5 handy tips to prepare WooCommerce stores for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

prepare for black friday cyber monday

You are ready to count down to Black Friday, the best day of the year to get deals?

It will occur on November 25th, 2022. Wow, it’s around the corner. People, both online shoppers and e-commerce retailers seem so excited to wait for this day. While the former are eager to look for items at cheap prices, the latter grab this chance to satisfy their customers and increase sales.

In the article today, we would like to show you the step-by-step guide for retailers to prepare for Black Friday WooCommerce.

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Why you should take part in Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022

While in-store shopping significantly reduces due to COVID-19, it drives a surge in online shopping.

For the upcoming Black Friday, although people hesitate about queueing up and wearing masks for hours to get the best deals in a physical store, they seem quite ready to visit online stores.

As a WooCommerce owner who wants to gain more benefits from this biggest shopping day, you don’t miss the opportunity to run a Black Friday campaign for more sales, traffic, and so on.

Following are the great benefits that Black Friday will bring to online stores:

First and foremost, increase sales and revenue

Considered the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday 2021 was estimated to encourage 88 million people to buy online and generate over $8.9 billion in revenue, according to Adobe, NRF.

There are many other amazing statistics on Black Friday. But it is enough for you to realize how Black Friday is important to boosting sales, especially when COVID-19 prevents people from going to physical stores.

Drive more traffic to your website

Apart from the primary purpose of boosting sales, Black Friday WooCommerce helps increase traffic to your WooCommerce store.

Maybe it comes as no surprise to know that, right?

On this occasion, there is a considerable increase in the number of people hunting for coupons and discounts. Therefore, they will spend much more time on WooCommerce stores than on normal days.

According to the statistics on the top 100 eCommerce sites by Similarweb, Black Friday 2021 made their web traffic increase by 162%.

It is also reported that website traffic increased by 47.5% compared to the previous year. And this number is expected to rise more this year.

Approach new customers – build a relationship with long-standing customers

Holidays are the best time for retailers to attract customers. On Black Friday, you can run only one campaign or different ones to create a good impression on your customers.

It is often quite expensive and time-consuming to acquire new customers. SEO, Google Ads, and many other marketing campaigns will cost so much money.

Therefore, don’t miss Black Friday, which is a good occasion to hunt for new customers.

If you can bring them great satisfaction, then they will come back to your WooCommerce store many times more, especially during the Christmas holidays that come right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

New customers are not the only target on this occasion. Offering Black Friday sales is also a good way to be grateful to long-term customers for using your product during the past time. They will be so happy when taking some discounts and coupons from your store.

You have killed two birds with one stone. That’s awesome!

And it’s time to prepare for Black Friday WooCommerce!

How to prepare your WooCommerce store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

For a WooCommerce Black Friday campaign, you often have to consider both on-site and off-site preparations. In general, to prepare for Black Friday WooCommerce, you should follow the tips below:

Ensure availability and quality

No matter which types of products your stores are selling, it is important to ensure the two vital factors: availability and quality.

It is necessary to research the market and customers’ demand to decide the sufficient quantity of goods.

Imagine how excited the customers get while hunting for sales on Black Friday. But then, they miss out on their desired items, how will they feel in that case?

Definitely, they have got a bad shopping experience. And they are unhappy with it. Besides, of course, your store suffers a revenue loss from these customers.

But there is one thing that is much worse than a product being out of stock.

We want to mention the quality. Don’t let your customers think of the idiom “cheapest is dearest” after taking Black Friday deals. If not, your store will suffer many other black days after Black Friday.

Optimize website performance

Website performance is always a top priority, especially when you are running such a big campaign as Black Friday.

Once the campaign is set up, surely your website will experience a dramatic increase in traffic. Besides, customers will be not patient enough to wait for a slow website to load while knowing that there are many more deals out there.

Then, to ensure smooth progress, you cannot miss out on website speed optimization.

If your site is mainly accessible from mobile, then you also should optimize your WooCommerce store for mobile devices.

You can use the tool called mobile-friendly test to check if your website can be accessed easily on smartphones or tablets.

Create an eye-catching landing page

The way you design your landing page for WooCommerce Black Friday also plays a key role in attracting customers and gaining conversions.

Hero images and banners

Black Friday WooCommerce

We often highlight that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This one is also right in that case. For special holidays like Black Friday, making a stunning banner and hero image is the step you should consider.

Creating an eye-catching hero image for your landing page will help a lot. An impressive hero image will help create the first good impression on visitors, which makes them excited about exploring your Black Friday deals.

Besides, you can use that image for banner ads. Striking graphics and visuals can be used as a tool for boosting sales, telling about your products, building your brand, and so on.

To have a standard web banner, you need to consider some elements such as colors, text, logo, and sizes, with the help of a banner maker. Also, it is important to select the proper position to place that image.

Coupons and discounts

With WooCommerce, you can easily create coupons and discounts with different structures.

WooCommerce coupons will be divided into three sections, including General, Usage restriction, and Usage limits.

For each section, you can add various types of information for your coupon, including coupon code, percentage of sales, minimum spend, maximum spend, coupon expiry date, free shipping, and so on.

If you want more options for your Black Friday coupons, it is recommended to use some plugins like WooCommerce Smart Coupons, Coupon Creator, and JC Coupon.

You also need to carefully consider the coupon’s structure. No matter which structure you select for your sales, the most important thing to keep in mind is making it easy to find and understand customers.

Avoid the case that makes customers misunderstand your coupons, which may lead to poor user experience and other consequences.

The last one to note is that before introducing your coupons to customers, you have to check them carefully to ensure that there are not any problems existing.

Call-to-action button

Call to action can help improve the site’s conversion rate. You hope that traffic to your site will significantly increase on Black Friday. But the main purpose of Black Friday is to get more purchases. Therefore, what you need to do is find a way to convert traffic into sales.


The best way here is to add a CTA button.

There are many interesting things to do with that button. And here are some tips on engaging people to click on this CTA button.

  • Make the most of social proof
  • Create urgency
  • Make a commitment
  • Make the button outstanding and clickable

Send Black Friday emails

To prepare for Black Friday WooCommerce amazingly, you cannot ignore this step.

Target people to send emails

There are three main target objects you need to consider sending Black Friday emails. They are customers, affiliates, and partners.


Of course, it is essential to inform your customers about your great deal for Black Friday. Often you will send them more than once.

Particularly, the first email will be sent at least one week before the shopping holiday to let customers know general information about your deal.

Then, on the right Black Friday, you will send the second email that shows the deal in detail (type of customers receiving the discounts, discount percentages, discount packages offered, generated dynamic QR code and so on

Once Black Friday is coming to an end, you send the last email that is to remind them of the promotion program and urge them to take action.


For online shopping, affiliates always play an important role. Then, affiliate programs cannot be absent on Black Friday WooCommerce.

One email is enough for affiliates. Send them your deal and ask if they can add it to their websites. Then, you also can discuss a little bit about the commission.


Looking for partners is an important step to prepare for Black Friday WooCommerce. Contact the partners that work in the same field and propose the idea of promoting each other.


  • Choose the right time to send out emails: 10 a.m, 1 p.m, and 6 p.m are considered the best time of the day to send Black Friday emails. You should start your email campaign a few weeks in advance.
  • Create an impressive subject line: The subject line must be outstanding to draw the attention of people. It is advisable to include the phrase “Black Friday” in the title. Also, you can add some elements showing the urgency.
  • Use an email marketing tool: You certainly will design eye-catching emails to send to a great number of people. Then, it is suggested that you get support from an email marketing tool such as MailChimp or MailBluster.

Use social media

Along with emails, social channels are so effective in boosting your WooCommerce Black Friday campaign.

You can post on all your channels or select the most powerful ones. Depending on the type of product you are selling and the customers on each channel, you can choose to post your deals on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more.

For a good post on social channels, apart from engaging and compelling content, hashtags are also things worth considering.

Here are some popular hashtags for Black Friday: #BlackFriday #BlackFriday2022 #BlackFridaySale #BlackFridayDeals #BlackFridayShopping #ShoppingDay #Sale #BigSale #Deals #Shopping.

It is noted that you have to choose the best time for posting so that your posts will reach as many customers as possible. You can use social media analytics tools such as Google Analytics to check it. Or some channels like Facebook itself also show you lots of necessary information.

Besides, we recommend you an ideal social media management tool called Buffer, which helps automate your posts on social channels at the optimal time.

Are you ready to prepare WooCommerce stores for Black Friday 2022?

There are mountains of Black Friday preparations for your WooCommerce store. Therefore, it is advisable to set up a detailed plan before doing any. Also, start your campaign as soon as possible. Consider at least a few weeks before Black Friday 2022 comes.

After all, we hope that you are ready for a successful Black Friday campaign. Thanks so much for spending time on our post. If you have any queries or interesting ideas, please leave your comments in the box below. Thanks again!

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