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Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together is an interesting feature that lets you add recommended products to a single product page, then create a product bundle on the page. This add-on also allows assigning multiple special offers for bought-together items.

To make Frequently Bought Together work for your site, you need to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Enable the Frequently Bought Together add-on

Visit the Woostify section on the left menu. Then, click on the Add-ons tab or View All Add-ons.

After that, scroll down to find Frequently Bought Together and toggle on the button to activate the add-on.

After you enable the add-on, it will be displayed on the Woostify tab on the left menu. Click on the add-on to go to the Settings.

Step 2: Set up Frequently Bought Together

Here is the Settings area for Frequently Bought Together.

You’ll cover the following parts to set the title & description, button display, image size, position, and discount for product bundles.

  • Promotion Title:
  • Promotion Description:
  • Button label:
  • Button background:
  • Button background hover:
  • Button text:
  • Button text hover:
  • Product image size:
  • Position: it is where your bundle will be displayed on the product page. You’ll select one of the three options from the dropdown menu, Below product summary, Above product tab, or Below product tab.
  • Display saved pack: you can choose to set the bundle with Percent off or Amount off.
  • Type of discount: there are two types to choose from, including discount for total and discount per item.

We’ve completed the general settings for Frequently Bought Together. Hit the Save button to apply all the settings.

Step 3: Add frequently bought together products to a single product page

To add frequently bought-together items to a specific product, you go to edit the product page. Then, scroll down to the Product data section. Here you will find the Frequently Bought Together tab.

You’ll cover all the fields below to create a bundle for the product page.

  • Field 1: To select frequently bought together products, you will Enter product name in the box and click to select.
  • Field 2: The selected items will be displayed here (below the main product) as in the image above.
  • Field 3: Set a discount on the product bundle/package
  • Field 4: When you tick the box, these fields will appear. And the setting here will override the global (general) setting.

The whole setting process is done. Hit the Update button to save all the changes we’ve made.

This is an example of how the product bundle is displayed on the frontend.

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