Top 5+ Best WordPress Referral Plugins for Your Online Store


If you run an online store, you must be creative in your marketing strategies. Referrals are one of the most efficient online marketing tactics, as existing consumers will assist you to get new ones. It is an excellent technique for increasing client loyalty and sales, but it is strongly dependent on the level of happiness of your existing consumer base.

Consumers today trust people they know. As a result, customers discover your company and products via their relatives and friends. You may make it easier for your consumers to spread the word by using referral plugins. In this article, we will go through the top 5+ best WordPress referral plugins for your online business.

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What is WordPress Referral Plugin?

A referral program is a strategy that rewards former customers for recommending your products to family and friends. Retailers develop their own referral systems in order to reach a larger audience. It is a marketing strategy that asks previous satisfied and loyal customers to become brand supporters.

WordPress referral plugin is a tool that assists you in running a referral program on your WordPress site.

How to choose the best WordPress referral plugin?

When deciding which affiliate plugins to utilize on your WordPress website, Don’t just concentrate on a particular feature or a low price point; but remember to take your aims into account.

And here is why: As your company expands, you might easily change to something more capable and feature-rich.

However, once you have many satisfied affiliates pushing your product, switching systems may be difficult. Since many of them are also busy business owners, a change can prevent them from promoting your product. You want to ensure that your affiliates are happy and that you have a strong relationship with them.

Be selective with the affiliate plugin you use and look for helpful tools:

  • Adding affiliate links to your posts and pages is simple.
  • In your WordPress dashboard, add, save, and manage affiliate links.
  • Make it simple to use for you and your affiliates to attract a devoted audience.
  • Keep track of your most successful affiliate promotions.
  • Keep track of the clicks on your call-to-action buttons.
  • Create shareable backlinks for your websites that can be used elsewhere, such as social media or podcasts.

So now that you know what to search for (and what we looked for when we compiled this list), let’s check out the top WordPress affiliate plugins to aid in the expansion of your online business.

Top 5+ Best WordPress Referral Plugins

There are many referral plugins for WordPress, and they all have different features and functionalities. Some are available for free download and installation, but if you want to take advantage of the premium features, support, and updates, you’ll need to upgrade later and pay a monthly or annual membership fee.

It’s wise to look for necessary features when selecting a referral plugin for your eCommerce websites, such as an order tracking system for purchases, refunds, and returns, link tracking, and custom referral links.

Here are the top 5+ best WordPress referral plugins for eCommerce sites.


Rating: 4.8/5 (173 reviews)

Pricing: start at $19.95 per month (free version available)


Gratisfaction is a one-stop loyalty network for online retailers. Whether you reward clients for recommendations or simply give away prizes, your company can increase sales and repeat purchases.

This WooCommerce plugin provides pre-made templates to help you get started with your refer-a-friend campaign. You can award your clients with points and then specify the number of points needed to redeem from a menu of options. You design the program to meet your company’s marketing strategy.

Gratisfaction also allows you to run giveaways, commemorate events, and earn product reviews. You will receive a set of tools to help you engage more people with your brand. Support is also available to assist you in establishing your referral campaigns.

Refer A Friend for WooCommerce by WPGens

Rating: 4.9/5 (33 reviews)

Pricing: start at $47 per year (free version available)


Refer A Friend for WooCommerce allows you to build a simple yet effective referral system on your website. Rather than paying your referrals, you might reward them with vouchers or free merchandise.

“Incentives don’t have to be restricted to cash and gift cards. Product-based discounts, bonuses, or upgrades can increase customer investment in your brand and engagement with your product. This will increase their loyalty and likely lead to more referrals,” says Kayley Marner, an Influitive writer.

For each referral, the plugin generates a unique link. Customers can then utilize the referral link to inform their friends and family about your website. When someone clicks on the link and purchases something, the referral earns a voucher.

This plugin’s premium version includes more capabilities, such as sophisticated shortcodes and statistics. You also get a year of free support and updates.

Coupon Referral Program

Rating: 4.5/5 (22 reviews)

Pricing: $49 per year


Coupon Referral Program offers the referrer and referred customers discount coupons, after completing a needed activity. Your current clients can email or post their referral links on social media. The referral button can be modified by admins using predefined choices or custom CSS.

This WooCommerce referral plugin aims to improve customer interaction with the store and raise conversion rates. When a customer registers at your store, you can offer sign-up discount coupons to all customers or just those who were referred. The discount coupons also include a setting for setting an expiration date.

The products you wish to add or leave out of your referral program are completely up to you. To use referral discount coupons, you can specify a minimum and maximum expenditure.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

Rating: 4.1/5 (16 reviews)

Pricing: $139.99 per year (free version available)


If you’re looking for an eCommerce plugin, YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is widely regarded as the best free WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing. The owners of WooCommerce stores can build affiliate accounts and alter commissions with this WordPress affiliate store plugin.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliate enables you to conduct an effective affiliate campaign to generate traffic to your store, acquire new customers, and increase income.

With this plugin, you can quickly form partnerships with customers, bloggers, influencers, and others and ask them to drive traffic to your business via blog articles, social media postings, and so on. It’s a win-win situation since you’ll get quality leads, traffic, and sales while your affiliates will earn a percentage on the sales they produce.

Furthermore, you may immediately start an affiliate program in your shop: the free edition includes all you need to manage affiliates, commissions, and statistics (visits, commissions, conversion rates, etc.)

SUMO Affiliates Pro

Rating: 4.5/5 (33 reviews)

Pricing: $49 per month


The SUMO Affiliate Pro WordPress plugin is genuine. It allows users to construct a simple yet powerful referral system on their website.

SUMO Affiliates Pro is a WordPress Affiliates Plugin that allows you to run an affiliate scheme on your existing WordPress site. Affiliate commissions can be awarded for actions such as affiliate signup, form submission, product purchases, and so on.

You may use SUMO Affiliates Pro to perform multi-level marketing on your website. PayPal can be used to pay commissions to your affiliates.

It is a fully adjustable plugin that allows you to simply tailor it to your specific needs and preferences. It tells you and your affiliates about every activity on your affiliate website using powerful reports. As a result, you can track affiliate activity on your website.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Rating: 4.6/5 (302 reviews)

Pricing: $69 per month


 If you want a WordPress affiliate management plugin with premium capabilities but don’t have the funds for a recurring subscription, Ultimate Affiliate Pro is a decent alternative to explore.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro is the most recent and comprehensive Affiliate Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce, allowing you to give a premium platform for your Affiliates with varying prizes and amounts based on Ranks or special Offers.

You can transform your website into a REAL company and money machine where all you have to do is sit back and let others work for you!

Using the Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) method, each Affiliate can establish his or her own marketing campaign and recruit new Affiliates.

Depending on your design, you can use one of the existing Templates for Login, remove the extra Links, and enable the Remember Me option.

Custom CSS is also available for unique requests, allowing any Template to be changed. Aside from the Predefined Templates, all Fields are editable, with the ability to modify Labels, Order, and Required Conditions.

With its excellent, user-friendly Dashboard, you will complete your setup in minutes and be able to relax while your Affiliates working for you.

Ultimate Affiliate PRO is a complete method that will allow you to raise your revenue in a matter of days.

Affiliates Manager

Rating: 4.2 /5 (56 reviews)

Pricing: Free (pay as you go if using with other premium addons)


If you want to make money from referrals in your WordPress website for free, Affiliates Manager is a wonderful place to start. Affiliate marketing is the fastest-growing and most cost-effective advertising approach. This plugin simplifies the recruiting, registration, login, and management of affiliates.

It will also track the referrals your affiliates provide to your site and assign relevant commissions. Your affiliate’s traffic and sales are tracked and ready to display as soon as they occur with this referral plugin. You may track an endless number of referrers, whether you have one affiliate or 1,000.

Affiliates Manager also allows for both automatic and manual approval of new registered affiliates, so you can use either one to activate referrers to advertise your items.

With this WordPress affiliate plugin, you can quickly define payout rates per affiliate and determine how to reward them. Each of your affiliates can be assigned a different compensation amount. You can either pay your affiliates a set sum per order or a portion of every order they initiate.

You may need to credit an affiliate for something other than a sale at times. For example, a bonus for exceeding a sales target. For ease of tracking, manual modifications and payout are considered as line items.

You are free to include as many banners or text link advertising as you want. You may also easily activate and deactivate creatives as needed.

You can also decide how much information to collect from your affiliates when they sign up. Each field can be marked as optional or necessary.

Interestingly, affiliates can access the affiliate dashboard to design their own referral links, which they can then promote on social media.


Rating: 4.5/5 (129 reviews)

Pricing: start at $49 (free plan available)


Affiliates By itthinx is an excellent alternative for a free WordPress affiliate and referral plugin download. It consists of a collection of the most potent growth-oriented technologies. It allows you to quickly add affiliate connections to your website. It also allows you to track your progress using reports.

Affiliates can use easy tools incorporated into the website’s dashboard to share links to any page, even the duplicate page on the site. It is suitable for nearly any theme, even without adjustments, and is designed to give an intuitive experience right out of the box. With its versatile template-based dashboard parts, you can further enhance the appearance and amenities supplied to your affiliates.

An intuitive affiliate dashboard, automated affiliate registration, and endless affiliate management sections are all important features. Affiliates may link with almost any platform, such as e-commerce, memberships, forms, lead generating, lead tracking, and many others.

Commissions on referred users are built in, and there are free and premium interfaces with today’s major e-commerce and other platforms.

The Affiliates plugin includes an affiliate system for merchants, shops, distributors, blogs, membership sites, product launch microsites, and many more uses. It enables you to jumpstart your affiliate business and start developing quickly.

It also provides a strong foundation for developers who want to create unique solutions based on a reliable data model.

With its infinite affiliate program management features on the back end, as well as its configurable affiliate dashboard themes, blocks, and shortcodes, you can deliver a truly intuitive experience to your affiliates. On the front end, partners receive tools and information about their earnings and performance. Everything you need to get started with an affiliate and growth marketing program is available.


When compared to other marketing techniques, running a well-thought-out referral program saves money. Referral programs encourage your consumers to spread the word about your business. It may efficiently broaden your reach, convert leads into customers, and consumers into a dedicated following, raise your brand’s online popularity and increase revenue.

Define your short-term and long-term objectives and generate actionable plans. That will accomplish each of these and help you identify the ideal plugin to help you implement your goals and plans in a quick, seamless, no-hassle full-time hustle. You may increase your sales and thank your regular customers by using referral plugins.

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