How to Create a WooCommerce Product Lightbox

woocommerce product lightbox

As a WooCommerce store owner, you want to improve user experiences and increase conversions, right? In reality, there are dozens of methods that can help out there. But right here we introduce you to one of the most effective ways, letting customers learn about your products as quickly as possible.

Then, a WooCommerce product lightbox plugin will be helpful for this case. As usual, it will take your customers multiple clicks to find detailed information about the product (prices, and see its variations before adding it to the cart. Everything will change if you install a product lightbox plugin which is also known as a quick view plugin.

In this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to create a product lightbox in WooCommerce, which will be so useful for speeding up the buying process. Besides, we will suggest many other powerful lightbox plugins with lots of outstanding features.

What is a lightbox in WooCommerce?

A lightbox is a type of popup that appears on the page and overlays an image on it. Once the lightbox comes, the background will get darker than all the things shown in the popup. At that time, visitors only can interact with the brighter box. People usually use the lightbox for various purposes, including showing their pictures, building their email lists, and highlighting sales promotions.

Today many online stores take advantage of this feature to showcase their products. It’s called a WooCommerce product lightbox that can be placed anywhere on the screen, but it is most often in the center. When customers go to visit your website, you will get a chance to keep them on the current page longer than usual. Your customers also will love it because it does not take them more load time to move to another page.

Why you need a WooCommerce product lightbox plugin

In WooCommerce, using a product lightbox will bring you a lot of benefits. However, the default WooCommerce does not provide users with this feature. Therefore, if you want to create a product lightbox for your store, you will need a plugin.

With a quick view lightbox plugin, you can:

  • see all the details about the product such as images, prices, attributes and variations, short product descriptions, quantity picker, SKU, and reviews
  • visit the product gallery right on the page that displays a list of products
  • select any items you like in the lightbox
  • add products to the cart without going to the product pages
  • do all without waiting for the page to load, which helps customers save lots of clicks
  • help customers easily compare similar products at the same time

The quick view feature will bring your customers a great shopping experience. They can reduce the number of clicks while viewing and doing many things with a product lightbox. With such convenience, it will be much easier to make customers buy more products from your WooCommerce store, thus increasing the average order value.

So now you know the reason why you should install a plugin to create a product lightbox?

Yeah, it plays an important role in improving customer experience and revenue for your store.

Then, it’s time to learn how to make a WooCommerce product lightbox with a plugin.

How to create a WooCommerce Product Lightbox with Woostify Quick View

The Woostify theme provides users with a Quick View feature. This is one of the favourite features of Woostify users. With the Woostify Quick View add-on, you can easily add the quick view button to the product listing pages. The outstanding features the add-on brings will contribute to retaining your customers and increasing conversions.

Now let’s have a look at the features of Woostify Quick View.

Key Features

  • Use the quick view button to open the lightbox
  • Add a quick view button to your product listing pages
  • Hide quick view button on certain products
  • Preview product information
  • Add items to the cart, directly from the product listing pages

Our Woostify Quick View add-on will make a quick view button appear on any products of the listing pages. Your customers don’t need to visit the product page for detailed information about the product. Instead, short product descriptions, prices, categories, tags, and product images will display in the lightbox after customers click on the quick view icon.

Below is our clear instruction for you to easily enable Quick View in Woostify Pro.

Step 1: Get started with Woostify Pro

Remember that this feature is specifically designed for Woostify users. Therefore, first of all, you need to download the Woostify theme, then upgrade it to the Woostify pro to be able to use the Quick View feature as well as any other ones offered by Woostify.

Here is the guide on how to install and activate Woostify pro.

Step 2: Activate Quick View

With the Woostify pro, there will be a list of Woostify features for you to select. If you want to use any of them, then activate those ones.

To use the Quick View functionality, in the dashboard, go to Appearance > Woostify Option and activate Quick View.

WooCommerce quick view

Step 3: Customize the Quick View button

In this step, you will customize to determine how the Quick View button displays on the front end.

In the site’s front end, you select Customize.

customize Quick View button

Then, click on WooCommerce.

Add Quick View to WooCommerce

After that, select Shop Archive > Quick View Button.

Here you can choose the position you want the Quick View button to display.

WooCommerce quick view button

Finally, click on Publish to save all the changes you have made.

Open the product listing page and see how it works:

WooCommerce product lightbox

Introducing 4 more great WooCommerce product lightbox plugins

Apart from Woostify Quick View, we also list 5 product lightbox plugins for WooCommerce below. With any of them, you can add a quick view to your products and take advantage of them as a powerful tool for growing sales.

WooCommerce Quick View Pro

WooCommerce Quick View Pro

Key features

  • Allow ordering faster: preview products and add them to the cart, then quickly come back to the product listing page and continue shopping
  • Display the entire product gallery in the lightbox
  • Supports all product types
  • Provide two options to open the lightbox
  • Customize the text of the quick-view button
  • Offer three layout options (image, product details, or both of them)
  • Select specific product details to display in the lightbox
  • Integrate with other plugins offered by Barn2

It can be said that WooCommerce Quick View Pro has almost all the things people want from an ideal product lightbox plugin. With the plugin, your customers can click on the Quick View button or product image to open the lightbox where they will preview various product details, select from product variations, choose the number of products, and add their favorite items to the cart, then quickly return to the product listing page for another order.

Besides, you can choose from the three layout options, including the product image gallery, product details, or both of them. The plugin also allows you to display and add any extra information you want.

But what makes WooCommerce Quick View Pro more outstanding than other quick view plugins is that it integrates with other Barn2 plugins that will bring users great conveniences.


The WooCommerce Quick View Pro by Barn2 is a premium plugin that requires paying $79/year/site. Or you can choose to use the lifetime package with the price of $239. Besides, the developer offers a 14-day free trial.

YITH WooCommerce Quick View

YITH WooCommerce Quick View

Key features

  • Let users click on the quick view button to open the lightbox
  • Quickly take customers back to the product listing page after they add their items to the cart
  • Offer the option to include product navigation in the lightbox
  • Select particular types of information to display in the product lightbox
  • Customize the quick view button and modal window
  • Allow disabling the quick view feature on mobile

As a top-rated product lightbox plugin, YITH WooCommerce Quick View provides customers with a lot of amazing features and functionalities.

With the free version, your customers will open the product lightbox by clicking on a persistent button. Then, like any other quick view plugin, the lightbox will display product information. You also can select which product details to show, choose the position to insert the quick view button, and customize the button.

As you can see, the free version of YITH WooCommerce Quick View will provide users with some basic features. To use more remarkable features, you have to get the premium version. Particularly, it allows you to enable product navigation, share your quick views on social media, select an effect to open the pop-up, and many others.


You can get the free version of YITH WooCommerce Quick View at Yithemes site or Meanwhile, to use the premium version, you will have to pay €59.99/site/year.


Key Features 

  • In-built lightbox popup editor enables easy customization with 60+ WordPress Popup templates 
  • Pre-existing marketing goals 
  • Added to lightbox Popup, there are multiple popup form types including floating bars, sidebars, countdown timer, etc
  • Unlimited popup campaigns with an unlimited number of page views
  • Easy CSV export  

Optinly, one of the best WordPress lightbox Popup builder plugins, helps you to create lightbox popup campaigns within a minute. With the help of 10+ pre-designed templates, you can promote special offers, reduce Cart abandonment, and build an audience. 

Optinly also promotes your growth goals. You can also choose the custom-built 60+ goal-based templates to promote and attract customers to your campaign. Optinly also has easy integration which makes it flexible to use. 

Optinly’s in-built WYSIWYG editor for lightbox popups helps you to customize the popup according to the campaign need. The advanced triggering feature adds value to your lightbox Popup campaign. 

You can seamlessly integrate 25+ email service providers including Mailchimp, Aweber, Pabbly, Sendfox, and more. 

Optinly includes super cool features for all gamification popups, lightbox popups, etc. 


The paid version starts from $25 per month. You can find and download the free version of Optinly in wordpress repository.

Woo Quick View

WooCommerce product lightbox plugin

Key Features

  • Display product title, image, price, quantity and add to cart button
  • Enable or disable “Quick View” on different devices
  • Customize the text of the Quick View button
  • Provide numerous options to customize the lightbox style
  • Add product navigation in quick view

With Woo Quick View, you can let your customers have a quick look at products on the listing pages. Right after installing this WooCommerce product lightbox plugin, you will have the Quick View button added to all products while the lightbox will display all the product information. Also in the lightbox, the next and previous slider option allows customers to navigate from product to product. Besides, the plugin offers numerous options to customize the lightbox.

Coming with the basic features of a quick view plugin, Woo Quick View is a good suggestion for those who are looking for an easy-to-set-up plugin. Besides, it does not require any knowledge of coding.


You can find Woo Quick View free version at If you can get the premium version, you can use the extra features of the plugin at a cost of $69.

In conclusion,

We have introduced you to the Woostify add-on and 4 plugins that help create a product lightbox in WooCommerce. Each option will come with different features, pros, and cons. Depending on your situation, you can choose to install a separate plugin or use the add-on of the theme.

Once you get the pro version of the Woostify theme, you get a chance to use many other Woostify features apart from Quick View. For example, you can use WooBuilder as a page builder to customize all the WooCommerce pages while variation swatches help create product attributes and variations. Other outstanding features include header footer builder, sticky header, mega menu, sale notification, and so on.

It’s really great convenience, right? So what are you waiting for? Get the Woostify pro right now to bring outstanding features to your WooCommerce store.

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