Top 8 Best Free WooCommerce Shipping Calculator Plugins


Shipping is the most significant part of a WooCommerce based business. The majority of the population buy goods from the internet, such as gadgets, kitchen appliances, and other stuff. After purchasing something from online stores, the store owners deliver that product to our doorstep through the shipping process.

Customizing shipping costs is essential to get a large number of customers. Most online stores face difficulties in optimizing shipping costs.

When customers purchase products from the store, they look for the lowest shipping cost, and if the product delivery cost is high, they will not buy the product from your store. So you have to use the WooCommerce shipping calculator plugin to set up shipping rates.

WooCommerce optimization system has various shipping methods like free shipping and local pickup. If you want to deliver your product abroad, you can use DHL, UPS, and FedEx services, and there are many plugins available to generate shipping services abroad automatically.

Owners can place product shipping rates according to the product weight, total quantity, and pickup distance. You can use a shipping calculator to correctly calculate the shipping cost according to the distance from the delivery address to the pickup locations.

Why Shipping calculator is essential for WooCommerce Business

If you run a WooCommerce store, you must focus on sending your products to the customers or other WooCommerce-based stores. You can lose many customers if you do not correctly optimize shipping services.

During the product delivery time, store owners can modify the shipping expanse. Every eCommerce business owner can calculate the shipping costs of products for multiple delivery locations.

A shipping calculator can optimize the product’s shipping cost more accurately and impact customer satisfaction.

The shipping calculator will ensure a bug-free shipping cost report because it will clarify all aspects of product delivery, such as locations, weights, size, and quantity, before calculating the cost. Using a better calculator plugin will reduce errors and improve your business growth.

To establish a successful WooCommerce business, you must focus on your store’s overall cost. If the production and delivery cost is higher than the entire profit, that will negatively impact your business. A shipping calculator reduces shipping costs and helps you to save money.

With the help of a shipping plugin, you can give your customer a better idea about the shipping information, such as shipping destinations, size, weight-based rates, etc. Also, customers can choose shipping methods according to their demands.

Auto-generated systems of shipping calculator tools will optimize the shipping cost in a short time. So it will also save your delivery processing time.

Top 8 Free Shipping Calculator Plugins

Table Rate Shipping Method For WooCommerce by Flexible Shipping


It is one of the most prominent shipping plugins that calculate your shipping cost depending on your product weight or total cart amount. With the help of this plugin, you can add particular product insurance costs and cash to the delivery process.

Store owners can flexibly increase or decrease shipping costs according to the total products weight and cart amount. Also, consumers can pay the product price during delivery time with an extra shipping charge.

Key Features

  • Users can apply extra shipping costs and shipping methods to multiple dealers.
  • Users can hide or show the shipping method of your WooCommerce shop page for specific reasons.
  • It allows the users to determine the total product weight and cart amount.
  • This shipping calculator plugin will help the user trade with multiple business dealers for the growth of the WooCommerce store.

To build a WooCommerce shop, you must know about the entire shipping cost. So with the help of this plugin, you can sum up the shipping cost depending on two different units at the same time.

Another essential feature of this plugin is that you can allow only see shipping methods for only signed users. Stores generally get notifications about the shipping area structure.

Flat Rate Shipping Plugin For WooCommerce


The Flat Rate Shipping plugin is another shipping customizer that is flexible and more advanced. This plugin will generate shipping rates automatically based on the customer’s purchase history.

With the help of this plugin, you will set up various flat-rate methods according to product category, quantity, and country. With the help of these plugins, you can also apply shipping fees by multiple dynamic features.

According to the product delivery locations, you can also generate location-based shipping fees. There are also options for setting up shipping fees for some specific users based on their purchase target.

In this plugin, you can optimize free shipping features for some specific customers based on their total order amount.

You can also optimize shipping methods, end date, start date, and shipping costs for a specific period. The essential advantages of this plugin are its optimized shipping rates to increase the revenue percentage.

Key Features

  • Store owners can set up shipping charges for individual products based on certain conditions.
  • This plugin generates shipping costs depending on the number of products in the cart, payments method, and particular products.
  • Store owners can set up adaptable prices for shipping class, product weight, and product category. 
  • This plugin has options like free shipping services for specific customers according to their purchase amounts.
  • Users can apply shipping class-based shipping costs.

Free WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin


If you want to display flexible shipping rates to your customers then the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin is definitely worth trying. It is an advanced shipping cost calculator plugin for WooCommerce. It allows you to create shipping rules for complex business scenarios and display shipping methods on the WooCommerce cart and checkout page.

The plugin allows you to set up shipping based on the destination country and the weight of the shipment. If your business requires multiple shipping rules based on these factors, you can create a CSV file with all the shipping rules and import it within the plugin. This helps you add, modify or delete shipping methods in lesser time.

Key Features

  • Store owners can create an extensive table of shipping rates based on destination country and the shipment weight.
  • Combine WooCommerce Flat-rate & Free shipping with destination country & weight based shipping for additional flexibility
  • Store owners can set up a fixed cost for different products or per product cost in case you sell multiples of similar products
  • Get complete control over shipping costs and additional handling fees, additional shipping costs, and shipping discounts based on product weight
  • Customize shipping method names as per your requirement—for example, Standard Shipping, International Shipping, Weekend delivery, etc.
  • Set up Local Pickups or Store Pickups for heavyweight products to save cost on shipping

Cost Calculator Builder 


Cost Calculator Builder is another free and powerful shipping calculator plugin for WooCommerce. With the help of this plugin, store owners can generate products shipping costs without any big hassle, and the customers can get a good idea about the shipping cost.

This plugin can calculate a large number of shipping costs in a short time. Cost calculator plugins have features like a drag to drop, and you can spontaneously calculate the shipping costs and set them on any store page.

You can apply your calculation formula with different mathematical elements for the essential purpose.

There are multiple services available in Cost Calculator plugin. Customers can quickly gather information about costs. Along with the shipping cost, it also calculates the territory information of the group of products.

Key Features

  • Store owners can set calculations based on the complete product information.
  • Customers can write about the product requirements in the text box section.
  • Users can optimize HTML code in the calculator.

Product Page Shipping Calculator for WooCommerce


This plugin is a free tool to generate WooCommerce shipping rates. You can optimize your shipping cost based on the location of products from the product page without adding those into the cart.

You can set up a shipping calculator programmatically on any page of your website. Also, you can generate multiple shipping profiles based on the delivery locations.

Key Features

  • This plugin has options like showing the customer’s multiple shipping methods and their costs. 
  • According to shipping zones, it will show the shipping process on the product page. 
  • Shop owners can easily customize the shipping calculator position.
  • Customers can see different shipping methods and costs for various product delivery locations. 

If the shipping zones don’t match the customer’s shipping locations, it will show the customers an auto-generated message that no shipping is available.

WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping


For the growth of your WooCommerce business, this weight-based WooCommerce shipping calculator plugin will play a significant role. This plugin calculates shipping costs according to the product order weight.

You can generate multiple shipping rules for various product weights and delivery locations. Also, You can set up free shipping options for some specific customers based on their total order amount.

This plugin has features like flexible shipping rates where you can set up shipping costs for specific product weights and cart amounts.

WooCommerce Shipping Method Plugin For FedEx


WooCommerce Shipping Method Plugin for FedEx is another essential free tool for simplifying the shipping cost of your eCommerce website. This plugin calculates shipping costs according to customers’ and owners’ locations and product weights and sizes.

Key Features

  • Calculate the shipping rates of local products and also international products.
  • This plugin will display the real-time shipping rates of FedEx. 
  • The auto-generated tool can calculate shipping costs according to a specific product packing process.

WooCommerce UPS Shipping – Live Rates and Access Points 


WooCommerce UPS Shipping is a free WooCommerce shipping plugin that helps customers select multiple shipping methods and automatically calculate the shipping costs.

Store owners can easily select UPS access points for product delivery. Customers also can select their desired pickup locations for the product delivery.

Key Features 

  • This plugin optimizes shipping costs for local and international customers according to the product shape, shipping location, and weight. 
  • Flexible shipping methods optimizations option.
  • Users can set both shipping rates, which are business or residential.
  • Customers can choose nearby UPS access points.
  • Free shipping cost according to product amount.

ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Method


The ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Method is very efficient for your eCommerce store customers to buy shipping labels and order tracking links. You can use this WooCommerce shipping calculator plugin for shipping service customization.

This plugin is handy for both WooCommerce customers and business owners. Customers don’t require to sign up on the plugin’s website to check their delivery status. You can see the order delivery and the customer information from the product order confirmation page.

On the product cart page, you can show the product’s retail rate and approximate delivery dates of the products. According to product attributes, store owners can see the available shipping services for local and abroad customers.

Store owners can choose various packing options, such as packing in custom boxes based on shapes and size and particular product packing. Also, owners can set flat-rate costs for some specific products.

There is also an essential function available like parcel packaging. In this function, the shop owners can calculate the shipping rate and apply it to the product’s final price. You can adjust the shipping price according to the amount and value.

You can provide the rates and delivery dates of the customized shipping carriers with a whole list to your customers. They can choose the print label and get the order tracking information from the list.

Key Features

  • This plugin determines the delivery date and shipping rates for shipping services according to the address, country, weight, and shapes.
  • In your WooCommerce store, you can optimize a shipping calculator on a new page and attach that link to the checkout page.
  • Customers will get an auto-generated confirmation message on the checkout page based on the product’s success or failure. 
  • Store owners can also optimize the shipping calculator checkout button, details, and heading.

With this plugin, store owners can generate custom shipping packages for some particular products according to their amounts, weight, and shapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is shipping services necessary for a WooCommerce store?

Ans: Optimizing a better shipping service is essential for the growth of the WooCommerce store.Because if the customers don’t feel satisfied with the product shipping methods, they will not purchase from your store.

2. What are the available shipping services for abroad product delivery?

Ans: FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc., are available shipping services for product delivery.

3. How does the shipping calculator affect the business cost?

Ans: In the shipping process, if you don’t optimize shipping costs properly, it will affect the total expanse. The shipping calculator helps you to calculate the cost.

4. Which plugin is helpful to deal with multiple dealers?

Ans: Table Rate Shipping Method Shipping Calculator plugin is helpful to deal with multiple dealers.

5. When to use free shipping options?

Ans: You can use free shipping options for some specific customers according to their total purchase amounts.

6. How do the store owners determine the shipping rates for local and international customers?

Ans: Store owners can determine shipping rates according to the product’s attributes such as weight, shape, and location.

7. What are the essential factors in flat rate shipping methods?

Ans: Product category, locations, and quantity are the essential factors in flat rate shipping methods.


The shipping calculator plays a significant role in the whole WooCommerce business process. Because customers always want a better delivery function for their purchased products.

As a store owner, you must ensure a bug-free shipping service. This article discussed some of the most famous and free shipping calculators to optimize the product shipping cost. Shipping costs affect the entire business profit, so you must have to reduce the cost.

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