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Woostify pro 1.7.5

17 Dec 2022
  • Improve Ajax search add-on index time and performance
  • Improve Smart product filter add-on index time and performance
  • Callback add-on:
    – Support checkbox field for the GDPR
    – Send an email automatically to subscribers when products are back in stock
  • Fix Range slider conflict with Translatepress plugin

Woostify pro 1.7.4

3 Dec 2022
  • Revamped Ajax product search Index functions: faster and optimized for performance

Woostify pro 1.7.3

25 Nov 2022
  • Released Callback Add-on
  • Fixed Index function in Ajax product search
  • Support search by category in Ajax product search
  • Minor fixes for Mega menu add-on

Woostify Pro 1.7.2

12 Nov 2022
  • Fixed SVG icon options don’t work on Elementor widget
  • Fixed price is hidden when using Pre-order addon
  • Fixed price in decimal “,” not working with Pre-order addon
  • Fixed pagination doesn’t work when using Smart filter

Woostify pro 1.7.1

2 Nov 2022
  • Released new Pre-order Addon
  • Fixed conflict Jet search ajax with Woobuilder
  • Added URL active for variation swatches addon
  • Updated query options for Woostify products related widget
  • Fixed product widgets doesn’t work with Woobuilder search page

Woostify Pro 1.7.0

10 Jun 2022
  • Smart Product Filter:
    – Add new filter by stock, on sale and backorder
    – Change active URL from slug to name
    – Fix condition filter not working on product category
  • Optimize CSS loading when using Header Footer builder
  • Fix mega menu issue when using product widget
  • Fix full width option of mega menu not working

Woostify Pro 1.6.9

25 Mar 2022
  • Add border radius option for Vertical menu widget
  • Fix warning message of Ajax search addon

Woostify Pro 1.6.8

11 Feb 2022
  • Ajax product search:
    • Fix highlight color option
    • Fix error when searching SKU on variations
  • Add box shadow option to Product widget, Product slider widget
  • Fix missing column setting in Product widgets
  • Fix filter function on Product Archive page

Woostify pro 1.6.7

17 Jan 2022
  • Fix infinite scroll feature
  • Fix smart product filter: ordering doesn’t work
  • Fix variation swatch doesn’t work in the quick view
  • Fix Woobuilder: product template condition doesn’t work