Improvements in Woostify 1.8.5 and Woostify Pro 1.5.0

In the newest version of Woostify 1.8.5 and Woostify Pro 1.5.0, we’ve continued to add new updates and improvements like Search Engine for Ajax Product Search, new Elementor addons, and a new option for Menu Cart Icon while adding new functionality you’ll love to an existing widget. Ready to find out more? Check out our latest updates.

Ajax Product Search Addon: 10x faster

The first Woostify update in the new version is that we offer much faster ajax product search addon.

With Woostify, we care so much about the speed, even the product search feature. In this new version, we apply an inverted index-based search engine that helps improve the search loading 10x faster than the previous version.

To enable the search engine, you can go to Woostify Options > Ajax Product Search and click Index Data button

You only need to click Index data one time. When editing or adding a new product, the Index data will run automatically from the backend. In case, you import the products from other lists, you should click the Index data button manually.

Test with 10000 products

Header Footer builder Addon (Elementor)

We added the display location option for the Header Footer builder. It means you can create multiple headers/footers and assign them to different pages as you want.

Now you can also make the sticky header directly in Elementor. It’s very helpful when you have multiple sections in the header.

Elementor Addons: Rewrite product widgets

This is another important update for Elementor addons, we rewrite the current product widgets with the new query to make the widgets are faster and better UI.

This update affects the current widgets so we created the new widgets and moved the old widgets to the Deprecated tab.

The deprecated widgets will stay there but they will be removed in the future so I recommend picking the new widgets on your site as soon as possible

Ajax Add To Cart: Disable on specific category/tag

Ajax add to cart is our unique feature of Woostify theme that helps users add the product to the cart without reloading entire the site each time. However, because of technical reasons, this feature couldn’t work well with some product add-on plugins.

In this version, we add an option in the category/tag page to disable the Ajax add to cart. Then users can disable this feature on a product that they want

Cart Icon: subtotal & zero value

The subtotal now can appear beside the cart icon as below:

When enable Hide Zero Value options, the value on the cart icon only appears when has item in the cart

Support theme sidebar for Elementor page

In the previous versions, we disable the theme sidebar completely on an Elementor page. But some users still want to have the theme sidebar along with an Elementor page. If you don’t want to see the theme sidebar on an Elementor page, make sure you disable it from the Customizer

Other updates for 2021

There are also small updates include bug fixes and the plugin integration that you can check on the change log.

This is our first big update in 2021 and this is not the end. In this year, we’ll focus on our goals such as the Smart product filter add-on, Guttenberg block, and Woostify 2.0. If you have any suggestion, feel free to submit on our Feature request page

Stay stunned for the updates throughout this year.

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3 years ago

Wahh !
Not only do you react fast, but you also give improvements that drive us to think about our process.
Keep up ! 🙂

3 years ago

Great updates to a great theme. I’ve been using Woostify on client websites for a little over a month now and I love how clean and crisp everything is.

I have one question, is the limit on the number of products in the Woostify Products widget for Elementor still 6? If so, is there any way to increase it?

Reply to  Dylan Ngo
3 years ago

Hello again!

Sorry I wasn’t clear before, but I’m actually looking to increase the number of columns to 12 (the current limit is set to 6) because I’ve implemented a netflix style side scrolling section for the best selling products on the home page.

If I just increase the number of products in the query, when there are more than 6 products they start to appear in multiple rows, which breaks the look I’m trying to develop.

3 years ago

Hey team, with the new product slider update, I am no longer able to select a category to display when using “Manual Selection” in the Query setting area. Is this on purpose? I was able to do this earlier, now I can only select products with Manual Selection.

3 years ago

thanks dylan! great improvements keep it up!

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