WooCommerce Grouped Products – Everything You Need To Know


WooCommerce is among the most popular eCommerce tools for a number of very good reasons. One of the things that make WooCommerce so great is the wide selection of bundled product types it offers such as chained products, force sells, composite products, grouped products, and more. Combined with other product types, such as the simple product, the variable product, and so on, which helps you grow your sales a lot. In this article, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about WooCommerce grouped products including what grouped products are, how they are useful, and how to create them in your WooCommerce store. So if you are running a WooCommerce store and want to boost your sales with such strategies, keep reading!

What are WooCommerce Grouped Products?

WooCommerce grouped products, as their name suggests, let you group together similar or complementary products and offer them to your customers as a bundle. The group can include a main product and items that are considered additional. This is a neat option since people tend to buy more when products fit well together and enhance each other. However, these products can be purchased separately as well.

Almost all industries can take advantage of WooCommerce grouped products such as technology, electricity, beauty makeup, food, etc. Take an example in the makeup industry, if store owners are selling makeup remover lotion, they can group it with cotton pads, since people who buy the makeup remover lotion also need cotton pads to use it. So grouping these WooCommerce related items together can boost their sales.

As said before, grouped products don’t have to be sold together, but can be bought separately as independent items. Grouped products’ purpose is just to offer the possibility of purchasing related items together. The buyer is not required to get the cotton pads when purchasing makeup remover lotion just because she has got the cotton pads already.

What are the benefits of grouped products in WooCommerce?

As mentioned earlier, the whole purpose of grouped products is to increase sales by making it easier for customers to buy certain items together and also to let them know that you have more useful products they might need.

Generally, a WooCommerce grouped product can benefit you in three ways as follows:

  • For sellers, the key benefit that sellers get is that they can sell ‘similar’ products from any WooCommerce product page without necessarily ‘bundling’ them in combo packages if they’re not as deeply related to each other and do not belong to the same product category, or if you want to allow customers to choose.
  • For customers, it allows them to find the products they may like very easily without having to browse across your site.
  • In addition to that, it also creates strong inter-linking between your product pages, which is essential for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of any site.

How to create Grouped Products in WooCommerce without a plugin?

In default WooCommerce, you can easily set up the simple grouped products without a plugin by following 5 steps below:

Step 1: Add a new product

The first step is to add a new product to your WooCommerce store by going to Products > Add New > filling in with the Product name that will be the name of the grouped product and Product description:


Step 2: Edit product data

Scroll down to the Product data section at the page bottom to customize some following important information:

Create the grouped product

In Product data dropdown options, choose Grouped Product to make it become an item in a group of products.


Linked products

Click in the Linked Products tab to add other products in your store to Grouped Products and make the bundle you want. In the example below, I am adding Off-shoulder Striped Top, Striped Neckerchief, Trainers Multicolored Pieces, and Sunglasses together to promote them as a Summer Collection.


If you don’t remember the full name of the product, don’t worry. As long as the product is already existing in your store, it will appear as a suggestion in the Grouped Products section for you to select.

Regarding other settings, you can leave them as the defaults.

Short Description

Then, you can add more products’ information by filling in the Product short description part.



Now, you may need to add a unique SKU (Stock Keep Unit) for the products in the group to keep track of items by going to the Inventory tab. Grouped items benefit from a unique number even if you’re also selling the same item as an individual product.


You don’t have to assign a unique SKU to a grouped product if you don’t want to but it does make life a little easier. You could also use the Item ID instead of SKU when grouping products if you prefer.

Step 3: Upload images and choose categories & tags

To finish things out, perform a few more housekeeping steps like choosing a product image for your group of products and assigning it a product category by navigating to the right of the editor.

Upload images

Click on the set product image under the product image section to add a picture.


You may need to create an image including all items that are added in the bundle before and make it the main product image as below.


In addition to the product image, you can also create a gallery by adding other images.


After adding all images, we will see them in the sections below:


Add category

The next step is to add a category “Bundle” for your grouped products for your product.


If there is not a Bundle category in your store, you can create it by clicking on “Add new category” and select it for this product.

Then, Publish or Update your bundled product to save what you have done.

Step 4: Test your bundled product

Go to the frontend to see how your product is displayed for customers. Here are the grouped products that I have created in my WooCommerce store.


Each item in the bundle is listed, with its title and pricing. The customers then have the option to adjust quantities or remove any items in the bundle if they don’t want to buy.

If you want to change the order that products appear in your group, drag and drop them within the Grouped Products box in the Linked Products tab (as guided before).

Above is the process of setting up simple WooCommerce grouped products, if you would like to add extra features, you may need help from an outside plugin.

Top best WooCommerce Grouped Products Plugins

Here is the list of top best WooCommerce grouped product plugins:

Product Bundles 


Standing first in the list of the best WooCommerce grouped product plugins is Product Bundles plugin that helps you create product bundles on your WooCommerce store, and offer them at a discounted price if needed. Store owners can use this useful feature to grow sales of specific products or to boost the average order value.

Composite Products 


The second option in the list is Composite Product which allows you to create product bundles on your WooCommerce store with various customization options such as superior product grouping capabilities, flexible pricing and shipping options, customizable layouts, and conditional logic for customers. This plugin is extremely suitable for those who are planning to include advanced product kits with multiple components and put various product options in each component. Because it can make stock management and choice of products for different use cases more properly.

Mix and Match Products


Another plugin is Mix and Match Products which focuses more on the bulk purchase aspect of the product bundle concept. With this plugin, you can create an assortment of similar products and give your customers the choice to pick the individual quantity inside each variety. At the same time, you can have full control of stock management and pricing individually for products or for the entire assortment.

Custom Product Boxes


Custom Product Boxes is a useful plugin that allows customers to select any items from the products you grouped in an assortment to make their own bundles. Plus, the plugin lets you specify the minimum and the maximum number of products to be included in a bundle and offers you different layouts to display the bundles such as Vertical Left Boxes Layout, Vertical Right Boxes Layout, Horizontal Boxes Layout. Besides, your customers are allowed to leave gift messages for you to customize the bundle accordingly. It will be a good way to boost the shopping experience in your store.

Smart Product Bundle For WooCommerce


Smart Product Bundle for WooCommerce is a plugin that allows you to set up bundled products and create interesting deals on your WooCommerce store. You can get full control of your product management and customize the product bundles according to your store strategy, and set up different pricing options. That can help you enhance the shopping experience and drive more sales to your store.


Generally, WooCommerce grouped products is an ideal way to cross-sell and promote items in a store without forcing the customer to do anything. Hopefully, this article will be a help for you to group related products in your store to increase shopping experiences and boost your sales up.

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