Is Connective eCommerce a Scam?

connective eCommerce review

Businesses interested in starting an online retail business may have heard a lot about “connective eCommerce,” which claims to increase sales without requiring them to hire a designer to build a website, keep inventory, or invest in marketing.

Connective eCommerce is regarded as a risk-reduction tactic for beginning business owners. However, opinions on its efficacy among specialists and online commentators are divided.

Continue reading this post! We will introduce you to a hotly debated term.

What is connective eCommerce?

Connective eCommerce, which was coined by an entrepreneur named Cortney Fletcher, is regarded as a strategy that claims to eliminate three “risk” elements in selling online.

what is connective eCommerce?
what is connective eCommerce?

This sounds like a really nebulous, even impossible concept. Let’s then expand on this a little further.

First, we must establish the three primary risks or problems that come with operating an Internet business:

  • Developing a website
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns can cost a lot of money and go badly
  • Keeping track and evaluating your inventory storage

Connective eCommerce supporters will tell you that this is the same thing that makes it feasible to reduce these risks. According to them, this method gives people with little to no technological understanding a lot more options to operate this business.

We’re sure you don’t think this definition is clear enough. Let’s move to the next part to get a better understanding of how connective eCommerce work.

How does connective eCommerce work?

To understand how Connective eCommerce actually works, let’s break down each of the three parts of an online business that it removes.

Web development

It might be a nightmare to put up an eCommerce storefront if you are unfamiliar with website design. Also, hiring a web developer might be expensive for businesses at the starting point.

connective eCommerce
connective eCommerce

Instead of hiring a web developer, you can easily and rapidly create a successful connected eCommerce website by using tools, guidelines, and templates.

We recommend you start with Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce.  Whichever option you go, you can get a simple website featuring everything needed for an online store and reduce the web development costs.

Some connective eCommerce folks said that you may go for $100 or even less and not be dependent on anyone else.

Inventory management

Undeniably, keeping inventory is painful. Your skill to buy inventory at the right price is the key to success. You have less clout if you’re new. Additionally, it requires a substantial cash investment.

Instead of holding inventory and converting your garage into a warehouse, you have options for connective eCommerce where you can locate trustworthy suppliers that will ship your products.

At this point, consider drop-shipping or affiliate marketing as an option. Both are low-risk and will provide you with hands-on experience learning about the various facets of running an online company.


Instead of spending money on marketing and crossing your fingers for sales, you can utilize free tactics to draw more customers into your store. To test, you don’t need to keep spending money on advertising.

connective eCommerce strategy
connective eCommerce strategy

Connective eCommerce wants to help you prove your store as quickly as possible. We want you to optimize your messaging, offerings, and store settings so that it is completely functional and generating revenue.

You can now use your earnings from the non-paid traffic techniques to reinvest in your company through the use of sponsored advertisements.

Additionally, your company is now better maintained, your products are more appropriate for your target market, and your message is stronger.

This way, the Connective eCommerce strategy offers your company more stable growth as well as a more organized and surefire route to success.

Above are 3 factors that connective eCommerce helps your online business to solve thoroughly to cut costs and risks.

These are also the three key areas on which to develop a whole online store. Now you’ll want to learn more about how to start an online store.

Is connective eCommerce a scam?

We’re sure that you are already starting to grasp the essence of the issue and what the opposite side’s viewpoint could be.

That’s right; they think this is a scam since it appears to make selling online way too simple.

is connective eCommerce a scam
is connective eCommerce a scam

In fact, a Connective eCommerce is a needed solution to enhance corporate goals through improved customer experience, more engagement, and a supply chain with the integrity to complete e-commerce orders.

If you’ve ever considered establishing an eCommerce business, you’ve definitely looked online to learn more about it. You can find numerous tutorials and videos on how to sell lots of products on Amazon and make a lot of money on Google.

If something is so straightforward, one could question why we didn’t start doing it earlier.

Digital is the predominant mode of doing business in today’s quick-paced world. Even when it is in place, success is not guaranteed.

To be profitable, you need a strong and well-planned Connective eCommerce strategy. Not only that, but when you go into any kind of business, you must also build a solid plan.

Whether it’s a low-cost and low-risk business like connective eCommerce (or some other inexpensive ones like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, or print on demand), there’s nothing better than a long-term sustainable strategy.

FAQs about connective eCommerce

Who is Cortney Fletcher?

Cortney Fletcher, a college dropout who became an ecom millionaire in the e-commerce field. She claims that the lovely jewelry she sells through her online business, Transcend, brings in up to $24,000 every day.

Is eCom babes a real thing?

Yes. Ecom Babes is Cortney Fletcher’s six-week digital course that will teach you how to launch your own online boutique and get paying customers within four weeks with Shopify dropshipping.

How much is the eCom babes course?

eCom babes course cost is not known. If you’re interested, schedule a call with their team to get the eCom babes reviews and detailed costs.

Can you start an eCommerce business with no money?

Many eCommerce business concepts don’t require upfront cash to start.  Connective eCommerce business models completely offload your inventory and fulfillment tasks. You’ll have more time to produce and sell your products, which is what you do best.

The Bottom Line

Thank you for taking the time to read our connective eCommerce reviews.

Why not give it a try before concluding it’s just a scam? This can be a great chance that will undoubtedly provide amazing results for you.

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