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Elementor Addons

Elementor Addons is one of the greatest features that Woostify offers users.

Woostify’s Elementor addons include a variety of awesome widgets:

  1. Products widget
  2. Product Category widget
  3. Product Slider widget
  4. Posts widget
  5. Slider widget
  6. Product image widget
  7. Countdown
  8. Cart icon widget
  9. Account icon widget
  10. Search icon
  11. Nav Menu
  12. Logo image widget
  13. Product Tab Ajax
  14. Recently viewed product
  15. Countdown Urgency
  16. Search form
  17. Many more…

In this blog, we will help you to customize these functions in the fastest way. Please go through the following steps:

First, to enable Elementor addons, navigate to Woostify Options under Appearance in Dashboard, then activate Elementor Bundle function by clicking into Active. Next, Remember to Save your changes.


Second, go to Edit with Elementor, you will see a new page.


In this page, there are a lot of widget that you can use to build and edit your website by dragging, dropping, adding, editing widgets and the content included in these widgets. Besides some types of widgets (Basic widget, General widget) available in any other WP theme, Woostify Pro offers a list of advanced ones, including:

1. Products widget

Products widget helps you design your shop’s layout for your website.

To edit Product widget, first, you have to add Product widget by dragging and dropping this widget to the position you want.

In Products widget, you are allowed to edit content and advanced information.

In Content part, you can change some General and Query information.


Similarly, we can do the same steps to customize other widgets.

2. Product Category widget

Product Category widget supports you to create and customize Product Category Layout and Content.


You can also edit Advanced information in the Product Category widget like the way you do with product widget.

3. Product Slider widget

Product Slider widget is really helpful because using this widget, you are allowed to display more products in space than those whose stores are not supported Product Slider widget. Therefore, it will help to increase your conversion rate.

Like Products widget, Product Slider widget allows you to change some information of the Content and Advanced section.


 4. Posts widget

Posts widget helps you build your blog posts (both content and design) for your website.

In Posts widget, you are allowed to customize the Content part containing General information, Image, Post Meta, Query. 


You can also edit the Advanced section like the way you do in other widgets.

5. Slider widget

Slider widget lets you design and builds your own slider for your site.
Here you can easily choose and change some information, namely Content, Style and Advanced to make your slider perfect.

In the Content part, you can add, opt slides and choose the most appropriate slider for your online store just by some quick clicks.


In Style section, you are allowed to change Slides’ sizes and position, Title, Description, Buttons.


6. Product Image widget

Product Image widget allows you to customize the product page easily and more convenient. To use, you need to drag the widget from the left to the position you want to drop it on the right side.


In Style, you can configure the setting of Arrow, Product image and product thumbnail.

7. Countdown

Countdown allows to add countdown feature to your page depends on your purpose.


You can set the date and time, also the style of this block.

8. Cart Icon Widget

With the Cart icon widget, you can easily customize the icon for your product shop or the other page you want to set it.


There are three options for setting this cart: General, icon and item count. Since the default cart icon is too boring and you want to change it to something new such as your custom icon or an image. Using this icon set will make it easy.

9. Account Icon Widget

With Account Icon widget, You can add this icon to the menu or somewhere you want to make it work or hide it from the page.


There are three setting options for this type of icon: General, icon, and menu. For the menu location, you can put this icon on the main menu, sidebar menu, and dashboard.

10. Search icon

How interesting if you can customize this search icon. It means you can put this on the header menu also footer menu.


This icon has two setting options: General and icon. In the General section, you can set the alignment and padding. Icon section allows you to customize the size and you have three options to use the icon from Theme, custom, and image.

Nav Menu widget gives you more active than normal menu settings in WordPress. Now, you can use the menu feature as a real developer without coding knowledge.


General, Parent menu, sub-menu & sidebar menu are 4 setting options for this widget. Drag and drop the widget where you want to make it show up, are still the key points.

You can customize three types of the menu with its things such as padding, margin, border-radius, typography, and the colors.

12. Logo Image Widget

The logo image widget helps you to customize it properly. You don’t need to upload a logo whenever you want to change the logo at header or footer. You only need to upload one time and move it around with this widget.


There is only one general setting that you need to focus on here. This setting helps to align the logo to three values: Left, center and right.

13. Product Tab Widget

Product tab widget is a great solution for showing the product with filter. This widget is suitable for electronic store or any other multi-purposes store.


Last, Remember to Publish all the changes we did in each section.

14. Recently Viewed Product Widget

This function of Woostify is really helpful for you to recover abandoned cart as well as increase sale by show the recently viewed products to the visitors to stimulate them to buy.

To customize products recently viewed, go to Elementor-> Woostify- Recently reviewed products

In this section, users can be able to customize how the customers see their recently viewed products. You can edit the columns of products, the number of products displayed, and more.

After that, you need to Update the changes you have done.

15. Countdown Urgency

This function allows you to set countdown time for your sale strategy, appealing customers and driving more sales to your store.

Here, you can add/ edit message, color, time,… to show that your sale is going to end or your products are running out. I am sure that it will help to attract more eyes to your online store.

As usual, you have to click “Update” to save what your have changed.

16. Search form

Search form is an awesome function that helps sellers to find the products they are looking for faster and more easily, giving them good UX and UI when shopping on your site.

With this feature of Woostify elementor bundle, you can customize how the finding bar is displayed, such as motion effects, background, border, position, etc.

The last step is to save what you have done.

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