at incredibly low costs with excellent quality that you simply cannot pass up.

Lead time & Shipping Time

98% of customers claim that shipment delays have an effect on brand loyalty. Instead, if your goods arrive sooner than anticipated, buyers will give you a higher rating.

So it’s crucial to choose print on demand businesses that can deliver orders to your target audience quickly.

Production Potential

Find a print on demand coffee mugs partner who can meet your needs, even if you only get 1000 orders per month. You and your buyers may have to wait even longer to receive the items if you hire firm dropshipping coffee mugs with limited production capacity. This might lead to negative consumer feedback.

Personalized branding

If you give your shoppers an amazing and unforgettable unboxing experience, they’ll be more likely to visit your company again.

Additionally, you might also want to develop your brand awareness in their minds as soon as they receive the goods, so be sure to consider this aspect when picking print on demand businesses.


A platform that enables integration with big platforms might significantly simplify your life as you work to expand your firm to new consumers in the future.

For that reason, many brands have chosen partners that integrate with many major platforms, especially WooCommerce. Read on this ultimate guide to make money online with WooCommerce print on demand.

7 Best Print On Demand Coffee Mugs Companies and Sites


Printful - print on demand coffee mugs

The first print on demand coffee mugs company on our list is Printful!

Printful supports you to create and dropship custom mugs online and focuses on putting your unique ideas into high-quality products.

There are 305+ top-quality items available, no limited minimum order quantity, and no advance fee. Thanks to these benefits, it stands out from other top-ranking print on demand businesses today.

Additionally, Printful’s network of fulfillment centers is dispersed across North America, Europe, and partner sites in Japan and Australia, enabling it to ship around 80% of purchases to the same zone they are ordered in, therefore reducing freight costs without compromising fast shipping times.


  • Support personalized package inserts, labels, and packing slips
  • Discounts of between 5 and 9 percent each month for retailers that hit certain sales goals and discounts of up to 30 percent off for bulk purchases
  • Integration of print on demand with numerous platforms


  • Order fulfillment may take up to 7 business days


  • Product costs: Start at $7.95
  • Shipping fees: Start from $6.99 (US), $5.89 (EU), and $9.99 (Asian countries)


Printify - best print on demand coffee mugs

One of the most well-known print on demand businesses, Printify boasts the largest worldwide print network.

It is regarded as the least expensive print on demand dropshipping partner for personalised various mugs. Besides, its extensive partner network and smart routing capabilities facilitate heavy traffic loads and stable scalability.

Despite giving eCommerce site owners the opportunity to offer 300+ high-quality goods, Printify is free to use. With Printify’s free design tools, eCommerce store owners can quickly know how to print on a coffee mug and add unique designs to a variety of mugs.

You can easily link your store with Printify, just like you can with other print on demand businesses, whether you run a WooCommerce store or even a store on Etsy, Shopify, etc.


  • Refund policies and good customer service from the seller
  • Student, seasoned influencer, and creator-specific solutions
  • Free design tool


  • Up to 7 business days are required for production
  • Doesn’t offer options for customized labeling and packaging


  • Product cost: From $4.63 ($3.56 for premium)
  • Shipping fees: From about $4.5 (US) and $6.9 (other regions)


how to print on a coffee mug with CustomHappy

CustomHappy was established in the USA in 2016 and initially operated as an Etsy shop offering the best print on demand mugs.

It quickly saw the value of the print on demand sector, employed personnel, increased production capacity, and constructed warehouses. As a result,  it is currently recognized as a reliable printer for mugs, beer steins, water bottles, and candles.

The firm can produce more than 1,000 mugs every day with an average inaccuracy rate of 3%.


  • Swift international delivery with UPS, DHL, USPS, and so on
  • Can ship things in bulk to Amazon FBA
  • Process orders using widely used credit and debit cards


  • Shipping costs outside the US are exorbitant
  • The integration simply takes existing orders from most marketplaces; it does not list any items
  • Does not support shipping items with custom labels


  • Product cost: From $4.75
  • Shipping fees: From $5.95 (US) and $20 (other countries)


Camaloon - best print on demand mugs

Camaloon is well known for its wide selection of eco-friendly print on demand promotional products.

Besides bamboo mugs, Camaloon also offers a variety of eco-friendly items such as organic cotton t-shirts, steel bottles with cork lids, organic cotton bags, wooden calendars, ecological notebooks with recycled cardboard covers, wooden wall clocks, and more.

Since its founding in Spain in 2011, the business has earned the trust of both modestly sized and even internationally renowned companies like Airbnb, Ubisoft, IKEA, Zara, and Booking.


  • Delivery to other countries via UPS and DHL. The majority of goods reach Europe in 5 to 9 days
  • Orders are processed within 48–72 hours
  • Offer custom branding
  • Dependent on your sales volume, a discount of 2.5 to 12 percent
  • Pay via bank transfers, Visa, and Mastercard
  • Sync up with WooCommerce and Shopify


  • Orders may take at least 30 days to arrive in non-US/EU nations
  • High shipping costs outside the US and EU


  • Product cost: Starting from $5.31
  • Shipping fees: From $5-$10


selling mugs online with SPOD

SPOD, standing for Spreadshirt Print On Demand, is owned by Spreadshirt Global, a well-known German eCommerce company with more than 20 years of experience. It is one of the top print on demand businesses for cups and mugs in the industry.

SPOD provides a really straightforward procedure that helps eCommerce company owners.

Like all other print on demand coffee mugs companies, SPOD handles all aspects of printing, packaging, and order fulfillment so you can focus on selling.

The business can inspect, routinely test, process, and produce up to 50K orders per day at 5 manufacturing sites spread across the USA and Europe run by 750+ staff.

9.8 million goods were shipped by SPOD in 2020, and 95% of orders were delivered within 48 hours.


  • Multiple language support
  • Discount of 20% on samples


  • No solutions for personalized labeling and packaging.


  • Product cost: From $7.29
  • Shipping fees: Standard shipping starts at $4.5; premium shipping is $5.6, and express shipping is $16.33


PrintBest - best customized mugs

PrintBest is owned by SinaLinet, a family-operated wholesale print on demand mugs USA studio with 100,000 square foot facilities. This studio invested more than 20 million USD in cutting-edge technology.

In order to enter the print on demand industry, the business launched PrintBest in 2020. Since then, it has served more than 14.5K clients and 300K purchases.

The platform helps you make print on demand mugs with your logos and graphics to begin selling mugs online.


  • Quick delivery through FedEx or UPS
  • Pay via Printbest Wallet, credit cards, and Paypal
  • Connect to Etsy, Shopify, and WooCommerce


  • Ship to only the US and Canada
  • A maximum of five business days for the manufacture
  • No options for branding
  • Lack a large range of mug and cup styles


  • Product cost: Start at $6.81
  • Shipping fees: $9.99 and more


Merchize - pod mugs

Merchize is the last print on demand coffee mugs company on this list.

This is an outstanding company with a full range of printing services along with a ready-made drop-shipping storefront solution that makes it simple to handle orders throughout various online marketplaces. These print on demand services also sync up, complete, and track information.

Direct-to-garment, UV printing, cut-and-sew heat transfer sublimation, and laser cutting are just a few of the printing methods supported by the platform’s 43,000 square-foot Vietnamese production facility.

In terms of the selection of the mug, Machine provides you access to 150+ different options, like accent mugs, couple mugs campfire mugs, and print on demand ceramic mugs.


  • Worldwide delivery takes 4–20 days
  • Pre-built stores that are quick and SEO-optimized with SSL certificates, strong marketing capabilities, 2-day payments, and customer service management
  • Discounts of 20% are offered for sample goods
  • Pay using Payoneer or Paypal


  • Items could take 10 days to make
  • No service for personalized packing or labeling


  • Product cost: Starting from $5.5
  • Shipping fees: From $7 (US), $13.1 (EU), and $19.3 (other regions)

For a final word,

The print on demand industry is getting more and more expanding and giving a profitable chance for anyone looking to launch a side business but hesitant to risk hard-earned cash.

Choose the print on demand coffee mugs company from the top 7 listed above that best fits your niche, and establish your WooCommerce print on demand business. Even if your business fails, you will just lose a little portion of the money you spent on marketing and sales. It is noted that before selecting the print-on-demand company, make sure to have the fastest WooCommerce theme and powerful plugins that help operate your store smoothly.

Just keep in mind that missing a chance is always worse.

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