How To Create a WordPress duplicate page without plugins?


If you are running a WordPress website and wish to copy a page, then you are in right place.

There are various ways for you to copy a page in WordPress. You can use a WordPress plugin to clone a page, but it can make your site slower than normal. So if you don’t want to install a third-party plugin to your WordPress site, you should follow our guide to duplicate WordPress pages. In this article, I am presenting the way to create a WordPress duplicate page without plugins in the WordPress admin panel and in the Elementor editor interface.

When do you need to duplicate a page in WordPress?

There are many cases when you want to duplicate a WordPress page. Below are some examples:

  • You have a particular design for your current page that has already been on your website.
  • You may have ‘drafts’ of pages that you often reuse for new content such as blog posts.
  • You have custom HTML or CSS code on an available page and want to use it on a new page.
  • You want to get all the settings like SEO, images, metadata, and more.
  • You wish to save a backup of a specific post or page.

In such cases, you can create a WordPress duplicate page to make all things easy while saving your time.

How to create a WordPress duplicate page without plugins in WordPress admin panel?

This article will show you how to duplicate a page in WordPress and Elementor. Both processes will work no matter what type of page you are copying such as home page, contact, shop page, landing page, etc.

By default, WordPress has a “Copy All Content” option that allows you to copy the content of any page. Let me show you how to use that feature.

Step 1: Copy an existing page

First, from your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Pages > All Pages from the left sidebar, open any page that you want to clone.


In this example, I am copying a WordPress My Account Page.

Now, on the page editor, you click on the 3-verticle-dot icon at the top right corner of the page, then a dropdown menu will appear. Just click on the Copy all Content link to make a copy of all content on the selected page.


Step 2: Create a new page and paste all copied content

The next step is to create a new page by clicking on Pages > Add New.


Then, right-click on the first block to paste the content that you have copied.


Step 3: Publish your WordPress duplicate page

Finally, hit the Publish button to save your WordPress duplicate page. Before publishing the duplicated page, you will create a new page title and change the text as well as the images.


That’s the way to create a WordPress duplicate page without plugins in the WordPress dashboard.

If you are using Elementor on your WordPress site, you can follow the process below to duplicate a page in Elementor.

How to create a WordPress duplicate page without plugins in Elementor?

What is Elementor?

As you may know, Elementor is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress. It can replace the basic simple WordPress editor with an exclusive toolset, so you can create more complex layouts visually.

Once being installed and activated on your website, Elementor can help you build and design pages by dragging and dropping elements to the editor template.

Elementor offers a free version and a pro version. The free version of Elementor gives you basic functionality to build a standard website, while the pro version offers more advanced features. However, both of them enable you to create an Elementor duplicate page.

With Elementor, you can easily duplicate any existing page or post, such as Elementor product page, Elementor shop page, and so on.

Please refer to the detailed process below if you are using Elementor to create a page in WordPress and wish to duplicate a page in Elementor.

How to duplicate a page in WordPress Elementor?

Step 1. Open the page you want to clone in Elementor editor

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Pages > All Pages, then you will see all pages on your WordPress site.

Find out the page you would like to make a copy of by clicking on Edit with Elementor button at the top page.


This will drive you to the Elementor editor interface

Step 2. Copy all content

The next step is to copy all content from the page you wish to copy.

Just scroll down to the page bottom, then right-click on the gray folder icon inside the blank box, selecting the Copy All Content option. By doing that, you have all content in this WordPress Elementor page copied.


Step 3: Create a new page in the WordPress dashboard

Return to the WordPress admin panel, and click on Pages > Add New to create a new WordPress page.

On the new page, you need to give it a name and then click on the Edit with Elementor button


Step 4: Paste the content to the new page

All you need to do in this step is right-click on the blank content box, and select Paste.


Now, you will see your Elementor duplicate page on the content box on the right side of the editor page.


Finally, click Publish button at the bottom of the page to save all things.

Final Words

That’s it. Even if you are using WordPress only or using Elementor with WordPress, it is quite simple to duplicate a page in WordPress. While both methods have some similar steps, creating a WordPress duplicate page without plugins in the Elementor interface may give you more options to further customize your cloned page.

Hopefully, this article is a helpful guide for you to get how to create a WordPress duplicate page and Elementor duplicate page without a WordPress plugin.

In case you’ve any queries or recommendations, feel free to leave a comment below.

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