Top 5+ Best WordPress Countdown Plugins


The smartest marketing strategy is to create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). One of the most simple ways to create FOMO is by showing a countdown timer. All online businesses take chances to use a countdown timer on their eCommerce website to attract more customers and gain more revenue. It is considered a useful method to capture leads and potential customers and greatly help increase conversion rates. In this article, I am covering the background of the countdown timer and suggesting a collection of the best WordPress countdown plugins you can install and use in your eCommerce website with ease.

What is a Countdown Timer?

As mentioned before, Countdown timers work as a marketer that shows notifications about an interesting event happening or about to take place. The events may be opening days, or deal time, presents, rate rise, etc. That will build excitement and create a sense of urgency among their customers, helping them take advantage of the FOMO effect to boost conversions.

A WordPress countdown timer plugin allows you to display a timer that counts down to a specific time or date on your WooCommerce store.

Types of countdown timer plugin

There are two main types of countdown timer:

Standard timers

Standard timers (also known as Normal timers, Fixed or Static timers) count down to a specific date or time and are applied on all pages of a site. It remains the same regardless of who or where the visitors are. It means that the timer shows the same fixed time for everyone who visits your website. Once the timer reaches the threshold you’ve set, you have to disable it yourself, or else it will remain displayed on your website.

Evergreen timers

Evergreen timers (also known as Dynamic timers), on the other hand, are different and unique to each visitor. It starts counting down as soon as a visitor lands on your site. You shouldn’t set this kind of timers for longer periods of time. In such cases opt for the normal timers.

Both types of countdowns can be used to create a sense of anticipation and excitement. However, a dynamic countdown has a stronger effect of creating urgency. The visitor sees the time is running out and they will be stimulated to make purchases before time up. That can help increase your conversion or sale rates.

When choosing the WordPress countdown plugin for your WooCommerce store, you need to comprehend your purpose and consider what features you wish and fit your requirement. In this article, I will mention the best WordPress countdown plugins that belong to both types of countdown timers.

Top 5 best WordPress Countdown plugins

Countdown Urgency addon of Woostify


The first countdown plugin for WordPress mentioned in the list is the Countdown timer addon of Woostify.

Woostify is a powerful WooCommerce theme focusing on boosting sales. It offers multiple useful features to extend functions for your WooCommerce store, including the countdown timer addon.

Although this is an addon extended in a WooCommerce theme, it works well as a separate WordPress countdown timer that creates a sense of urgency and motivates hesitating customers to make purchases before time runs out.

Key features:

  • Enable counter bar to show the real-time status
  • Apply countdown timer for any single products and specific categories
  • Display or hide urgency section after time’s up
  • Leave message for customers to inform promotions
  • No coding skill required
  • Completely integrate with WooCommerce and Elementor page builder

For further details, you can take a look at this tutorial to know how to enable and use Woostify countdown timer addon on your WooCommerce site.



The second WordPress countdown plugin is Hurrytime. It is a multi-purpose countdown timer that allows you to set both the fixed timer and dynamic timer. With Hurrytime, you can create urgency and scarcity by highlighting upcoming events or deadlines that grab more attention, motivate buying decisions from leads.

This plugin is smoothly integrated with WooCommerce so it can work well with other themes and plugins in your WooCommerce store.


Key features:

  • Conditionally display countdown timer on product page
  • Auto-Restart: Restart immediately, or at the next visit.
  • Live design customizer
  • Display the same countdown timer multiple times on the same page.
  • Customize WooCommerce product “Add to cart” button

Countdown builder


Countdown builder is a simple WordPress countdown plugin that allows you to create a functional Countdown timer just in a few minutes with several prebuilt timer styles to choose from. In details, the free plugin offers you 7 types, while the pro version provides you with 18 different styles of countdown timer.


You can also customize the countdown timer by adding shortcodes such as CSS and JavaScript and expand the plugin with add-ons.

Key Features:

  • Live preview
  • Coming soon feature
  • Subscription form, newsletter
  • Sticky Countdown

Countdown Timer Ultimate


Another option in the list of top WordPress countdown plugins is Countdown Timer Ultimate that lets you create a normal countdown timer with ease.

However, with this plugin, you can’t set up evergreen timers that show specific times to individual visitors from different places in the world.

Moreover, you can customize the countdown timer by adding shortcodes.


Key features:

  • Edit background color and width.
  • 12+ different styles of clock and timer (pro version)
  • Offer native support from popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin, Divi, and Fusion
  • Well integrate with other coupon plugins like WooCommerce coupons and Easy Digital Downloads.

Countdown Timer for Elementor


Countdown timer for Elementor is a free WordPress countdown plugin that is created by Elementor team. This Elementor add-on helps you display timers in simple and flexible ways. However, this plugin will only work with Elementor Page Builder

With this Elementor addon, you can create countdown timers to promote flash sales, special promotions, one-time offers, and so on.


Key features:

  • Automatically resart timer after specific time
  • Cookie based timer
  • No coding skill required
  • Live editing


Well, the Sale countdown timer is one potential marketing strategy to boost your online revenue. Countdown timers are a great way to create the FOMO effects including anticipation, excitement, and sale urgency that motivate your customers to make a quick buying decision.

There are lots of different WordPress countdown plugins out there that let you create a countdown timer. Choosing a countdown plugin depends on your requirement and which type of timer you wish: standard timer or evergreen timer.

For the purpose of marketing, an evergreen timer will be a better choice for your store, while a standard timer may be suitable if you want to show the same time for everyone landing on your site. Woostify countdown urgency addon is an ideal choice if you wish to set up a dynamic timer to attract customers to your marketing campaign. Unlike other plugins, it is a built-in addon in Woostify, you just need to install the all-in-one Woostify theme on your WooCommerce site. While using other plugin options requires you to install it to your site, which can make your WordPress site run slower than normal.

Hopefully, this article will help you get an overview of the countdown timer and select the best WordPress countdown plugin for your WooCommerce site.

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