Introducing WooBuilder – Design Single Product Page, Checkout Page, Shop Page, Cart Page, Account Page, Thank You Page

Have you been looking around for some page builder options that help you build up your WooCommerce shop with your own styles? Let’s take a look at Woostify. Woostify is not a page builder, but one of the best Elementor WooCommerce themes. Woostify has been upgraded with WooBuilder, a very useful functionality allowing store owners to design great, interactive eCommerce sites, especially shop page, single product page, cart page, checkout page, empty cart page, my account page, and thank you page which have a big contribution to increasing conversion rates to your online store. So it is considered a special Elementor WooCommerce single product page builder, a WooCommerce custom checkout, or a shop page builder.

WooBuilder: The Feature List

The basic premise of WooBuilder is quite simple. It allows you to use the Elementor page builder to design your shop pages, product pages, cart pages, checkout pages, my-account pages, and thank-you pages.

For example, you can use it to design a product page like this:

But while the functionality is easy to grasp. You can customize all the aspects of your WooCommerce store with just WooBuilder + Elementor.

Also, you will get 16 brand-new blocks from WooBuilder:

  • Product widget
  • Product category widget
  • Product slider widget
  • Post widget
  • Slider widget
  • Product image widget
  • Countdown
  • Logo image widget
  • Cart icon widget
  • Account icon widget
  • Search icon
  • Nav menu widget
  • Product tab widget
  • Recently viewed product widget
  • Countdown urgency
  • Search form

In addition, you can also use all the regular blocks and any ones that you have added with third-party plugins. This gives you a lot of flexibility when adding and editing content, streamlining your effort on editing on online PDF editors.

Hands-on with WooBuilder: How It Works

To use WooBuilder, your WooCommerce store need to use the Woostify theme. And to get the most out of this addon, you will also need to activate the Elementor Bundler addon.

After purchasing and activating the Woostify theme on your WooCommerce store, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Woostify Options > Dashboard from the WordPress dashboard.
2. Activate the Elementor Bundle and WooBuilder addons.

2. Activate the Elementor Bundle and WooBuilder addons.

Once having both the addons activated, you are ready to start building your WooCommerce store.

  1. Go to the Woostify Options > WooBuilder from the WordPress dashboard.
2. Click the Add New button.
3. Pick the type of template you want to work on and give it a name.

4. Click the CREATE TEMPLATE button.

Design a single product page

You can showcase any single product page element in the exact position that you desire, with sortable elements such as brand, product name, SKU, price, rating, sharing, size chart, add-to-cart button, WooCommerce product recommendations, etc.

Integrated with Elementor WooCommerce builder, WooBuilder helps you design and customize WooCommerce single product page easily with drag & drop editing. Some widgets you may need to build a single product page are:

  • Product add to cart
  • Product meta
  • Product image
  • Product related
  • Product ratings
  • Much more

Custom checkout page

The checkout page is where a customer must go through when buying the items in the cart. With WooBuilder, you can have full control of customizing the Elementor WooCommerce checkout page including billing, shipping & additional sections like security enhancement, order review & payment, etc. This awesome feature has a huge contribution to the conversion rate increase.

Like setting up detailed product pages, customizing the checkout page with WooBuilder is extremely easy with some Elementor WooCommerce addons like:

  • Checkout form
  • Checkout order review

Create a shop page


The shop page is the place you display products on your site. So a nice shop page may result in a better UX and conversion rate. WooBuilder lets you tailor the perfect Elementor WooCommerce shop page for your business. Like designing a product page or checkout page, you can choose any position on the page that fits what you want with some drag and drop editing. You can enrich your store with any kind of filters such as:

  • Search form
  • Product tab
  • Product slider
  • Nav Menu
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Much more

Build a cart page


A WooCommerce cart page is an essential part of any store. It is the place where users can pile up what they want to buy from the website and then simply checkout. So if your shop has a great cart page, it will lead to the increasing conversion rate for your store. With WooBuilder, you can keep your cart page in the most logical and contented form with widgets like:

  • Cart collaterals
  • Cart form.



Build My account page


By default, WooCommerce provides shop owners a basic My account page where the customers store their order, and private information such as address, account details, etc. You can use “Woostify Account” widget to build, add, and customize any My Account elements such as Dashboard, orders, address, account details, and more. That will help you enrich that page and give clients better shopping experience while visiting your WooCommerce store.

Build custom Thank You page 


Every WooCommerce store offers a default Thank You page that includes basic information about the order. But when customizing the Thank You page with WooBuilder, you can do more. Apart from basic elements like order overview, order details, shipping address, and billing address, you can add other sale-boosting elements like social sharing buttons, Google Maps, images, videos, and many others. In this way, the custom WooCommerce Thank You page will considerably contribute to increasing the conversion rate for your store.

WooBuilder: Pricing

WooBuilder is a premium add-on of Woostify. In other words, you need to buy or subscribe to Woostify Pro in order to use it. All the plans are fully featured. The only difference is the number of sites you can use it on.

  • Woostify Personal (1 site): $49/year
  • Woostify Lifetime Personal (1 site): $99
  • Woostify Professional (3 sites): $79/year
  • Woostify Lifetime Professional: $159
  • Woostify Agency: $129/year
  • Woostify Lifetime Agency: $299

WooBuilder, seamless integration between Elementor and WooCommerce, will have a huge impact on how shop owners create, customize, and improve their store’s layout to enhance conversion rates.

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4 years ago

Such great feature! Well done for developing it! Do you need Elementor Pro for this to work correctly?

4 years ago

Wow, amazing feature, love to try it on our site.

2 years ago

Is there any video in detail to build a shop page? If not , can you please make one?

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