9 Best Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Online Store


Everyone who is running an online store or an e-commerce website knows that the quantity of traffic to their website is one of the most important factors contributing to their business success. However, boosting traffic to a website is not easy. So if you are stuck trying to find the best ways to drive more traffic to your website, don’t worry. In this blog, we will provide you with a guide on how to drive Increase Traffic to Your Online Store.

1.Utilize social media

To achieve the highest result when using social media to drive traffic to your online store, you need to make sure your content is shared frequently and scheduled in the right format for each platform.

1.1. Optimize for each platform

There are a lot of social media platforms you can use to boost traffic to your sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn,… Each platform has its own different ways of displaying posts. So you need to have your posts optimized in each type of platform to make your posts impressive and readable, which results in more traffic to your site.


Below are some notes you should consider when producing posts on social networks:

* Post with Hashtags #

Hashtags’ function is the same as the keywords’ or tags’. When people do research on social media, the results will appear based on their hashtags. The more hashtags your post has, the more easily your posts appear and are read, which helps to promote traffic to your site.

* Don’t miss a Call-To-Action in each post.

Whatever you display on your posts, even a picture, a status, or a video that is not really relevant to your industry, you should add a CTA request to draw audiences’ attention to the main point of your post and naturally pulls them into your site.

1.2. Create a sharing plan, don’t spam

By making a sharing schedule, you can make your work run more smoothly and more professionally. What you have to do is to organize what will be shared every day, what time to share, and where to share. This will show that you’re not over-sharing or under-sharing your content and will give you more chances to drive more clicks into your website via social posts.

Unless a post draws any attention from the audience the first time you share it, don’t try to keep reposting it in the same way. This is considered spam and will make your audience go away. Instead, you can share other interesting and valuable information, and interact with others on social media in a professional way, for example, by joining some communities or groups, and discussing topics related to your field or your hobbies. This helps to boost your trust in social networks and extend your social relationship. The more people believe you, the greater the chance they will follow and read what you share.


2. Set up Facebook advertising Strategy

As I mentioned before, there are a variety of social media platforms, but the most popular platform for e-commerce purposes may be Facebook. Facebook advertisement is booming in marketing because of its benefits and convenience. However, it isn’t easy and requires a bit of experimentation. But don’t worry. Once you find out a successful ad, everything becomes much more simple.

You’ll need to test different types of Facebook ads, various products, content, and images to define which one has the best performance. While creating a Facebook ad, you must be sure that your content, images, and videos are high-quality and eye-catching enough to appeal to the target audiences. Also, highlighting the outstanding features or the special incentives you have in the post is necessary to grab your leads’ attention as much as possible. If they’re unaware of these great features beforehand, they may pass your post or leave the page right away.


One of the most difficult duties in producing Facebook ads is to make out the right target customers. You have to be conscious to determine who will use your products and who are your target clients. For instance, you sell kid clothes so kids will use your products. But the target customers must be the adults who will decide to buy clothes for their children.

To filter your target customers more precisely and easily, you can try Leadfeeder, an effective tool allowing you to define your leads and their desires. Leadfeeder connects with your website data to show you two key points that Facebook Analytics doesn’t. The first one is the companies of those who click on your Facebook ads. The second one is the actual quality of your ads. Leadfeeder will help you to extract the most potential clients for your ads, which will improve their results and save you a lot of time on setting up Facebook ads.


3. Promote your brand with influencer marketing

Taking advantage of influencers’ fame has become a new powerful and successful advertising method, which may bring about huge benefits for your business, including much higher traffic and more sales. You can leverage influencers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social network.


What you have to do is find the most suitable influencers for your business and your allotted budget. Then have them strategically feature your product in their social media status, photos, or videos, or tell a unique and engaging story about your product. Moreover, you can get celebrities to give honest reviews after using your product, or provide tutorials and guidelines on how to use your product. Another way to leverage influencers’ fame to drive more traffic and sales is to have influencers provide unique discount codes or appealing incentives along with your products.

One of the most powerful websites to find out the most appropriate influencers for your store is influence.io, a tool assisting you to easily find and connect with influencers who would like to work with businesses. Besides, it’s free to use unless you contact more than 30 influencers per month.

Just type your industry into the search bar, and you will then see a list of influencers (available in the platform) in your niche and some main features like follower count, location, age, engagement rate, Google Analytics traffic of their Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, and other social network accounts.


4. Invest in Google AdWords

Like Facebook Ads, spending money on Google Ads also results in great benefits for your business, including better traffic and more sales. Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising method so you only have to pay for your ads when someone clicks on it, views your video or calls your business.


It’s necessary to track the performance of your ad campaigns and optimize them to boost your ROI. Moreover, don’t forget to set your pay-per-click budget before launching or you will get over your allocated budget.

5. Optimize your website

5.1. Make your website optimized for mobile phone

In this current technological society, most people have their own mobile phones always access the Internet and the average time they use smartphones is around 7 hours per day. Therefore, making your website optimized for mobile phones is a must if you want to increase traffic to your online store. You need to ensure that your website is accessible, easily and comfortably viewable on a wide range of mobile devices. It means that the content, images, and videos on your website must be readable and displayed with high-quality on mobile phones.

We’ve released Woostify, a completely mobile phone responsive theme and a FREE WooCommerce WordPress theme. It is ready for you to FREE download now.


5.2. Make your website optimized for fast loading speed

It is proved that if it takes from 8 to 10 seconds for your site to load, your audiences will lose their patience and don’t want to wait any more even they really love your content and your products. This will result in a high bounce rate.


You can reinforce your loading speed by optimizing image file sizes, page structure and the functionality of third-party plugins. Besides, the ideal loading speed is considered less than 1 second, but if you can’t. Try to make it less than 3 seconds. The faster your site loads, the more traffics it gets.

In Woostify, the loading speed is optimized to reach the ideal point which is around 1 second. So I am sure that you will be satisfied with its great speed.


6. Pay attention to email marketing

Another idea to grow traffic to your eCommerce site is to utilize email marketing which includes building up lists of your reader’s or clients’ email addresses, setting up email marketing strategies, and sending out periodic messages. It is completely affordable to get started because there are a lot of free and cheap email marketing tools such as MailChimp, Benchmark Email, and VerticalResponse.

MailChimp is my favorite option when setting up and launching email marketing campaigns. What you have to do is to create lists of customers’ emails by importing them directly from your computer or adding them manually one by one, then set up your marketing campaigns and send them to the list you have imported in. Don’t forget to test your email before delivering it to the main list by A/B testing. From that, you can see which campaign gives the best performance. Lastly, you will get the sweet result from 3 to 6 days after the time you ran the campaign.


Email marketing will strengthen the relationship with your target audiences, and easily promote your brand. With this method, you can also share interesting information with your subscribers, which is a good way to keep your audiences following your website and has a significant positive effect on your traffic levels.

7. Create an Affiliate program

Setting up an affiliate program is a useful method to boost your traffic by taking advantage of other sites’ audiences. when launching an affiliate program, you will give other sites’ publishers a commission if your products are sold on their websites. So they will stimulate positive reviews on your products as well as your website. Moreover, you only have to pay out when a sale is made, which will minimize the risk involved.


Once your affiliate program is set up, you can keep it running automatically and move to other tasks, which will save you time much and also have a huge contribution to your traffic promotion.

There are many types of plugins integrated in WooCommerce website. One of the most useful ones is AffiliateWP.


8. Optimize your website content

Building content requires patience and enthusiasm for a long time to drive traffic to your eCommerce store. It can take at least 4-6 months for blogs to start ranking in the search engines; however, optimizing content is necessary if you want to drive traffic to your website in the long term. Unless your website content is optimized, the traffic will just be temporary.

This requires your site to produce unique content regularly and optimize for on-page SEO by creating a captivating title, appealing meta description, appropriate keywords, various tags, and compelling high-quality images, etc.

To me, the most challenging part of producing blog content is to find out the keywords and topics interesting and trending enough for most users’ searches.

To find suitable keywords, I often use Wordtracker, a free useful tool allowing you to search for the keywords related to your niche. Just need to typewrite your industry into the search bar, then you will see a list of relevant keywords and their searching volume, choosing the most appropriate keywords and then moving to choose interesting topics.


The tool I often use to seek and choose the topic is Buzzsumo, a helpful tool for you to search for the most popular topics based on the keywords you are searching for and your competitors.

Just need to type the keywords into the search bar, then you will see a list of related articles and their searches, shares on many kinds of social media. From that, you can know which topics are on the radar of most audiences and choose the most suitable one to write down.

9. Produce referral programs

Another helpful way to drive more eyes to your e-commerce site is running referral programs. This is a kind of word-of-mouth advertising helping you to encourage customers to spread your brand out.


This method seems like the way you leverage the influencers’ fame (I mention in the third part). But it is more economical and suitable for small businesses. You should look for publishers, magazines, bloggers, and influencers having a large number of followers who may enjoy and have the intention to buy your product. Sending free samples is the easiest and the cheapest way to get big publications to consider your brand.

When contacting the influencers, magazines, bloggers, or publishers, remember that they get tons of products every day. You’ll need to catch the main point and use personal language form. You should also enclose a press release that gives more detail about the product and your business if you connect with magazines or publications.

In this article, I would also like to introduce to you an ultimate guide on How to Create an eCommerce Website, providing you with a full guide to building your own online shop. Besides, in order to strengthen your site, you can look through the Top 10+ Best FREE Woocommerce Plugins which will give you some nifty extensions you may need for your online store.

Conclusion on How to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

To sum up, there are a lot of methods to boost traffic to your online store. It is not easy to determine which way is suitable for your online store as well as for your business. Therefore, you should make your own analysis by trying some marketing strategies and tracking their performances. Then you can choose the most appropriate and most effective methods to drive more visitors to your online store.

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