10+ Best Free WordPress SEO plugins for WooCommerce store [Update 2022]


Optimizing your online store for SEO is one of the most important steps to get high rank on search engines.

By default, WordPress WooCommerce site has its basic functionalities to optimize SEO. That being said, you can enhance your eCommerce website’s SEO optimization by installing some WooCommerce SEO plugins.

In this article, we are introducing to you Top 10+ Best Free WordPress SEO plugins for WooCommerce store.

Here are the 13 best WooCommerce SEO plugins you must have

1. Rank Math

The first plugin we need to mention is Rank Math. It is considered the best SEO plugin for WooCommerce users. It works like a robot automating your WordPress SEO, helping you optimize your posts, and getting you ranked higher.

Here are some outstanding features of Rankmath:

  • Easy to Follow Setup Wizard
  • Clean, & Simple User Interface
  • Modular Framework
  • Code Optimized for Speed
  • Created by People Behind the MyThemeShop
  • Industry-Leading Support

With this awesome plugin, I am sure that you will definitely have your site ranked up. Because Rankmath gives you complete control over your entire website?s on-page SEO and help your rankings climb to the top.

This plugin is offered without any fee for you. So let’s consider adding it into your WooComerce store to get your site to enhance rank as well as increase your visitors to your store.

2. SEOPress

The second one in the collection of best WooCommerce SEO plugins is SEOPress. It seems like All in one SEO plugin mentioned above because it provides a mostly full solution for optimizing your site for search engines.

SEOPress brings about a large number of helpful functions. Below are some highlight ones:

  • Supports Custom Post Types
  • Improve social networks sharing with Open Graph tags
  • Google Local Business
  • Google XML Video Sitemap
  • Google Structured Data Types
  • Whitelable 
  • Well integration with Google Analytics

In comparison with other SEO plugins, SEOPress clearly shows its out-performance.


3. All in One SEO Pack

The plugin lies in the top 3 of the best free WordPress SEO plugins is all-in-one SEO Pack. This plugin acts as its name, optimizes your WordPress WooCommerce site for SEO.


It’s popular for easy customization for most users, even the beginners and the stellar integration with eCommerce sites. It offers plenty of useful and advanced features.

  • Automatic metadata generation
  • Notifies you of duplicate content
  • XML Sitemap and Google Analytics support.
  • Ability to override any setting.

The free version of this plugin allows you to stick with the defaults, which is often best, from SEO perspective. Or, you can alter the format to better suit your needs.

When gaining more experience, you can take on more responsibility with the advanced features of the premium version.

4. SEO Ultimate

Like 2 nifty plugins above, SEO Ultimate is also an all-in-one solution to your store SEO optimization. A problem is that this plugin hasn’t been updated and tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress, so running it on these WordPress versions maybe not well compatible.


This plugin comes with plenty of powerful features:

  • Title Tag Rewriter
  • Permalink Tweaker
  • Deeplink Juggernaut
  • Open Graph Integrator
  • Rich Snippet Creator
  • Author Highlighter
  • Link Mask Generator
  • Canonicalizer
  • Meta Robot Tags Editor, and much more.

5. All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

As mentioned in part 10 of the comparison-WooCommerce-and- Shopify article, Rich snippets is also a significantly important factor in SEO optimization. It is known as a structured data markup often displaying the manufacturer, the item’s availability and a user rating. Hence, it allows search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page and show richer search results and help users more easily find out the information they are searching for.

When it comes to Rich Sippets, All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets may be the best choice. It increases click-through rates and searches ranking by capitalizing on all the available display options on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and incorporating elements such as photos, star ratings, price and author into search listings.


All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets offers a variety of helpful functions:

  • Supports Most Content Types & Optimize Content for Higher SERPs
  • Improves Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Interactive Rich Snippets
  • Facebook Support

6. WP Super Cache

Loading speed is a crucial aspect of optimizing the website for search engines process that both search engines and marketers take very seriously because it directly affects your bounce rate as well as your conversion rate. To improve your site speed, WordPress Super Cache in the list of best WordPress SEO plugins, would be an ideal solution.

As referred from our previous article, this Free plugins comes with a variety of outstanding features:

  • Friendly & easy-to-use interface
  • CDN (content delivery network) Support
  • Pre-loading
  • Garbage Collection
  • Rest API
  • Custom Caching

Most of your visitors are served static HTML files, while some others will be served custom cached files according to their visits. If they are logged in, or left comments, the information will be displayed and cached for them. One cached file can be served thousands of times.


7. WP Smushit

Another aspect can not be ignored if you want your online shop to get better SEO is image optimization. As for this attribute, WP Smushit may be in the top options. It can save you much time and make your site run as fast as possible by allowing you to resize, optimize and compress all of your images without compromising on the image quality.

WP Smushit provides users with a lot of useful features to customize their images:

  • Optimize Images Using Lossless Compression
  • Compatible With Media Library Plugins
  • Support JPG, JPEG, GIF, and PNG image files
  • Optimize and Compress any Images in the WordPress Directory
  • WPML Media Translation Add-on
  • Multisite Compatible
  • Incorrect size image detection

8. PB SEO Friendly Images

To optimize images, another ideal choice you can use is PB SEO Friendly Images which is a free WordPress SEO plugin supporting you to automatically optimize all “alt” and “title” attributes of images in your posts. As you may know, these 2 attributes considerably contribute to website-ranking in search engines. “alt” attributes are also required to get a W3C valid website.

Below are some outstanding features of PB SEO Friendly Images:

  • Sync existing “alt” to “title” and vice versa.
  • Override existing “alt” and “title” attributes with a custom scheme.
  • Set up a scheme for your “alt” and “title” to flexibly define and optimize your content.
  • Well compatible with all images in posts and post thumbnails as well.
  • The default settings of the plugins are SEO proved.

9. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Another WooCommerce SEO plugin free is WPtouch Mobile Plugin. Making your store mobile-friendly is a must in this current digital society if you desire more customers to come to you. WPtouch should belong to your first choices.

It is a mobile WordPress plugin automatically adding a simple and elegant mobile theme for mobile visitors to your WooCommerce site. As a result, it will help your website pass the Google Mobile test and keep your SEO ranking maintain at least by instantly enabling a mobile-friendly version of your website. Like other plugins, WP Touch also offers users various useful features:

  • Transform content on the same URLs as your regular theme
  • Keep Your Desktop Theme
  • Control your menus, pages, devices, and even specify different homepage and blog landing pages
  • Google-preferred mobile friendly 

10. Squirrly SEO

The next one mentioned in the list of the best WordPress SEO plugins is Squirrly SEO plugin. It looks at over 54 critical ranking factors that Google takes into account when analyzing a page and deciding how high to place it in SERPs, which helps you to create content that is human search and bot friendly. So, it will help you to get better ranking in search results and keep your users engaged.

With this plugin, you can get SEO related stats, get weekly SEO audits and find the best keywords for your site to get more traffic. You can use this plugin along with WordPress SEO by Yoast as I mentioned earlier.

While you are writing or editing your blog posts, the plugin helps you by providing you real-time advice to optimize your articles until your blogs are 100% green for SEO.

11. Redirection

Redirection is another one in the list of top best Free WooCommerce SEO plugins for WordPress users. It is a quality plugin to redirect one URL to others in your site while still keeping the backlinks and other SEO aspects.

Redirection is by far the most popular WordPress plugin for implementing 301 redirects, tracking of 404 errors and redirecting them to the correct URLs.

Using it is quite simple. Just enter the source URL and target URL, then click in “add redirect

For more advanced users, there?s the option to use regex matching for redirects, ignore trailing slashes, ignore URL parameters, and so forth.

12. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

The next plugin in the list of best free WordPress Seo plugins is Shortpixel Image Optimizer. Like WP Smushit, this may be one of the best choices for image optimization. It compresses and optimizes the images on your website and makes your site faster loading, giving users better UX.

It’s very easy to use. Just install, set the plugin, and then it will automatically optimize and serve any images you upload into your site. The plugin works well with JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF documents.


13. Slim SEO

The last but not least plugin on the collection is Slim SEO. Slim SEO is great solution for the beginners and for those who prefer to keep things lightweight.


This plugin comes with a lot of great features for optimizing SEO for your website, such as:

  • Meta tags optimizaion
  • Schema
  • Auto redirection
  • Image Alt text
  • and more

With Slim SEO, users don’t need or need very little effort to configure for SEO. Simply install and done! All the SEO tasks are done automatically without going through complicated options.

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Final Words on the Best Free WooCommerce SEO Plugins

Choosing a WooCommerce SEO plugin for WordPress eCommerce sites should depend on your needs. Just download, install the plugin you really need; however, you should not install too much. Because it can make your site run slower than expected.

If you are interested in other WordPress plugins to expand your business, I would like to suggest you Top 10+ Best FREE Woocommerce Plugins. All of them offer great functions and work smoothly with WooCommerce store. Or you can take a look at these WooCommerce SEO tips to increase traffics to your store.

Hopefully, this article would be a help for you to optimize SEO for your eCommerce store.

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Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith
3 years ago

This is an amazing article right down to caching. I think you could’ve added that with the premium version of WP Smush you can host your photos on their CDN making your site faster with higher quality photos. Also, for pure SEO purposes, I don’t think anything beats Rank Math since it has XML Sitemaps, Google analytics, Rich Snippets, and 404 monitor, and redirector all built in for free. You can check it out at https://rankmath.com

Dylan Ngo
Reply to  Jerry Smith
3 years ago

Hi Jerry! Yes, I agree about WP Smush premium because CDN photo is a huge feature that helps the site faster. We’ll check the rankmath plugin and consider adding it to the article.
Thanks for your suggestion!

Nancy R. Corpuz
2 years ago

Awesome Tips ! I am finding this article from Monday.
Finally I got it. Thanks

Jabbar R
Jabbar R
9 months ago

great article, thank you so much!

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