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Woostify Pro 1.5.1

6 Apr 2021
  • Fix Elementor bundle error with PHP 7.2 or lower
  • Fix Header Footer addon index issue
  • Fix pro ad-on could’t be saved

Woostify Pro 1.5.0

1 Apr 2021
  • Ajax Search addon: Add Search Engine & Improve the UI
  • Header Footer builder: Add sticky option inside Elementor section and add the multiple display location
  • Elementor bundle: Replace old product widgets with the new ones for better product query
  • Minor CSS fix for RTL

Woostify Pro 1.4.9

23 Feb 2021
  • Fix Gallery Product widget in Woobuilder
  • Fix Ajax Product Search addon: doesn’t work in some table prefixes

Woostify Pro 1.4.8

19 Feb 2021
  • Support lazy loading for wp rocket plugin
  • Ajax search addon:
    • Search title only
  • Elementor Bundle addon:
    • Add hover option for menu toggle widget
    • Update product widget
    • Fix issue with button add to cart widget
  • Fix some issue in RTL

Woostify Pro 1.4.7

30 Jan 2021
  • Support B2B market plugin for quick view
  • Woobuilder: Fix header/footer issue when building Product single template
  • Minor css update for RTL
  • Update title option for Recently viewed product widget
  • Woobuilder: Fix Coupon doesn’t work on custom checkout page
  • Increase z-index of mega menu content
  • Add WooCommerce notice widget
  • Elementor bundle: update order and order by for Product widget

Woostify Pro version 1.4.6

7 Dec 2020
  • Fix active license not working in Agency(old Ultimate plan)
  • Fix My account widget custom tab issue

Woostify Pro 1.4.5

5 Dec 2020
  • Fix issue of Woostify – Products widget

Woostify Pro 1.4.4

5 Dec 2020
  • Update Pot file
  • Add link to parent menu in Mega menu
  • Update option for Search Form widget
  • Fix some issues of Countdown Urgency addon
  • Fix sone conflict with Elementor Global Styles
  • Support multiple size guides in a product
  • Add class for variation swatches on product list
  • Update Nav menu widget, more options and vertical layout
  • Update Product slider widget

Pro bundle version 1.4.3

17 Oct 2020
  • RTL: fix vertical menu
  • Fix variation image on shop page
  • Add WooCommerce notice message widget Elementor, support build the product page without enabled Ajax add to cart
  • Fix reset button issue on the shop page