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Woostify Pro 1.6.0

5 Nov 2021
  • Fix conflict with B2B plugin
  • Fix conflict between the cache plugin with Sale notification addon
  • Fix product gallery in Woostify – product widget
  • Ajax Product Search addon:
    • Update new index engine (requires Re-index)
    • Fix search result in RTL mode
  • Fix conflict pagination with product filter/order

Woostify pro 1.5.9

15 Oct 2021
  • Support quickview for B2B German plugin new version
  • Update Sale notification addon to get all products
  • Fix Woobuilder My account causes checkout page error
  • Fix My account widget order tab error

Woostify Pro 1.5.8

19 Aug 2021
  • Ajax Product Search
    • Support search by Tag and Category
    • Fix search title doesn’t work with number
  • Smart Product Filter
    • Add search option to Checkbox field and Cardio field

Woostify pro 1.5.6

26 Jun 2021
  • Fix conflict with WPML plugin
  • Ajax product search: fix some text couldn’t be translated

Woostify Pro 1.5.5

23 Jun 2021
  • Ajax product search addon
    • Change the way get the product title: product name “ABC AAA EFG”, users now just need to type “AB E”
    • Fix search by category doesn’t work
    • Fix return 500 error one some servers/hostings
  • Elementor bundle: fix pagination of post widget
  • Support custom event for Quick View: helps user can add custom JS when Quick View is opened

Woostify Pro 1.5.4

9 Jun 2021
  • Ajax product search
    • Fix option Out of stock doesn’t work
    • Fix search result when setting Visibility / draft product
    • Fix auto index search engine doesn’t work when editing the product price, sku
  • Woobuilder:

Woostify Pro 1.5.3

7 May 2021
  • Fix conflict between Judge plugin and Woobuilder

Woostify Pro 1.5.2

29 Apr 2021
  • Fix schedule function of Countdown Urgency addon
  • Fix SVG image of account widget and cart widget
  • Fix lowercase result in Ajax Product Search addon
  • Support Dynamic WooCommerce pricing plugin for Ajax Product Search addon
  • Add menu position for vertical layout Mega menu addon https://share.getcloudapp.com/z8u6b4R5
  • Fix arrow for product tab widget
  • Support <br> tag in slider widget
  • Fix double pagination on shop page
  • Support Pago payment plugin for Woobuilder – Checkout